Sep 9, 2015

Welcome to our Crib

Mati: I want a comfy chair like this. Ngano tanan other humans house naay comfy chair except us? 

(Migi is underneath Mati.)
Way before these 3 kids were born, we always have "lantay" (that bamboo type) until now. We once thought of upgrading it to a comfy couch, those we see on magazines, but we kind of rationalized that the hard "lantay" makes sitting less appealing. The lantay can then somehow motivates us not to always sit. On the downside, my kids are kind of "ignorante" with couches.

So whenever we'd go to others' homes, my kids will surely get attracted to their soft fluffy couches - jumping up and down on them like monkeys on the loose.

(Selfie with a couch because this is a rare opportunity.)
So Finally, after xx years of family-ness, we kind of have a couch, though not officially.

We rented the house across us, which we can move in for some space. Original plan was for when we "upgrade" our doll house. But then with my nanay's health situation, it's going to be some sort of a "nursing home" for her for now. :) So she can have a quieter space.

This house has been empty for 5-6 years? A lovely family once lived here. Their kids are quite adorable. The younger kid was same age with Migi. 

(Their family portrait i found in one of their cabinets when cleaning up.)
Anyhow, I got this for a discount so in return we take care of cleaning it up. 6 years of having no occupants but with all its appliances and furnitures still intact - it was quite a lot of dusting up.



Thanks to my home "deprovement" skills, nothing much change except that I "uprooted" all the plastic flowers/plants.

Kudos to the owner, we kinda have a house now lifted from a lifestyle magazine compared to our "server room" looking home.

(This is not a storage room. This is our home. It's not at all fluffy and comfy.)

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