Sep 26, 2015

Not a food blog: pro-tip in medicine shopping in Cebu

Being in hospitals for a few times now, here's a great tip I picked along the way: For overly expensive medicines, you can go to VSMMC pharmacy (they also call it DOH pharmacy). You can get it at almost 70% lesser price rates from the drugstores. 

I first heard this from a "neighboring" room patient's caregiver I had a chitchat with. I did not seriously take it because the prices she mentioned were just unbelievably very low compared to the the regular pharmacies'. But then our doctor also gave me this advise. I still have doubts but when you're given a prescription of antibiotics in vial which means at least 1K-a-pop, I start praying that this VSMMC pharmacy must be true!!!

And, indeed it's true. The usually 1K plus vial of antibiotic at regular drugstores is just P250/vial at VSMMC pharmacy. It's located at the very entrance of Vicente Sotto hospital (also there's another one at the very entrance of the hospital). And, it's a breeze to buy there as there is no long queue. :) 
But I think you need a doctor's prescription to be able to buy from them. I'm not sure if they're accepting Senior ID for discounts.

If only I believed about it the first time, I wonder how much savings I would get from the 30K medicine bill I got from Perpetual. 

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