Feb 18, 2005

i don't know with this site but my boyfriend-now-husband really loves this site... he gets so animated talking about this site...

well, if u want to try this site, go to their community and read ther sort-of bulletin boards... it's kinda fun though especially when they have some image contest...

so now, go wooot!!!

Feb 4, 2005


can we have winter here in the philippines? so i could bundle up my baby in those cute overall onesies!

my childhood bestfriend

the girl with me, also holding a baby, is my bestfriend way back pre-kindergarten years. (in case, you don't know me, the skinny girl is who i'm talking about.) i've known her since my "awareness" of people around started. we're neighbors. we go to the same kindergarten and elementary school. we're classmates since kinder until we graduated elementary. we used to dress alike. wear those mighty kid shoes! to the point that some people think we're twins. so, i'm not fat when i was still a kid. or, was she fat when we're still kids? we join together those kiddie beauty pageants. and, used to imagine-play joining little miss philippines using combs for microphone and those rugs as center stage. got separated when we moved into the highschool life then fastforward. here we are now:

is it a coincidence that we get to be mothers almost at the same time? it could be a proof that we are really bestfriends! and to think we both have boys for first baby. and, i remember we also have pictures like these during sinulog in our town. with all those sinulog accessories. i should look for those pics.

by the way, her name is june roxanne and her baby is khalil! and she makes pastries really good!

Feb 1, 2005


can you see miguel's 2-front lower teeth here?

i guess, it's much clearer in this pic.

they say that if the 1st set of teeth grows on the lower gum, it means the kid is "mapahiubsanon", and if it's on the upper gum, it means the kid is "mapahitas-un." that's according to miguel's ate mona. =)