Sep 2, 2006

MEG the FAB - my litow beebop's 1st birthday!

Sept 1 is Meg's birthday. Gifts are still welcome.

Milestones (not really sure): She can can wave her hands with style when she signals byebye. She can say ssshhh for shoes, titiburd for tweety bird. She'll throw fits before sleeping. She can shout maldita way. She puts any thing inside her mouth. She can wiggle her body to some music - Luningning is her idol. She can say ah ah for aw aw.

Oh well, I don't really have much talented kids. I'd come to terms that they won't be Gerber babies. But I love them to bits, I could eat them. =) yumyumyum

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Gayle Opsima said...

ka cuuute!!! asa ni liwat rose? hehe.. intsik lagi? maynta di guba ug mata parehas sa mama.. hehe