Jan 29, 2014

Poster that can save the world

I realized today that maybe i should make a poster of the "talk" like duh. I don't want to bother anyone so viola!!! :)

It's so ugly... unartistically ugly! But for some reason, I love it! :)

Armie asked what's this about? And, i replied, "Kris TV!" 

That was a joke. But as mark said, "the fruit of labor from watching too much kris aquino."

Jan 25, 2014


When I go to a new place, the first thing I would look up / google is their coffee places. I probably make more fuss about where to get a coffee than where I could get an accommodation.

(Mr. Park's Bread and Cake, Angeles City)

So I thought why not I make one in Cebu. And, I realized that I have not really explore much coffee places in Cebu. I guess I got too comfortable with the usual routine that I have. It probably is just me but coffee experience in Cebu shops is like a hit and miss. So I don't really experiment much, and just stick with the usual, which are home and carebear's pantry. Gaaahhh!

And, there's just too many resto/cafe popping up in Cebu, it can be dizzying keeping up with each new one.

(I found a list from 032 here >>. But it's more geared for coffee shops great to do some work or task. There's another foursquare list but it was reviewing fraps.)

Coffee Connoisseur. But I just have to clarify that I'm not a connoisseur. I could not tell the different taste of different beans, nor know how it is roast, nor tell the difference between brewed and americano, etc etc. And, when I say coffee, the fraps are not included.

3-in-1. I was a 3-in-1 fan, and that brewed coffee / americano coffee are just fancy instant coffee, and when I get Starbucks, it should be frap because why would I drink a different version of instant coffee in a fancy place.

On the other thought, I think I started loving coffee from a cafe at this "coffee shop" in Baseline back in college days. I forgot the name. But I love the high I got from Americano which hit just so differently that of Dunkin Donut coffee. Back then, coffee shop was not a thing in Cebu. I don't think Bo's already existed.

Cafe. I always find cafe place dreamy. I guess I fell in love first with the cafe over coffee.

Book. I came to understand coffee, not the instant one, when I read "Pour your Heart into it" by Howard Schultz, founder of Starbucks. Though, I think that book was probably a marketing of Starbucks but it's a great read. If you want non-fiction, business-y, start-up-y but not so technical, "Pour Your Heart Into It" is probably something that will not be so much painful to read.

Superficial. So yeah I think, my being coffee-ist is superficial. And, that will be how my list, #cebucoffeeproject, will be.

And, hopefully, this will not be only the post I will make. You know how I can be good at starting but not at maintaining it.

Jan 24, 2014

I'm a business... mean!

I was in a group of businessmen. Real businessmen. They probably have business parents, grow up talking about business, have business friends who are kids of businessmen, etc etc. While I grew up being their business.

But at that time, they talked to me asking about internet.

As real businessmen, they definitely know how to make money out of the internet.

While, I do know internet like every detail of Kris Aquino's love life, I do not know business. And in a group who lives and breathes business, there's just no way I could pretend and talk my way out like how Kris Aquino can make a president out of anyone.

I felt out of place, and think are they really sure they want to talk to me?

But on the other thought, while they speak of their grand idea of their business online but has a hint that they're lost of how to go around it, I was for a moment feeling holding a secret key they do not know.

Maybe, internet is indeed an equalizer -- like a fake Kris Aquino may be more amusing than the real one.


not inlove.

Restless and at the same lethargic is my Fridays. I have a rule to do nothing on this day. And, that's the problem because I know there are still quite a few unchecked items on my task list, which I know can always wait. And that no one will die if I will not do them.

But I really have a hard time letting go... that the world will not end if I do nothing.

Jan 22, 2014

Coffee Poser

The most thing I look forward to when going to a new place is coffee. So how I'd rate a place is greatly correlated with my coffee experience.

Top in my list are Davao and Bukidnon for coffee experience.

At the bottom is Guimaras. There was just no brewed coffee any where we go. On the other thought, Timberland's, in San Mateo, Rizal, brewed coffee was a very sad case. It made Guimaras more forgivable to me.

(This was in Tacloban, Leyte. I doubt if this still existed today after Yolanda.)

Jan 21, 2014

Bestest Father

I think we gave up on the idea of having a "best father" awardee or best parent awardee in this home long time ago. We just suck at it.

Over the weekend, Mark asked the kids to call him the bestest father. 

With Meg, it involved cheetos and Jollibee breakfast for Mark to be called the bestest father. Meg's standard for bestest father is bribery. :)
With Migi, it involves biking in "another mountain," which did not happen over the weekend. 
(Pic was last last weekend.)
While for Mati, the bestest father is the security guards because they have guns. Mark has just no chance with Mati.

Listening to their squabbles of how Mark can be the bestest father, somehow, I could say that it's probably hard to be Mark. I mean we kind of accepted long time ago with the demand from his work, we just have to give up the "best father" pressure. It's like it's easier to get a new bike for Migi than find the time to go with him find a new mountain to climb. It's not really a scenario to be proud of but it's... yada yada yada... 

On the other thought, the three of them agreed that once-a-month Jollibee breakfast can make Mark the bestest father.

Jan 18, 2014

Camera Roll

Because one can't have too many selfies. I wanted to capture how my hair was blown by the strong wind. But I could not seem to feel the wind from my photos.

(A screenshot of my celphone's camera roll. Other selfies are missed.)


Meg is starting a diary. I'm excited to read her entries but she said NO!!!

Should i take a peek?!? 

Jan 15, 2014


2 bananas + a slice of cantaloupe melon + 2 twigs of malunggay (1 twig will do) + water.

Jan 13, 2014

Mine is orange

In a world where friendships are made with just a click, when I ask for your favorite color, I mean it.

Jan 11, 2014

Pre-race prep: mark vs i

Mark is the green one, mine is the red one.

If only I'm not pressured by seeing Mark's stuff all prepared complete with water and gels, I would not even find my belt-pack not until race day.

While he's annoyed by my un-OC-ness, I'm annoyed with his over OC-ness.

First Birthday Party of 2014

I went to a children party, and the mom's party. My friend lawyer Banana and her daughter have the same birth dates! Neat huh!

The first thing I noticed are the center pieces. It's so cute. But it kinda reminds me of a male private part. :)

Rose, Banana, & Moon :)
Joan, Me, Ruby, Rose
And the beautiful royal family. Thanks a lot!

Jan 10, 2014

Coffee Experience at Phat Pho

After their soup, this is a deal breaker: new coffee experience... or presentation?
The coffee in me is just over-to-the-moon giddy!


I'm the eldest among my cousins in my mother side. It's funny we're all grown up now.

Mel and Jay came home from Canada. Then Kate just arrived last December with her Mexican boyfriend, and will be here until February.

Melanie has a gym back in Canada, insahyu, so before they came here we talked about going to different gyms here in Cebu. And who knows we might put up one here! =)

I brought them to Epic Gym, and let them on their free trial. Thanks, Epic. That was a lot of free passes!

Mel got some hard routine since I told the coach that she's a coach. Yay!

 Kate, my sexy dancer cousin. She used to dance for the USC dance group. And, no you don't need to get your sexy back so you can be fatter than me! =)

 I wanted to bring them to Maya Mexican Resto because of Dave, Kate's Mexican boyfriend. So that finally someone can explain the menu to me. I always won their giveaway promo which I ended up giving to friends because I don't seem to understand their food.

But Maya was closed so we ended up at Phat Pho. One resto that I'd been wanting to go to but I wanted to go there with someone who understands Vietnamese food. Luckily, Mel and Jay know the way around it. For me, their soups is the main thing! =)
Then, I brought them to Cafe Georg because chocolate decadence. Enough said! 

 Then, we checked MetroSports. It was my first time to get inside it. We just checked it. Neat!
Uncle Rudy, father of Jay, was probably the one who introduced me to the Dimsum "steamed rice" back in Colon St. So we had dinner at Harbour City / Dimsum Break just because you don't leave Cebu without getting that steamed rice. =)
 When we separated from them, in going home, Mati saw the fountain at Terraces, and insisted of getting close to it.
Then, they saw Gelatisimo, and scream for ice cream. Migi picked vanilla, Mati picked strawberry, and chocolate for Meg! =)

And, I was the eldest cousin who told them that having babies is not necessary at all. Funny, that it was the girls who agreed, and the boys did not!

Jan 6, 2014


This contains rubber slippers. I'd been eyeing these slippers on display in Naturalizer. Then earlier, i happened to pass by and saw that they're having discounted sale.

So I got a pair for P300+. But the point of this post is that the box packaging of the slippers is cute. :)

Green smoothie: halo2x

Mango + cup of yogurt + half handful malungay (moringa) + 1 apple + a bit of water + ice cubes.

Jan 5, 2014

Scarred for Life?

I hope not. This is not the first time that Migi got into some accident for being extra active. 

There was that time I had to bring him to an ER which had something to do about removing his toe nail. (And got to see the "crush ng bayan" turned surgeon at ER.)
 I think it was from him playing tennis.

Weeks ago, our neighbors had to carry him home because he crashed from his speeding bike. And there are probably a few more which i could not recall.

But today is probably the worst. I could faint with just a papercut so seeing this, I could feel myself flipped out. But as Mark insisted, i needed to put a brave face like "hey, it's cool for sh^t happens because life is; so suck it up, kid."
This time it's from him playing basketball.  I'm not really sure if he is fond of playing basketball but neighborhood kids would always invite him every time they go to the basketball court. Based from his account, he stumbled into his playmate which also then fell over him, and so the big bloody wound on his head.

Anyway, we brought him to the "family" doctor and it seems no biggie. Thank, God.

It just got me thinking that he's just 9 year old. I hope nothing worst can ever happen again to him.

#smoothie: Red Water

Watermelon + a bit of ice + a bit of water. 

Bike Out

Not really his first time to bike out and away, but his first time in his new bike. :)

Jan 4, 2014

Selfie #4

It's probably a month I had not run in Lilo-an but it felt like forever. Glad to be back but was still struggling. :)

2013 Lookback: 1

I super want to do that "2013 lookback" or 2013 summary kind of posts, but just like how I wanted to do "xx Lessons I Learned in Life" on my birthday, nothing happens to them.

As an attempt, I browsed photos I took in 2013.

This is dated January 27, 2013. But I just had no memory where exactly was this. I think we were in Guimaras / Iloilo at this date.

Jan 3, 2014

#selfie 3

With Sandra Soliano, 2nd placer Red Cross Marathon. Story of her on soon. :)

Beady-ful Shop

Meg got beads as Christmas gift. She and her friends were making accessories out of them, and peddle them in the neighborhood. 

Some of the things I overheard was that they're debating if others were going to be paid with salary or are they going to split their sales. I don't know how they settled it though.

This dinner, Meg asked me to buy her more beads. But we disagreed about her paying me back for the beads. So we don't have a deal! I'm not really entrepreneurial so i hope someone can explain to her about "investment" and "returns" or whatever you call them.

Sam's "Frozen" inspired bracelet.

How many tool boxes does a programmer need?

Some are hiding away
One tool box to remind him that "it's not about the gadgets." For the benefit of Mark, he was able to do some house repairs and fixings, which then needed to be repaired again by a real handyman Ken. Because all his carpentry hacks looked like of that someone from Grade 5 section 11.

One tool box to remind him of his dream, which will remain to be a dream for a long time. He dreams of having his own bike shop, or maybe just an excuse to buy bike stuff. Though he insists that it's not really about the bike or the bike shop, it's about FREEDOM. Either, it's just a romantic excuse of getting bike gadgets. 

A tool box of driller because, hey, it's a good 2-in-1 deal. He got a tool box and a set of driller. As a bonus, it may be a good paperweight.

A few tool boxes just because he happened to pass by it at a hardware store, and they looked swell. One can't have too many tool boxes for an apocalypse.

A few more tool boxes coming to remind him again and again that he is a programmer, and he better stick with "software," and leave the hardware to the real hard guys.

I tried to make sense with Mark's "slight" obsession with toolbox when, physically in the real world, he can be a lot of mess. Sometimes, I think of it that it's his way of trying to put order in his real world just like how he puts order in his "software" world.

Still, it can really get annoying!

Jan 2, 2014

#selfie 2

Running, laspag or not, never fails to make me hoppy!

#smoothie: banapay

For a GP audience, kiddie smoothie variety.

Bananas + slices of papaya + a bit of malunggay leaves + ice + water

My Kids like it!