Sep 10, 2013

14 Years Ago Today

... I made "ilad" this guy, and he lives happily ever after.

Happy 14th f**kin' anniversary!!! :)

14 years ago today, we were seated at browngate. This guy asked permission if he can "court" me. And, in my mind I was like "what should I do when my guy crush courted me?!? Make pa cute2x? Wait for balloons & flowers, which I was not fond of??" So as not to make it complicated and avoid #thatawkwardmoment,  I made a deal with him that he skip the courting process, let's just become "in a relationship" status right away (there was no friendster or facebook yet at that time, only IRC. He was @markjeee, I was @owrange.). I mean it was my chance, might as well grab it, tie it, and box it before it could get away.

And, then that was it! In less than 10minutes, we are "shuta" already. Probably, the best decision he made in his whole life, if ever he has one! :)

Indeed there were no balloons, nor chocolates, roses, and other "romantic" gestures. The closest romantic act he did to me was giving me a gift of computer speakers. And, I had to act so surprised and delighted; while in my mind i was thinking, "what the eff?!! Where should I put this junk?!!"

Anyhoo, happy 14 years of convenient relationship! :) We're not a match made in heaven. But it's owkei, who
needs heaven with you and I together! :)

Sep 8, 2013

Sugba Day

This is becoming a (new) Sunday habit.

Grilled tuna is a consistent guest. I followed the recipe from Red Yumang's Cook My Garden

The grilled squid is a first time now. I followed a recipe from Market Manila . I'm trying the one with olive oil ingredient recipe. 

The grilled pork is absent today. But I'll try grilled tofu today. I haven't found a "convincing" recipe yet. But as they say to just imagine tofu as a blank slate sponge which we can flavor it the way we want it to be! :)

I usually do the marinating. Mark does the grilling.

Sep 5, 2013

Diary of Orders of not-a-whimpy kid

Came home to new set of "art works" aka vandals on the wall. I'm happy because Meg knows how to draw, read, and write.
She really reads too much whimpy books and maybe watch too many disney / cartoon network / nick shows because she's labelling us as "mom" & "dad."

And to the tall list of orders. 
This feels a bit uncomfortable. I don't think kids should be this demanding? On the other thought, what can I do?; i think it's the girl who takes after mark's "demanding nature."

Sep 4, 2013


I think I can do better with "gadget of the day" over OOTD.

Anyhoo, I now come prepared. Stuff I forgot to bring when "interviewing" in person an athlete. And if ever I would bring them, all results are so sh*tty! Thus until now, I haven't used much material that I personally took because they make me want to pull my hair!

fangirling over kindle paperwhite

So I got the 41st kindle unit of Carebears. And, I love it! 

After all the different kindle versions I had borrowed, this one is now for keeps! Honestly, there was not much difference (except for as heavy as bricks DX) from the other version except for the light which I badly want to have because I'm fond of reading in the dark. Thus I stick with kindle apps in ios / android mobile devices but the bad thing about it is that the other apps are always making "kuhit" me, I ended up making "tambay" in other apps. 

There's something about darkness, and silence like I'm buried in the words of the author, or being taken into a different world.
Now if only I could figure out how to throw the saved articles from instapaper, and the blogs I followed to this Jeff Bezos' device, I'll be over the moon! Too lazy to tinker.

Sep 2, 2013

F OOTD: monday, slow down & fire

Outfit: just refer to my previous ootd, nothing new. Shirt courtesy of one of those threadless shirts that do-not-fit-Mark.

Signages courtesy of TGU bldg.

MU: to pretty for that.

Sep 1, 2013

Princess-worthy Gifts

Meg turned 8. As usual, we don't have a party. We just "grilled" (grill para sosyal) hotdogs, and had a cake. A few friends came over to eat the cake. Though birthday / party or not, kids in the hood flock in our doll house except that today they bring gifts. :)

She got a crown and a bracelet! Ain't she grand!  

Happy birthday, bebe ger! :)