Mar 1, 2005

my baby 2004 update

mothers usually brag about their baby's talent, not really brag but more of proud. like, "my baby is only 3 months but she now can sing the A-B-C" or "my baby who is 6 months can now sommersault." and, mothers tend to compare their babies with other babies especially around 6 months (i'm not really sure with this info but i had read somewhere about this).

my baby, miguel, will be 7 months next week. on his 6-month check-up with his pedia. his pedia asked me what's miguel's new talent/development. i was dumbfounded, and was silent. i really can't think of any talent my baby has. but of course, i'm still proud of him and love him very very much!

the thing i most concerned with is miguel cannot yet sit on his own and has no interest of learning to sit. i would try to get him into a sitting position but instead insist on his favorite activity which is standing up and jumping up and down. if jumping up and down and waving his hands around can be considered as talent/development, then he is probably a master of this. he can though sit for awhile unsupported but still end up stumbling down.

while his ate mona (miguel's superb yaya) is concerned with the "close-open" talent. close-open, when the baby closes and opens his hands when you tell him close, open. a lot of times, i caught his ate mona teaching him close-open but she can't get anything from miguel. miguel would usually just stare at his ate mona's hands or sometimes just ignore her. then after some attempts, his yaya would usually say, "miguel oy, pila naman ko kabuwan nagtudlo nimog close-open di man japon ka kabawo!" i know this sounds sad but i can't help to laugh at this remark. OMG, it is really months, and miguel has no inch of interest learning the close-open.

there's also the eating-solid-foods milestone. kids of his age around neighborhood is pretty much good with solid foods. but with miguel, it's such a huge battle! you need to invest a lot of energy, time, talent, creativity just to get him to eat at least 4 bites. he can usually take 4 bites and the rest would be spitted, refused and he'd do anything just to get the food away from his mouth. it's actually frustrating to think about it!

my baby is lazy (but hopefully not). he knows how to hold his milk bottle but he won't do it. he would either have his bottle lean on a pillow for support or let you hold it for him. unless he's very hungry, he'll even snatch the bottle from you.

these are the talents/developments i have observe in my baby. i really don't know if tehy can be considered development. but what the heck!

1. he now pays attention to TV. i don't know if this is good as they say TV is bad for kids. though he's more interested in commercial especially shampoo commercials. though i read somewhere that babies are really attracted to shampoo commercials. even when he's asleep, when he hears a shampoo commercial airing, he would wake up for it. he also loves that tide commercial with that lito/laurence boy. that nivea/dove commercial where everything is white. the joy dishwashing soap commercial.
of all the cartoon shows i showed to him. he has a thing for "cushion kids".

2. is jumping up and down every now and then a talent?
3. how about biting/chewing on everything thats get into his hands?
4. how about pounding aimlessly on keyboard?
5. how about banging his hands on any surface?
6. how about blabbing mamamama to no particular person/thing?
7. how about screaming when he cannot get what he wants?
8. how about catching the spoon with food you're trying to feed him and then shake it to remove the food?
9. how about tongue's out?
10. how about blowing bubbles with his saliva?
11. how about draining his mama and papa off with their energy?
12. how about trying to be pa-cute to get what he wants?

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XXXX YYYY said...

I think there is no need to fret on the delayed (hopefully not too much) development of your baby. First thing, he is male, and they say baby boys tend to be slower in development compared to their contemporary females. Second point, most geniuses were or still are dyslexic, a dysfunction that is akin to slow development. Who knows, he might be an Einstein someday. Besides, I remember my beloved sister telling me that we shouldn't expect kids to be (meaning think or act) more than their age. They would miss the fun part, being their age. As they say, slowly but surely, and slowly does it!