Sep 20, 2006

which is worse - unplanned pregnancy or menopause?

i miss my period last month, and i'm still looking forward for it this month.  i'm alwasy regular., and the  last two times that i missed  my period both resulted to babies.  so right now, you know what i feel. totally scared, anxious! mannn, i don't want another unplanned pregnancy, plus  my 2 kids are just a year apart, and the youngest just turned one.  not a good scenario to get pregnant again . gawd,  i'd feel the most irresponsible person in the world if ever i'm pregnant.

Sep 13, 2006

migi wigi's fave li'l things

Migi loves sticks and stones, sand, dirt, broom2x, super inggo, butterflies, lizard, miming, outdoors, running, biting, slapping, titi, barney, hotdog pillow, lantay, break toys into pieces, balls, raquets, attention, water, boxing, and 'hayhayan'/clips. He's normal. I think...

Sep 12, 2006

meg the bebops favorite li'l things

She loves outdoors, shampoo commercials (esp the one with Iya Villania - Palmolive), diaper commercials, jobee (need I say more), strawberry yogurt, and the 'foam' bed. She's normal! I think.

Sep 10, 2006

meg bebop the tsunami

see the diaper hanging

She's so little but she can wreck a house. I don't know how she can be in so many places at a time, and to think our house is just like a matchbox.

Sep 5, 2006

last pit stop

after starbucks, we went to brews point. i think everybody knows where this place is. this had been our college days favorite some kinda chill-out place. i was surprised to see a lot of people in there. before, not many people frequented this place. cebu is booming. =)

ka berks

guess which drink belongs to...

after like 2 years or so of not seeing and bonding with each other, we finally have the chance to get together. one is sexier, one is piggier, and the other one is still the same size i think but we are still the same old beautiful girls. the conversation can be any thing from cheap gossip to sensible ones about life but it would always go back to BOYSSS... yes, my ka closey friends are still single so if you're a single guy looking for your dream girl, drop me a message. i'd gladly hook you up with one of my friends.

finally after so many plans of meeting, we finally get to realize it. we had some dinner at east west. after eastwest, we check the place. then decided to hang out at starbucks - the place for yuppies like us (huh). and where we can people-watch.

Sep 4, 2006

random thoughts of a teenage mom of 2

- migi and meg are just 1 year apart. both babies are unexpected and unplanned. sounds like responsible parenthood?! as such, this sometimes makes me feel irresponsible. active contributor to philippine's population problem. =)

- i wasn't much excited with the 2nd baby. i did not count every day of her living, watch and record milestones, took pictures of her like crazy. but it doesn't mean i love meg less. i do have a favorite child - whoever is the lesser of evil of the day. =)

- both are c-section. which is one of the factors that i wasn't much excited with the 2nd baby. just the thought of being injected with anesthesia makes me cringe - it's the last 'pain' you'll have before being sliced. eeewwww

- my ob-gyn wanted to 'ligate' me after the 2nd baby because my 'mattress' (sp?) is already tissue-thin. but my husband said NO. gggrrrrr... i was hoping he would say no though. we need to breed, we're both 'only child.' =)

- being both 'only child,' our kids do not have first-degree cousins, and first-degree (?) aunts and uncles. kinda sad. =(

- after having 2 kids, i still don't know what are the different immunization shots and when should they be given. a neighborhood pedia pointed out this 'weakness' of mine to me. she was kind of shock that i'm not familiar with the shots given to my kids. reminds me, both of them have shots for this month. i think for meg is chickenpox. for migi, i dunno must be some booster shot. bad mother?!?

- monthy check-up of the babies is a family's day out. jollibee or mcdonalds for lunch and some timezone or bibo after. yes, we're lazy-assed parents.

- we've never been to some fine dining stuff since having kids. because nicey2x restaurants don't have 'playground' and highchairs. =)

- i'm a gross mother. i just let my babies put any thing inside their mouth just to have some peace at home. sadly gross but true.

- i'm also a lazy mother. i don't put effort in teaching the right things to my kids especially when it requires some fistfight before they yield to what is right. =(

- before having kids, i swear that i'll be a hands-on mother as much as possible no help. now i'm 100% yaya dependent. i'm just grateful to God to be blessed with a very wonderful help, actually we have now 2. =)

- up to now, mark thinks we're still not ready to become parents. like duh?! and sometimes, i kinda realize and agree with him. So I pray hard to God that they'll grow up normal.

- i still have not shed off my pregnancy fats and actually i'm adding more. yes, i still look like 9-month pregnant woman. no, make it 9-month overdue pregnant whale. =(

Sep 2, 2006

MEG the FAB - my litow beebop's 1st birthday!

Sept 1 is Meg's birthday. Gifts are still welcome.

Milestones (not really sure): She can can wave her hands with style when she signals byebye. She can say ssshhh for shoes, titiburd for tweety bird. She'll throw fits before sleeping. She can shout maldita way. She puts any thing inside her mouth. She can wiggle her body to some music - Luningning is her idol. She can say ah ah for aw aw.

Oh well, I don't really have much talented kids. I'd come to terms that they won't be Gerber babies. But I love them to bits, I could eat them. =) yumyumyum