Mar 8, 2005

bargain with GOD

it's been weeks that miguel is battling on and off with constipation. to the point that he's traumatized by it that some times he would hold off his poopoo maybe for fear of the pain and hurt.

as a mother, it would really crashed your heart seeing your baby crying and crying and trying to force his poo out of his system to no avail.

i had searched the internet for ways of relieveing constipation and asked the doctor and a lot of people how to do away with it. basically, they are more or less the same suggestions. from letting him drink more water, prune juice, letting him eat papayas, oats and others to the point that we even diluted his milk formula. we even have inserted countless suppository into his "bubot" but actually it was useless. i even have the thought of letting him drink some sour leftover milk so it would upset his tummy and thus resulted to diarrhea, just so he would not have hard time making poopoo.

there was one time that i hurriedly packed miguel stuffs and so ready to go to a hospital just to get help in having his poopoo out. but instead my MIL brought us to some local physician in our town. well, the doctor has the same advice. well, the only relieve i got from the doctor is peace of mind that at least miguel's stomach is just owkei.

for the past few weeks, every time i came home, the first greeting i would asked miguel's yaya is was he able to poopoo this day. and the answers would usually vary from owkei to not so owkei. well last night was the worst feedback/news i received from her yaya. she said that there was already some blood dripping from miguel's "bubot" and the poo was hard as "bagtok na yuta" (hard soil. sorry i have no better translation). and miguel was not in a good mood the whole day. actually, miguel was lying face down when i arrived with a very gloomy face. and, it really pains me watching him like that. he's usually up and every where... damn constipation!!!

well, good thing last night is that miguel sleep without much fight. it was around 4am that he woke up and was rolling around the bed, then after a few minutes and was able to find a corner in the bed, he stopped and was groaning/moaning ("utong") in silence fro quite some time. and i said to myself, oh no this is it again. i usually let mark take over when this kind of thing happens because i just can't bear seeing him in pain. so i just watch him and try to massage his back silently fearing that i would disturb his concentration. then after some time, i prayed to God to please let Miguel poopoo and get his constipation away from him and let me suffer instead. let me have the constipation instead, Lord. after a few whimpers, miguel just then go back to sleep (it's what he usually does after a gruelling poopoo session). i never thought he was able to get his poo out because when he woke up and got near to him, i smell something smelly. so i checked out his "bubot", there some good wet poopoo! i was and is veryyyyyyy happyyyy!!!

guess what, i was not able to poopoo this morning! God must be answering my prayer! =))) but nevertheless, i am the happiest to see miguel again happy and active and alert!

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