Sep 5, 2006

ka berks

guess which drink belongs to...

after like 2 years or so of not seeing and bonding with each other, we finally have the chance to get together. one is sexier, one is piggier, and the other one is still the same size i think but we are still the same old beautiful girls. the conversation can be any thing from cheap gossip to sensible ones about life but it would always go back to BOYSSS... yes, my ka closey friends are still single so if you're a single guy looking for your dream girl, drop me a message. i'd gladly hook you up with one of my friends.

finally after so many plans of meeting, we finally get to realize it. we had some dinner at east west. after eastwest, we check the place. then decided to hang out at starbucks - the place for yuppies like us (huh). and where we can people-watch.

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