Dec 31, 2015

That Year-end Post: BELEaN 2015

Every year always feel rough to me. With Mark's work (because there's no separation of work and personal or wharever you call that kind of life in this family), there's always the different rough brought by each year. Sometimes it's a failing business, "role" problem, and any thing in between. Life has always been a roller coaster for which is mostly dips.

I thought I went through it all kind of roughness that I felt nothing can break me any more.

Of course, as the saying goes, it does not get easier, you only get tougher or, in my case, things get tougher.

But this post is not about rough and tough. I forced myself to do this 2015 post so that I won't wallow much on the "rough" side.

First for having a mother who has been such a trooper. She definitely has the roughest edge but I know she's doing her best to make it easy for everyone except for her "OC-ness" with diapers. Though she won't say it, I know that she refused treatment because she does not want to bother us any more.  I'm probably more whining than her.

Second for having a wonderful support system. Buyag buyag! If there's one thing that we are most blessed about is for having wonderful Ate's. Everyone just restrategize on their own to help me thru it. And along the way, someone just wonderful would arrive to help us. Super buyag! I cannot thank God and the universe enough for the wonderful individual they send to us.

Third for the family. I mean my uncles and aunts. Being an only child, I really do not understand the role of siblings. So I was a having a hard time reaching out to them. I mean, are they supposed to be bothered? Anyhow, I'm thankful that they reach out to us. Also, I'm happy to learn "family." I realized that I have been distant from them for some time.

Fourth, my children. They're far from perfect but they're also been a trooper. 

And of course, the husband. Well, I just have to mention him as being the sole reader of this post. But yes, he's currently a single father on top of having to be my shock-absorber, and all other things. So in a way, i'm also thankful to his workmates for somehow putting up with his unusual working habits lately.

So the "Belen" drawing is made by Meg, and is probably the sole Christmas decor I put up. And I placed it in Nanay's room.

I want to nag Meg for missing out the 3 Kings on the drawing. But I just think of it that maybe they're missing in the picture because they're here with us to help us out.

There are other wonderful things that come with 2015 like re-learning what matters and not.

But for this post, before 2015 ends, I want to make a special
Mention of my gratefulness for being surrounded with sincere wonderful people. I hope we can also be that kind of blessing to them and others. 

Dec 17, 2015

Thoughts before ejaculating

It's been only 4 months since my nanay was diagnosed with terminal cancer. But it feels like we've been in it forever. Though Mark would say that we're still very lucky because at least it's not WWII or we're Syrians. 

Being the pessimist (please let me indulge in it because i really do try hard to be sunshiny most of the time, and i want to rest that part of me even just for this), i cannot help but think what's worth of the life when it will end like this? I think there's no easy way of dying (maybe tragic sudden death?). Wether it's cancer or age-ing or other terminal sickness. 

Being a mother, it kind of scares me to think that one day my kids will somehow go thru this. There's just no way I can remove them from it. Maybe let them not be alien to pains and hardships so as to prepare them, but that is hard since we're genetically wired to avoid them, and so is our instinct to protect our children.

If the cost and responsibility of raising a child does not scare you, here are Some other thoughts to consider before we romantically propagate:

1. Life is beautiful. But Every thing in this life, including the end of it, is hardwork. Therefore Beautiful is hardwork. Think of that, that is what a child will deal with when you bring one to the world.  

2. Uncertainty is okay. Pain/discomfort is okay. Each can toughen us up. Positive + positive is supposed to be positive but i'm not sure with the case of uncertainty + pain together.

Before you bear a child as a "requirement" of being a complete family / to complete you (seriously,
Please don't put the burden of "completing" you or your feel-good happiness on a child), think of that uncertainty + pain waiting for them.

3. How do we live life to make the painful end worth it? But looking at my mother, there's probably nothing to worry about.

I feel that after the hullabaloo of life, we just want to exit swiftly. Wether we leave a legacy or none, we just probably want to move on without much raucous. My point is just do it or don't do it as It somehow will no longer matter when you're in deathbed... in pain and uncertain. When whatever fullfilment or regrets will not numb or end the uncertainty of being in pain.

But as they quotable quote goes "suffering is optional." That I still need to find out how to.

On the other thought, life goes on. (Insert whatever quotable quote to end this.)

Dec 6, 2015

Giving Birth

Being a "mother," I gave birth three times, and witness the life of little humans grow from helpless little children from my arms until they can go walk on their own independently.

Being a daughter, looking at my mother from being an independent individual to now needing to be "carried" around to move, it feels like I'm about to give birth to my mother... into what they call "eternal life." 

I don't know if I can already consider myself a witness to the "full circle of life."

(Some old photo from my twitpic. Mati asking Nanay to play wii with him.)

Dec 3, 2015

Windows of Opportunity

After days of our discharge date being moved, 2 more sleeps and we'll have yet another weeksary of "staycation." Not that I am complaining.

So it's also been almost a week of staring at this view from the hospital room window to ease my mind, to break the monotony, to change "channels." 
A few men are working in the open area every day. Sometimes they "toil" the land, sometimes they "burn." Cheesy but the scene gives me a hope of better days to come -- my window of opportunity.

I remember this place used to have a "house" which housed "Chicken Inato" resto before Cebu became big city now. I'd been there a few times with relatives and friends. So that was the past -- a happy one for me.

It's present situation is emptiness / dismal state or i can look at it as better opportunities to come. 

What probably awaits for this in the future? 

Nov 23, 2015


Torn if i'm having PMS or simply bluer these days so i'm torn of putting down my thoughts, which are mostly on the darker shade which would just make me feel more spent, or just save it, and write it later as a book - i already asked a friend to make the book cover.
Torn between finding a work or sulking in the corner. Work for money and most of all to keep my mind occupied, but then i'm always torn between staying home and keeping an eye on my mother like a hawk or go out - how could i be functional at work like that.

On the brighter side kind of torn:

Torn among the restos in SM Consolacion, an attempt of Mark to let me get out and divert my attention to which I'm really thankful. It probably has not been easy for him but i'm too occupied to really care about the other people around me. Thinking about him and us, I don't know what kind of oddity we have not yet experienced. 

Torn between Myanmar and Vietnam. To make it less somber, i think of future trips, which may not necessarily be coming true. Vietnam for pho and coffee, but Bourdain's Myanmar feature showcased their interesting food and coffee culturw. 

Torn between Palawan and Baguio because going out of PH can be expensive. Baguio for the "diner" bucketlist. Palawan as an alternative for Vietnam. And just realized that I'd been to Palawan except that I have no beach photos that's why it felt I never been there.

Torn about getting a schooling on cargiving, nursing, PT/OT, and medicine. "Inspired" by my current situation, I'm kinda dead on becoming a specialist on "dying" industry. I have no prob studying for medicine but it just takes too long, nursing and caregiving can be so emotionally draining when caring for patients. So i'm Leaning on PT/OT because somehow there's a limit to the interaction/care i'd be providing. If all things fail, maybe a funeral parlor?

Owkei, i'm getting morbid. But weird that death, which is a very part of life, is always look at that way. 

Nov 13, 2015

John the Caterpillar by Mateo Buenconsejo Grade 2-Fortitude

(Following is the edited version by me. He loves the word "and.") 

John the Caterpillar

by Mateo Buenconsejo
Grade 2-Fortitude

One day, there is a caterpillar, and it’s name is John. 

John is happy looking at the butterflies flying from one flower to another. He wonders how he can become a butterfly.

He asks a butterfly, "How can I be like you?"
The butterfly says, "Easy! You just need to eat leaf."
And, John says," I don't like leaf. I only eat candy."
And butterfly says, "Never mind."
And John crawls away.

And John still eats candy.

One day, John thinks of eating a leaf.
And John eat a leaf.
And john says, "Wow that was tasty good.”

One day, John eats a lot of leaf, and he falls asleep.

One day, John turns to a butterfly.
And John wake up, and John looking at his body.
And John says, "Wow I look beautiful and I see my wings.”

And he fly fly to his friends.

The End

Nov 8, 2015

National Pancake Day

is our every Sunday breakfast as declared by Mateo. It can be an issue when there'd be another Sunday morning activity because he might miss his dose of pancake. 

But I think what he and the other 2 bebes really look forward to is the pancake syrup. @.@

If you happen to pass by our house on Sunday mornings, you might chance on our highly QA-ed pancake. Every piece is tasted by Mati after lifted off from the pan. @.@

Nov 7, 2015

Next #handjob: Final Gift?

I gave my nanay some crochet materials last Christmas (2014). From then, she had not stopped crocheting until around June when she was feeling weak. Then she was diagnosed with cancer this August.

When she learnt about it, one of the things she said that we should just go home (from the hospital), and she'd work on the blanket she promised Migi, which she started sometime in summer. She already made blankets for Meg and Mati. 

But every time she tried to start on the idea of crocheting again, it just did not happen. As I mentioned in my previous post, somehow cancer will take everything slowly away from you. To see it on a positive note, it is probably cancer's way to detach the person from the physical world.

To keep her from getting more frustrated, instead of telling her that she can make the blanket, I told her instead to not worry because I will take care of making the blanket for migi. 

I've been putting it off because, one, I find the pattern too difficult for my almost-beginner hooking skills. Second is that there's a book about hospice caregivers, "The Final Gift," which tells stories of people's final days. And people nearing death sometimes would like to give a gift before leaving. So I kind of keep on delaying making it. 

As much as I'm ready to let go of my nanay, there's just that... 

But now seeing her slowly being in more pain, making Migi's blanket might help. Maybe this is her final gift?

Pattern of this blanket available here .

Nov 6, 2015

1 #handjob down

I can't believe my short attention span last this long to finish all these little squares. 

Honestly, i felt "kasukaon" after doing this. Thankfully, the litow boy volunteered to clean it up for me - cutting the extra strands of yarns dangling. He said he's like cutting grasses. :)
Let me bask in the glory of my first ever "big" #handjob I finished through and through.
I realized that it's a perfect "bilbil" cover. 

Nov 5, 2015

Downtown Cebu Foodie

I just find it weird that when you talk about one of the oldest restaurants in Cebu, it's called "Manila" Foodshoppe. It's not really part of my childhood memories because we're more of Snosheen(sp?) and Visayan restaurant whenever we got the chance to be in the city. But i'm not sure if these 2 restos still exist today. 

Lately, i frequent Colon / the downtown for the yarns (there's not much really variety / brands available but it's where i can find the cheapest). Colon always brings back childhood memories, and so to complete the nostalgia, I sometimes visit Manila Foodshoppe. I don't know if it was the oldest branch I visited; it has already the modern feels. :)
And when you're in Manila Foodshoppe, it's always the meatballs and their noodles for me. (I skipped the meatballs because 10pieces for 1 serving is too much.)

So it's the usual maki mi, and the siomai. The maki mi did not disappoint. 
I find Dimsum Break /harbour city's siomai much tastier but Manila Foodshoppe has bigger and shrimpier siomai. 

Oct 25, 2015

CANcer taught me...

How to cook ramen... 

Cancer will take away everything from the patient. One very visible of that is the appetite.

Though not right away but I can see that gradually, the patient will one by one turn her head from her used-to-favorite food.

Out of desperation, I cook Japanese-ramen-inspired noodles. Mati called it noodles from Japan.

I liked it. I think they liked it too. Now, i dunno how it would fare to my nanay.

Oct 22, 2015

Black and Yellow: expectation vs reality

I'm taking up crochet lately. Not really because I like it but it's the best way I can connect to my nanay, to while my time watching over her. I don't know if my nanay loves crochet but it's one of the childhood memories I have of her. She made me crocheted tops before if she's not crocheting some coasters or curtains.

Anyhow, I realized that to make beautiful crochet pieces, it can be either through beautiful stitches / patterns (albeit complicated, most of the time) or through color combinations of yarns. If you don't have any of these 2, don't despair because crocheted dishcloths do not need any of these 2 skills.

So in my case, beautiful complicated patterns always lost me so I tried going to color combination. I usually just randomly pick lively colors because they make my unusually quiet days alive. So one day, I feel like getting a color combination for my crochet piece to the tune of:
So I was crocheting away feeling like I'm on a roll in a black-and-yellow sports car, cruising with Whiz Kalifa's music in my head...
Then, my kids first impression when they saw my finished product black-and-yellow crocheted scrubbie was that it's a HONEY BEE! 

The color combination was supposed to feel this bad-ass:
But they only see Jollibee. @.@ 

Oct 19, 2015

The Martian (not a movie review)

(My Diaryhea Challenge got constipated. Well, at least I'm being consistent of being inconsistent.)

I watched The Martian because of Matt Damon, who's supposed to be my soulmate but somehow he got stucked in Mars. So instead, God sent me something close to "Matt" -- a "Mark."

I'm just not really into NASA, astronaut kind of nerdy stuff so I don't know what's the brilliant theory or idea they're trying to prove in that movie. Well, I learned that a farmer has a big potential of becoming an astronaut.

On a serious note, I don't know if USA/NASA saving one person out in Mars is heroic or ridiculous. And somehow it hit me on a personal note. Seeing how the whole USA rally to save that one person left in Mars, while I'm not doing any thing to save my mother.

It made me think that a lot of money to get 1 human at Mars? It can be ridiculous. Well maybe they can put it on saving cancer or sick patients or cancer meds research and save more. But then if cancer will be curable, another kind of level of disease will come up to haunt us.

Putting your colleagues at risk to get you at Mars? I thought Matt was a bit selfish. I want to say that Matt was being gay, but I don't want to use the word "gay" because I don't think being "gay" (sexual orientation) is coward. I was thinking Matt Damon should have insist that the script should be him going home on a more practical way. But hey, it's a movie.

It's just that I could not see the logic of putting a lot people at risk to save 1 human when the same group of people can also easily sent off people to war, and kill families with a bomb. Hello, America, you're being hypocrite.

Oct 12, 2015

The Weather

I'm going to sorely miss my nanay.
I've been trying to stay stoic about the thought of my mother moving on to her new life but A big pang of "missing" hit me today. 

Though, majority of our lives we're apart since being moving to city when i got into high school; but i realized that it will never be the same without her.

Of doodles, and notes

Among the 3, Mati is the most "sharer," and still has no concept of "privacy" so i am free to check his notebooks and stuff.

He has these doodle notebooks, which he said is for when he's bored. Based on how he fast he can fill up a notebook, he must be bored. 

But i noticed there are some doodles that are not his; there must be a lot of bored students. @.@

There are doodles/drawings that come with a text / story on the side.
He said that the texts are from his classmate Jarrel.

Jarrel even give him a note.

Oct 11, 2015

17th Birthday

It's nanay's 71st birthday. And thanks to all the relatives and friends who came, and also to Father Palang for officiating the mass.

The stroller party :)
More like a children party
Nanay's co-teachers back in badian :)

My nanay's / we are not into big celebrations. I don't remember we had any birthday parties back home in Badian. So this one felt weird, but definitely very thankful for everyone's presence.

Oct 10, 2015

Comfort food

Dinuguan and piniritong danggit are mine.

The bad-assest Dinuguan for me is by my aunt. The main reason why I would attend their death anniversary celebrations because it's one of the few occasions I get to taste it. @.@ But she no longer cooks this, maybe because she's now leaning to be health buff?

Though they serve dinuguan at their carenderia, but it was not as bloody comforting food as the one served at the memorial park during the death anniversaries. 
While staring at the dinuguan, eating dinner alone, I became nostalgic. I remember my childhood Sundays at Badian. My nanay would bring tupperware to the Sunday mass, which she would use to contain the dinuguan we'd buy at the "merkado" on the way home. 

And Back in my childhood days, piniritong danggit was like the hotdog of today. And there's no sweet-yummy danggit than the danggit from home in Badian (must be the cleaner sea there). 

My neighbor playmate "mao-mao", we used to divide the danggit into halves.  He loves the "head" part, while i love the "tail" part. In the afternoons, after a sweaty playing, we'd then sit on the table and munch on the leftover piniritong danggit, either in our house or theirs.

Mao-mao was also the playmate, who we dared each other who can eat the dirtiest "ikasen." Our trick could range from dipping the ikasen to the sand, soil, soil mixed with water.  Thank goodness, i could not remember shit. Eeewww!

Then his mother, who is a pediatrician, would then prescribed my mother the deworming meds when I'd complain itchy ass. @.@

Then I should stop reminiscing or else it would be a crying fest for me. Definitely, i have an amazing childhood memories. I have to thank my nanay for that.

Oct 9, 2015

"Do It Anyway" Prayer

Witnessing my mother chill for endless hours from her high fevers due to infections for successive days, there's an app for that. Kidding. But I did download prayer apps, and recite all the prayers listed in there while sitting beside my mother who was stiff from chilling at the hospital last week. I then became prayerful. (I was not schooled in a Catholic school all throughout my life so there's my defensive mode.)

Anyhow, relatives gave me a lot of prayer booklets and novenas which I go through on a daily basis. Some of the prayers became my favorite. This one, I haven't really read this to my nanay but it's a nice motivational read.

Mother Teresa can be the Saint for Entrepreneurs / Creators.

 People are often unreasonable, irrational, and self-centered.  Forgive them anyway.
            If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives.  Be kind anyway.
            If you are successful, you will win some unfaithful friends and some genuine enemies.  Succeed anyway.
           If you are honest and sincere people may deceive you.  Be honest and sincere anyway.
            What you spend years creating, others could destroy overnight.  Create anyway.
            If you find serenity and happiness, some may be jealous.  Be happy anyway.
            The good you do today, will often be forgotten.  Do good anyway.
         Give the best you have, and it will never be enough.  Give your best anyway.
         In the final analysis, it is between you and God.  It was never between you and them anyway.
-this version is credited to Mother Teresa


Oct 8, 2015

Diaryhea Challenge

I had a quick chat with a friend about how he handled the re-birth process (a better term for end-of-life, dying, passing or however you call it) of her mother while still being active in his regular activities. Listening to how he handled his job, being the sole-caregiver, financier, family man at the same time, and occasionaly crying at the bathroom to relieve his self from the stress, I realized I'm such a DIVA.

Mark was probably right to say that I'm acting so entitled when I pulled him the I'm-so-damsel-in-distress drama so don't you dare complain why everything's a mess, why the kids are all getting sick.

Anyhow, I think I put so much drama on my little world. I need to move my mind out of it from time to time, add a few little activities to my routine -- which is mostly either getting worried, depressed which are all not helping.

So viola! My world-changing idea is to post daily here, and it should be from the computer (not from the celphone). Like duh. At least it's not going to be a video blog. =)

My most favorite fruit - marang.

Oct 7, 2015

Dessert Factory: yet another pad thai in Cebu

Before this, I don't know when was the last time I ate at Dessert Factory. Somehow, along the way, i was just no longer a big fan of sweets. That statement is probably a lie. But i guess with the many pastry shops popping up in Cebu, Dessert Factory went off my radar.

And when I tasted their food, I guess i knew why I had not visited it for a long time. Sadly, i just no longer find their food good.

It's sad because it's a Cebu resto. I used to see DF as at match of Bigby's but they somehow just was not able to keep up (based on my very highly sophisticated taste @.@ not that i'm a fan of Bigby's but somehow B's able to keep up with times).

Anyhow, their pad Thai made me want to cry. And the rest of the cakes, well my aunts were owkei with them. The green matcha tea was just too sweet and powdery.
Sorry for my not-so-good review. I should have just not post this but I need to keep up with my being foodie blogger. :)

Oct 1, 2015

Next week... Next week...

Time perception is one of those things that got strongly knocking on me upon knowing the health situation of my mother.

Learning about my mother's limited time, i get to think that my time is also limited. I probably have only 20 more good years, hopefully, to come.

The 20years is not really much when considering that it takes 10thousand hours (roughly equivalent to 10 years) to master a craft. Then i only have my another 10years to make use of being a master of a craft -- maybe make a business out of it. So i might subtract a few years of figuring out what to make of the craft that i mastered. Then maybe I only have 8 or 5 years to make the most of my mastered craft.

But for now, I ran out of next week of excuses.

After our 1st discharged from the hospital when my mother was diagnosed and she had a surgery, i went with Mark to Boracay for GOAB and thought to myself that when we got back NEXT WEEK, we'll be back to our usual routine though a bit sick this time.

Next week came, and we were home from GOAB, looking at my mother having to be "bed panned," it hit me that it's never going to be the same again.

I was cool about it but it took time for me to get into the new routine so i often told myself to take time off to let things sink in. And, NEXT WEEK, i'll start going back to my routine -- working again on the projects I committed to. Hopefully getting myself busy with a few projects here and there can take my mind off from my nanay's.

NEXT WEEK came, and I start informing the people I committed to that I had to quit as I just could not find my mojo back.

The NEXT WEEKs had been about trying to find normalcy, then the boat got shaken a bit from time to time. So Then the next weeks became time to find a new normal again. Though, normal is probably not really our type of lifestyle -- somehow I'm thankful for this mindset as it helps me get a quick grip of sticky situations.

The NEXT WEEKS are like being in a constant adrenaline rush, always on the heightened state of alert of the sudden changes in my nanay's health situation. The next weeks are like sometimes on the brink of breaking down but hey I can't complain i'm not the one with cancer.

Then next weeks, maybe after all this beautiful storm, i can come up with a craft worthwhile mastering for the remaining years of my life...

But for now, let me get back to it next week.

Sep 29, 2015

Osmena Blvd. Morning Walk

I wonder what is really the official name of this area. Is this Osmena Blvd., Jones Ave., or Fuente?

I formed a habit of morning walk for our length of our stay here in VCMC. I usually receive the med orders for my nanay from the hospital staff by 5am. That's when I leave the hospital room and walk to get the meds at VSMMC Pharmacy. 

Unlike in the middle of the day, the Osmena Blvd is quiet and cool during this time of the day. It makes the walk from one hospital to another one a pleasant experience. 

Seeing the warm gentle of the morning sun can make one pensive. 

If this was the Cebu Ctiy Marathon, this area is the last 4-5km stretch of the race route. That's when it feels so near, yet so far. It's when it's a mix of emotion of feeling the sweet victory and berating yourself of why did you voluntarily punish yourself for some i-dunno reason.

Marathon. "Death is not a sprint; it's a marathon," which I read somewhere. For me, this death from cancer can even feel like ultra trail marathon. At 5km, i already want to declare DNF (did not finish) / quit. But then in this kind of race, you really have no option. You did not opt to be in it, and you have no option to quit from it.

If you come to think of, death and life is similar in that you just cannot quit from it.

Which led me to think is there an easier way of dying? Is there a better sickness that would give me a less-suffering journey to death?

Then Seeing a soon-to-open Chow King resto along the way, I remember Kris Aquino and her mom, Cory Aquino. If Cory Aquino was able to get to the other life through her cancer, and Kris Aquino was able to pull it through her mom's ordeal, we definitely can do this.
My morning walk, it may start with confusing / emotionally debilitating thoughts but somehow, I always come home with a better feeling. Maybe it's because of the warm gentle sunshine, the P40 McDo coffee, the cheaper meds, or all of the above.

Or maybe it's because I feel I share something common with Kris Aquino - my claim to fame.  

Sep 26, 2015

Not a food blog: pro-tip in medicine shopping in Cebu

Being in hospitals for a few times now, here's a great tip I picked along the way: For overly expensive medicines, you can go to VSMMC pharmacy (they also call it DOH pharmacy). You can get it at almost 70% lesser price rates from the drugstores. 

I first heard this from a "neighboring" room patient's caregiver I had a chitchat with. I did not seriously take it because the prices she mentioned were just unbelievably very low compared to the the regular pharmacies'. But then our doctor also gave me this advise. I still have doubts but when you're given a prescription of antibiotics in vial which means at least 1K-a-pop, I start praying that this VSMMC pharmacy must be true!!!

And, indeed it's true. The usually 1K plus vial of antibiotic at regular drugstores is just P250/vial at VSMMC pharmacy. It's located at the very entrance of Vicente Sotto hospital (also there's another one at the very entrance of the hospital). And, it's a breeze to buy there as there is no long queue. :) 
But I think you need a doctor's prescription to be able to buy from them. I'm not sure if they're accepting Senior ID for discounts.

If only I believed about it the first time, I wonder how much savings I would get from the 30K medicine bill I got from Perpetual. 

Sep 24, 2015

Mae Krua Thai: yet another pad thai in cebu

Yesterday was such a downer. And super thankful that I was able to bounce back today so I celebrated it with pad thai and milk tea at a nearby Thai resto, Mae Krua Thai.

The pad thai they served me had lots of shrimps.
I learned that Mae Krua Thai, Royal Krua Thai (BTC) are of the same owner, and they also have another one in SM Cebu. 

My effortless beauty selfie, walang ka effort2x maligo. My hair could be dyed to orange, and i'd look like a "kurtina." :)

Sep 18, 2015

Siam Thai Cuisine: yet another pad thai in Cebu

When in this Thai resto chain, the pad thai and pomelo must be both ordered because I like mixing them together.
My kind of milk tea
And the best part of all of these is: