Mar 31, 2005

pregnancy update

3+ months preggy on this picture. my tummy is already big. but i doubt it's the baby that makes my tummy big. it's just fats! fats from my first pregnancy and my stocked unburned fats! for all we know, the baby at 3 months is just as big as your thumb. but stilll, i have the reason to be fat and big and eat a lot because i'm pregnant! how i wish, i could just deliver my baby healthy and well now so i don't have to go through the exhausting 9 months!

based on my previous ultrasound, my expected due date is sept. 10, which is like exactly 1 year and 1 month after miguel's delivery. miguel was born on aug. 10, 2004. so i talk to my OB about having it on sept. 10 so that miguel and the new baby will have the same date for monthly check up. practical right? but my OB said how about sept. 8 because it's Mama Mary's birthday! so i think we're going to have a baby MARIA soon. how about MARIEA, to add some twist to the name! =))) but definitely not MARIAH! =))) that's if we're going to have a girl.

the holy thursday to easter sunday get away!

we went home to badian, tagging along an officemate with her family. for some get-away from the city and also for the good friday family tradition at home! we host dinner for the (acting) apostles after the "prusisyon". well, it was originally my lola's sort-of offering which then her sons and daughter-in-laws took over then when she was too old to do the preparations. and, missing it and not being home at that day is like committing a major crime!

and, the pictures! it's in my BNH's computer, and i don't know how to extract them and post them in here without him posting it first on their server! mind you, we do not have a telephone line at home! i'm never going to get one because my BNH is notorious with internet usage! so you think i'm typing this now at work? then just keep your answer to your self. =)))

Mar 30, 2005

every mother should know

10 things every mother to be should know

My local pg magazine has an article entitled ’10 things every mother to be should know’, so I eagerly turned to the article, wondering how they would manage to articulate that over-whelming, terrifying newborn stage.  Alas, it was a bunch of naff* stuff that didn’t really say much.  So I decided to adapt theirs, and add a few of mine.

So here is ‘10 things every new mother should know’ Tertia style:

1.  Don’t rush home from hospital!Enjoy your stay in hospital!  Do NOT be too quick to rush home.  Never again (unless you are Rich and Famous) will you have people change your linen for you, bring you food, take away the dirty dishes, watch your baby if you need it, allow you to sleep if you want, answer your questions etc.  Act like a queen while you are there, take full advantage and enjoy those few days because…

2.  Homecoming is f***ing hard.
You know that wonderful fuzzy image of you and husband, sitting there bathed in light, cooing at your gorgeous, quiet newborn?  Doesn’t happen.  Replace aforementioned picture with image of non-sleeping / screaming infant – screaming because…g*d knows why; husband screaming because child is screaming; you screaming because you are bloody exhausted and wish the baby / husband would shut up.  The first few days are damn scary, because…..

3.  Babies cry for no apparent reason
Yes, they cry because they are hungry, tired, wet etc.  But sometimes they cry for no apparent reason. And it drives you crazy.  You will be tempted to tell your baby to SHUT UP.  I am sure if they could talk they would give you a perfectly good reason, like ‘I am scared.  I am tired.  Your breath smells revolting, what the hell did you eat for lunch?  I hate you. You suck as a mother’ etc, but because they can’t talk, you will be at your wits end.  Plus you will have the added extreme annoyance of your husband saying ‘but why is he crying?’  As if by giving birth / adopting, you can suddenly translate baby crying into the local dialect.  When you gave birth / adopted the Dr gave you a manual and said ‘here, just use this handy manual to interpret all those screams into English, in case your husband asks you ‘why is he crying’’.  You will want to kill your husband.  This is common, because….

4.  Your husband might, or might not, turn out to be as your expectedSome husbands are really good at this baby stuff, some aren’t.  Don’t be too upset or disappointed.  Rather be realistic and if he isn’t good at some stuff, let him do other stuff.  Work out what works for you.  Remember as well, husbands can be extremely annoying at the best of times, this is magnified when you have a baby.  Of course it doesn’t help that…

5.  You will not sleep.  Ever again.
Yes, some babies sleep through from six weeks.  Yours probably wont.  And you might think you know what it is like to have a few sleepless nights way back from your college days.  This is different. This is relentless, this is night after night.  Never again will you feel so tired.  Being so tired means that…

6.  You will lose 80% of your brain.
It might, or might not come back again.  We have yet to find out.  The remaining 20% is there to (hopefully) remember how to feed and look after your baby.  There is not much left for any thing else.  As a result….

7.  You will look like shit for a while after the birth
No, you will not fit into your pre-pregnancy clothes for a while.  Unless you are famous and have a personal trainer, or you are Naturally Thin.  In both cases we hate you.  Bitch.  Do not make the same mistake I made and bring ‘thin’ clothes to wear home from the hospital.  Or else, like me, you will have to go home in your pajamas and embarrass your husband by having to walk from the maternity wing, through reception in your PJ pants and slip slops.  You however, will not care because…

8.  You become priority number 999 on your list of things to do
Yes a happy mother makes a happy child and you should look after yourself blah blah blah….. There isn’t enough time to eat, sleep and shave your legs.  To be honest, sleeping is way more important than having hair-free legs.  It’s not as if you will be having sex soon because…

9.  Sex will be the furthest thing on your mind
Sex?  Are you bloody mad?  Who the hell feels like sex with in the first year after the birth, when you are bone tired, covered in spit up and old milk?  Your husband, the poor deprived bastard, that’s who.  And because you feel so sorry for the poor bugger you will have to give in occasionally.  You will do the deed with one ear open, listening for the baby, thinking of a million things you should be doing, because

10.  Your life will never be the same again.It is no longer about you, your whole life has changed and it is now all about this new little life you brought into this world.  And you know what, in spite of every thing, it is pretty fucking amazing!

Enjoy!  But don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Mar 18, 2005

finally, we switch!

we finally find out the real culprit behind miguel's constipation after 1 month of battle. can you imagine being cosntipated for 1 month? after putting him on a fruit (mostly papaya)/veggie diet (apples and bananas not allowed), he was still constipated. so we deduced, it must be the milk! so from enfapro, he is now on nan 2! his poopoo business is now back to normal - the typical soft-moisty poo! also good, because we are now on a lesser expensive milk formula (like P100 less). damn that feakin' expensive enfapro milk for miguel's constipation!

isn't that great, more savings and better poo business! with the P100 less, i could buy a a pack of 12 large pampers baby dry disposable diaper. =) (by the way, where are the pack of 20+ large pampers dry? there's less and less stock of pampers baby dry on grocery shelves these days.)

but it does me thinking, does formula really matters in child's development? think about a constipated genius child? hehehhe

Mar 17, 2005

my husband is blogging

can you believe that? well, he is. and he's posting pictures of me (taken by him) in some awkward positions (not what you think, of course) and also awkward faces.

he's been nagging me to tell my friends (accdg. to him, he has not that much of friends) about his blog so he'd get a lot of traffic. of course not, i'm not crazy, unless he'll get rid of my pictures. but honestly, i just can't share to other people the other side of my BNH. because he's way too corny, and he might reveal some awkward stuff in his blog which my friends may find eew eew. =)))

i'm just so surprised that he has some liking for this kind of stuff. you know i find blogging a bit mushy/sappy. and it's so not my husband.

one day, i might give in and beg you people here to visit his blog. you don't have to read his posts. just visit it for the traffic. =)))

Mar 16, 2005


fresh from sleep. yes, that's how early riser miguel is. the only picture where i think look at least human. it doesn't show much of my humungous self. =) see the bangs. =)

miguel smiling and trying to get away from his retarded-looking papa...

i think miguel looks more like me. doncha agree? everybody says he looks like his papa which i disagree... you know, mother knows best!

7 months...

this is miguel's morning rituals, taken on the very first day on his 7th month. i don't know but he still looks like 4 months to me.

by the way, i took these pictures. i'm so proud of my self becuase i was able to get a good smile from miguel. and also, can you see his two upper front teeth! they're quite big. well, mark and i have big teeths!

they said i'm going to have a baby girl because miguel's nipples are "liki" (split, whatever!).

when would miguel realize that a sippy is for drinking water, it's not a toy/teether! see the water on the table, that's from his sippy. he loves shaking/bouncing the sippy because he loves watching the water coming out of it.

Mar 14, 2005

of norah jones and gerber baby foods

i first heard of norah jones way back in college (i think so). she was a big hit, right? with all the grammy awards. but i was never into her music. well, i was never into jazz (so my taste for music is cheap).=) hehehe. and just recently, i hear bits of her songs played and i was like, "cool!" so i nagged my BNH (boyfriend now husband) to download some mp3 (sorry, i'm a theft, i patronized pirated) of norah jones. and so, i'm loving it and also my baby!

eeewwww, i just hate those gerber baby food products, the one in jars not the boxed cereals. it's no wonder miguel spit them all out! i'm amazed at some babies, miguel's cuz, who love gerber! i tasted them before giving them to miguel, and i find them yuck. but i give them to miguel anyway because i thought infants have different taste buds so he might like it. but he does not. i don't remember he was able to finish a spoonful of it. so our ref was like filled with opened gerber jars but not empty.

i tried different flavors of gerber in trying to find the delicious flavor but now i give up. i'm never going to buy any of those! i think all gerber bay food in jars flavors suck! just plainly eeewww... but the worst flavor for me is the carrots, i didn't even bother to give it to miguel. the noodle-chicken flavor was also major yuckkkk! just thinking of it makes me puke. good thing i don't have to buy them, saves me money!

Mar 10, 2005

tenterenten tenterenten

it's march 10 -meaning, miguel turns 7 months today! can you believe that? 5 more months, and he will be 1 year old and will be a big brother! =)))

oh no, i'm not yet ready for my baby to become a big boy! next time i'll know, he's going to be some sick boy inlove! oh no!!! no other girls going to kiss you, my baby!!! only mama and some female relatives, not some girl from your school or down the neighborhood or some girl you meet at some party or your bestfriend's sister! only mama!!!

Mar 8, 2005

bargain with GOD

it's been weeks that miguel is battling on and off with constipation. to the point that he's traumatized by it that some times he would hold off his poopoo maybe for fear of the pain and hurt.

as a mother, it would really crashed your heart seeing your baby crying and crying and trying to force his poo out of his system to no avail.

i had searched the internet for ways of relieveing constipation and asked the doctor and a lot of people how to do away with it. basically, they are more or less the same suggestions. from letting him drink more water, prune juice, letting him eat papayas, oats and others to the point that we even diluted his milk formula. we even have inserted countless suppository into his "bubot" but actually it was useless. i even have the thought of letting him drink some sour leftover milk so it would upset his tummy and thus resulted to diarrhea, just so he would not have hard time making poopoo.

there was one time that i hurriedly packed miguel stuffs and so ready to go to a hospital just to get help in having his poopoo out. but instead my MIL brought us to some local physician in our town. well, the doctor has the same advice. well, the only relieve i got from the doctor is peace of mind that at least miguel's stomach is just owkei.

for the past few weeks, every time i came home, the first greeting i would asked miguel's yaya is was he able to poopoo this day. and the answers would usually vary from owkei to not so owkei. well last night was the worst feedback/news i received from her yaya. she said that there was already some blood dripping from miguel's "bubot" and the poo was hard as "bagtok na yuta" (hard soil. sorry i have no better translation). and miguel was not in a good mood the whole day. actually, miguel was lying face down when i arrived with a very gloomy face. and, it really pains me watching him like that. he's usually up and every where... damn constipation!!!

well, good thing last night is that miguel sleep without much fight. it was around 4am that he woke up and was rolling around the bed, then after a few minutes and was able to find a corner in the bed, he stopped and was groaning/moaning ("utong") in silence fro quite some time. and i said to myself, oh no this is it again. i usually let mark take over when this kind of thing happens because i just can't bear seeing him in pain. so i just watch him and try to massage his back silently fearing that i would disturb his concentration. then after some time, i prayed to God to please let Miguel poopoo and get his constipation away from him and let me suffer instead. let me have the constipation instead, Lord. after a few whimpers, miguel just then go back to sleep (it's what he usually does after a gruelling poopoo session). i never thought he was able to get his poo out because when he woke up and got near to him, i smell something smelly. so i checked out his "bubot", there some good wet poopoo! i was and is veryyyyyyy happyyyy!!!

guess what, i was not able to poopoo this morning! God must be answering my prayer! =))) but nevertheless, i am the happiest to see miguel again happy and active and alert!

Mar 3, 2005

tricking miguel to eat

when he's outside!

since i and mark love to eat, i thought naturally miguel would be one too. however, it's not what i thought. so here's how i get miguel to eat some solid foods...

bath time is not that easy without this:

and, miguel and i would like to say thank you very much to andrea and her mother, athena, for letting us borrow this. mind you, good bathtubs for babies like this, can be pricey. and, andrea, i think this would be staying with us for a little longer. you know, we're going to have a new baby soon that needs some bathing. =)

Mar 2, 2005

damn, i need a cable connection!!!

AR7 starts today. and, studio23 is not airing it! oh why??!!?? is AR pretty much expensive already for studio23??!!

it's only airing over AXN. damn, i badly need a skycable connection. oh no!!! i'm in a dilemma!!!

try this... it's pretty fun...

though, i think this is not really true but it's fun... i tired posting miguel's pictures... and they have different results... in the first try he was BETA ARTIST, then BETA BOSS, then WHITE COLLAR...

though i haven't tried on my pic... mmmm

Mar 1, 2005

my baby 2004 update

mothers usually brag about their baby's talent, not really brag but more of proud. like, "my baby is only 3 months but she now can sing the A-B-C" or "my baby who is 6 months can now sommersault." and, mothers tend to compare their babies with other babies especially around 6 months (i'm not really sure with this info but i had read somewhere about this).

my baby, miguel, will be 7 months next week. on his 6-month check-up with his pedia. his pedia asked me what's miguel's new talent/development. i was dumbfounded, and was silent. i really can't think of any talent my baby has. but of course, i'm still proud of him and love him very very much!

the thing i most concerned with is miguel cannot yet sit on his own and has no interest of learning to sit. i would try to get him into a sitting position but instead insist on his favorite activity which is standing up and jumping up and down. if jumping up and down and waving his hands around can be considered as talent/development, then he is probably a master of this. he can though sit for awhile unsupported but still end up stumbling down.

while his ate mona (miguel's superb yaya) is concerned with the "close-open" talent. close-open, when the baby closes and opens his hands when you tell him close, open. a lot of times, i caught his ate mona teaching him close-open but she can't get anything from miguel. miguel would usually just stare at his ate mona's hands or sometimes just ignore her. then after some attempts, his yaya would usually say, "miguel oy, pila naman ko kabuwan nagtudlo nimog close-open di man japon ka kabawo!" i know this sounds sad but i can't help to laugh at this remark. OMG, it is really months, and miguel has no inch of interest learning the close-open.

there's also the eating-solid-foods milestone. kids of his age around neighborhood is pretty much good with solid foods. but with miguel, it's such a huge battle! you need to invest a lot of energy, time, talent, creativity just to get him to eat at least 4 bites. he can usually take 4 bites and the rest would be spitted, refused and he'd do anything just to get the food away from his mouth. it's actually frustrating to think about it!

my baby is lazy (but hopefully not). he knows how to hold his milk bottle but he won't do it. he would either have his bottle lean on a pillow for support or let you hold it for him. unless he's very hungry, he'll even snatch the bottle from you.

these are the talents/developments i have observe in my baby. i really don't know if tehy can be considered development. but what the heck!

1. he now pays attention to TV. i don't know if this is good as they say TV is bad for kids. though he's more interested in commercial especially shampoo commercials. though i read somewhere that babies are really attracted to shampoo commercials. even when he's asleep, when he hears a shampoo commercial airing, he would wake up for it. he also loves that tide commercial with that lito/laurence boy. that nivea/dove commercial where everything is white. the joy dishwashing soap commercial.
of all the cartoon shows i showed to him. he has a thing for "cushion kids".

2. is jumping up and down every now and then a talent?
3. how about biting/chewing on everything thats get into his hands?
4. how about pounding aimlessly on keyboard?
5. how about banging his hands on any surface?
6. how about blabbing mamamama to no particular person/thing?
7. how about screaming when he cannot get what he wants?
8. how about catching the spoon with food you're trying to feed him and then shake it to remove the food?
9. how about tongue's out?
10. how about blowing bubbles with his saliva?
11. how about draining his mama and papa off with their energy?
12. how about trying to be pa-cute to get what he wants?

my first baby


(hehehe... i'm too lazy to learn to use the scanner. this is easier.)

it's been awhile i haven't posted (though, i doubt someone really cares if i post or not) something. so here's an update about me. part of the reason why i've been silent for some time. 'been busy with work lately plus the baby 2005 and the baby 2004. i'm not complaining (defensive) but it's not easy having a very active almost-7-month baby and being almost-3-month preggy, you sometimes lose your mind! so who(m)ever found my mind, kindly keep it for a while and take care of it. my mind might be better off with someone else for now.

by the way, sex of the baby cannot be determined yet. hopefully, this time the baby whould be a girl. i can't wait to know the sex. so i could start buying (hopefully i have some cash to splurge) those pink flowery girly stuffs. i'm excited!