Mar 29, 2014

Sipalay, Negros Occidental Day 2: The Beach Life

(This trip is for the Sipalay Ultramarathon March 29, 2014

The High Road 

We stayed in Sugar Beach, which is formerly called Langub Beach. I wonder why they changed it, maybe the latter is easier to pronounce and remember for the foreigners. 

Sugar Beach is not an island but it feels like one. The main access is via a boat ride. As "runners," the idea that it's not accessible by road is unacceptable.

So the first thing we did in the morning is to try to trek around, and ask locals how to access Sugar Beach w/out having to go thru crossing the river/sea. We usually got a funny expression. 

Anyhow, this one local gave us the answer. He gave us answer that finally satisfied us. There is indeed a way to go to the main road via foot. Based on his explanation, it seemed like it will pass a hill/mountain then thru a dirt road single track footpath for about 5km. So it's a no-brainer why people take the 3-minute boat ride instead.

(P3 fare for the boat ride from sugar beach to get you across.)
And being a "runner," we attempted finding that road to the highway. But it was "kalibunan," and Mark complained his allergies were starting to act up. Yes, he's "maarte" like that. So off we went back to the beach, to the resort where modern amenities exist!

Langub (Cave)

I guess maybe it's called Langub (cave) because you'll be like a cave man, separated from the rest of the world. With it's geographical make-up, the area is separated from the main world with this sharp/stony hills surrounding it (this is only based on my imagination.)

After breakfast, We trekked a short distance to Bolisan beach (not sure w/ the name) because Mark said that Snorkling view is good there. You need to go over a trail over a hill to get to it. You cannot access it thru the water because there's that chocolate-hill looking that blocks.
I was happy to get a fill of "trekking."
So the area has a lot of coves which you need to go thru hills/trails to get to it. (Note to do next time.) Sugar beach just happened to have the biggest shoreline, which they named as the Boracay of Negros Occidental. And I kind of disagree. But i'll not preach.

"Un-touristy" locals?

What I like about the place is that locals somehow do not look "poor" or at disadvantage with the "tourist" area. And, they do not hover around you. 

With a house like that in the middle of a forest, near to the beach -- isn't it grand?! There were also areas where houses are close to another but they're clean.
O r maybe that's just my superficial impression. Because I met a local in Bolisan who said he wants to sell that area. He said it's chaotic because it has too many owners. Maybe he just wanna sell it not really out of needs? 

Anyhoo, it made me think if the tourism has look into that part. It made me think maybe there's a way aktib can help in educating the owners thru eco-sports toursim. Anyhoo, soybitz is "cooking" something. But for now, i'll save you from that drama.

The Beach Life

After awhile of going around, I surrender to the beach life. That there is not much trekking/moving I can do but just get lazy at the beach: float on the sea because I do not know how to swim, lounge in the hammock, lie down on the beach. I guess that's why I always prefer the "kalibunan" over the beach because th ADD (attention deficit disorder) in me is raging.

After some time, you just want to go 2-piece. Sugar Beach is a peaceful place though resorts staff are saying that they full. Maybe because all resorts are owned by Europeans, and most or all guests are foreigners (europeans too) that the place is quiet. There's NO videoke. A big plus to me -- yes i'm that boring. 

Everyone seems to be holding books instead of microphones.
And that I would say why you cannot compare it to Boracay.

And, that I succumbed to the beach bum life. 

Be still. Do nothing. As they say actually does a lot!
Get "tanned" And selfie!

Mar 27, 2014

Negros Occidental / Sipalay Day 1: are we there yet?

(This trip is for the Sipalay Ultramarathon March 29, 2014
So this is our room in Takatuka Lodge, Sugar Beach, Sipalay.

But before we landed in this jungle-looking room ( i wonder what freud thinks of this room w/ trunks & sword everywhere), it felt like I tour the whole cebu island.

Thing was I thought Sipalay is just like 2 hours away from Bacolod so I was confident of picking to land in Silay/Bacolod airport. But as travel date got nearer, it was just then we realized that it's actually 200KM away. It's like from tip to tip of Cebu. :| 

(Silay. I like Silay's "antique" look. It's like Vigan though I havent been there.)
So instead of staying for a night in Bacolod, we skipped it, and rode a bus right away to get us to Sipalay.
(Jeepney ride to bacolod)
Hinoba-an is the bus to Sipalay.
Once we got inside the bus, that's basically our first day here in Negros -- at the very front seat of the bus. 

From the very peak of the day...
Then, sky gets orangey...
And darker...
And darkest, my butt was still stuck in Ceres bus.
Are we there yet?!?
Finally after 6 hours, we landed in Sipalay. But had to take yet a tricycle to the mini "pier" because we needed to take a boat to the Sugar Beach.

It was dark. But with the stars on full blast at the sky, it was a nice way to end the day.
And, yes, with a zoo or safari plus swords themed room. It's like a setting for a p@rn movie.

On hindsight, it was better that we stay a night in bacolod, at least we get to spend the afternoon roaming bacolod. Then took an early bus trip to sipalay.

On our way home, we're thinking of taking dumaguete / san carlos route, and just forego our flight back home.

Mar 26, 2014


At bucket shrimp...

Happy birthday, norly & kevin!
Happy birthday, paris girl!
And, when i say nothing about... Alam na!

Mar 25, 2014

8 dimsum steamed rice + xx trips to toilet + xx threats = passports

When we arrived, they're already hungry.
Finally, at around 2pm, photos were taken.
And these! Mati commented he and migi look similar.
I did not go thru travel agency because they said that kids will be prioritized, no more queuing for priority numbers. And, this is true but still with minors and senior citizens mixed up, there can still be a lot of people in your line. 

And, it has no absence of drama. This lola with her apo were trying to do some ninja moves. I would have no problem letting her go first except that she was just being rude on top that she was bringing with her her apo. And she knew how to spin tales to make others look bad. 

So going thru a travel agency will still be worth it! :)

If you plan to DIY, bring another adult w/ you so someone can stay behind to listen to dfa staff when your turn will be called while you're away when kids need to toilet, get food, etc.

Mar 23, 2014

DNS weekend

I asked mark that we should DNS (did not start) the Kawasan Falls Marathon because i'm really feeling guilty of being am absentee mother since like i-dunno. 

Mark had bought them snorkel sometime in december or january but had not used them yet because weekends were so full. 

So last minute, we got a nearby resort, costa bella, w/ a pool and a sea. 

Arrived with a gloomy looking cebu at mactan.

Changed to this orange-tainted when dinner came.
Meg's ice-cream looking oreo-cheese cake.
And wake up to another gloomy rainy morning.
Snorkel in the pool under typhoon caloy. It looked like everything not right. But hell yeah!

Addicted to more

Out in the run at the trails, I cried with sadness over broken dreams. And, I cry with joy finding new dreams.


Mar 22, 2014

Ambitions: from nothing to infinity

For 3 weeks, mati's form for his yearbook had not been submitted as the ambition field is still empty. Apparently, the teacher would not accept "nothing" as mati's ambition.

Every day for 3 weeks, it had became a drill of asking him what's his ambition. For 3 weeks, mati was consistent of saying "nothing." He said his plan was just play games on tab s3 (ps3) and sleep.

They say kids follow what they see from the parents. And so I felt like should I be alarmed? 

Anyhoo, we just let him be. I mean don't we all aspire to have that kind of life? Nothing. 

Finally this week, Ate Mona was happy to announce to us that Mati had finally came up with an ambition -- FISHERMAN! She's just relieved that finally they could pass the "yearbook" form. I think Ate Mona was so concerned that Mati would not have a yearbook.

Then one time during breakfast, Mati asked what is an engineer because all his boys classmates' ambition is engineer. So he also wanted to be one.

So this week Mati decided his ambitions are fisherman and engineer.

Meanwhile, Meg wants to be a teacher. I wonder what happened to her "librarian" dream. And that Miggy learns to IG.

Mar 8, 2014

Little Saigon Big Bangkok

I've been wanting to try this "streetfood" style kind of resto way back when they're in guadalupe because they gave away discounts if you bring a "race bib" with you.

Anyhoo, after trying Phat Pho, i kind of amused with vietnamese food. It's probably the reason i have this longing to get to thar country.

Last night after the awum briefing, We finally get the chance to drop at little saigon big bangkok in ma. Luisa area.
Like the food. Though for the noodle soup, i prefer the phat Pho over it.