Mar 27, 2015

Knowledge Transfer?!?

I was trying to figure out if there's a way to natively format emails in gmail into something like of an email campaign template. I don't want to go thru any web services like mailchimp because lazy ass here, and it's just for personal use.

Until I came across this "editable" email marketing templates. Wow! I was happy, until I clicked edit and redirected to this page. D4F[]Q! 
I was expecting that it will look like something a drag-and-drop, or at least something like a blog editor. But it's lines of codes. Owkei, clicked CLOSE!

I marry a programmer for xx years, and I cannot... WHY?!? not even a teeny weeny "Hello World" knowledge transfer.

Mar 25, 2015

Memorable Trips

Before anything else, thank, God, it's nothing bad. I don't think this is even a concern.

But demmit, I have a trail run this Saturday. Based on my last ankle sprain accident, it took 2 weeks to heal. :(

Am I the only person who sprain her ankle a lot?!? Specifically the right ankle. It's not the end of life, but if you're a "runner" who thinks of running as life -- you get the gist?

This is the 3rd ankle sprain I can remember in my life. There are probably more tiny incidents. But before this, there were 2 really bad experiences I had with spraining my ankle.

1. I was probably 12 years old. I was with my aunt crossing the busy intersection of Colon street from Gaisano Metro when i tripped and sprained my ankle in the middle of the busy street. It was so painful that I had to crawl to the sidewalk. My aunt was way ahead of me that I was shouting to get her attention while I was sprawled on the sidewalk. I was probably such a pitiful sight based on the looks the people gave me.

2. The 2nd one was probably 2 years ago at the arrival area of Mactan airport. I was there to meet a group of friends when I tripped on the sidewalk of the road in the arrival area. It was really bad that I was wheeled to some sort of ER of the airport. And then they had to wheel me again to the car because my right foot could was really in pain.

Then today is the 3rd. I was from Countrymall taking a short cut thru the Univille area when I tripped in front a basketball court. While the people were asking me if i was owkei, all i could think about is my trail run this Saturday.

I could say that this time it was not that painful compared to the previous ones. Or maybe i'm in denial. But still I felt fainting that when I arrived at Mati's tutor center, i went straight lie down on the beanbag, and asked for water from the teacher. She said I looked so pale. 

I really don't care how I look, i was really concerned of the the race.

Anyhow, i'm writing this down to chronicle my "trips."

Mar 22, 2015

1st World Pains: Wild Movie

I noticed I came across a lot of this type of movie about "meaning of life" lately: like Boyhood, Birdman, and Wild. And, unknowingly they're popular at Oscars. Either, they're what's readily available or they're the latest phase people (in 1st world or hollywood at least) are into. People have so much, material-wise or at least the basic need, that there's no need to struggle to live, and so you move on to looking for a bigger struggle - the meaning of life.

There were a few other movies I watched before (forgot the titles) about meaning of life which can come across as boring; they're probably the kind of movies that unless you went thru it that you will appreciate it more: the subtleness of it, the read-between-the-lines meaning of it.

I was thinking that "looking for one self/meaning of life" is like on the highest level of Maslow's hierarchy of needs, and let's admit that in our country, majority are still on the basic needs or maybe just over the basic needs which i guess explains the majority of the commercial local movies we have. And, i'm wondering if one's "level in maslow's hierarchy needs" will affect how he/she percieves/appreciates this kind of movie. Because, unlike rom-con or action movies, i still find this "meaning of life" movies bordering on "boring" because my reaction will tend to be like "wtf, other people are more miserable than your i-walk-on-foot-1k-miles-to-find-myself issues."

So to the Wild movie, I love Reese Witherspoon and I love endurance sports/adventure, and dreaming I could one day do that trekking minus search-for-self goal. So even if I'm still faking it into the highest level of Maslow's hierarchy of needs, I still love the movie and I love Reese Witherspoon in it. I mean i had seen other PTC (Pacific Crest Trail) adventure documentaries, and she does look the part of those "normal people hikers" that the movie felt like it's a documentary, which in a way it is because it's based on a memoir. 

So based on my needs, Wild is awakening my desire to selfie in the wild, which probably shows i'm still on the very basic need level - ATTENTION. 

(Me selfie in the manicured wild)


Mar 19, 2015 Kapihan: That 1st Time

I felt funny happy about the event earlier today, Kapihan. I was secretly wishing that the idea would just be folded, and it would not push thru because it was decided on a whim.  

It's another thing to be hosting about running or fun run, from "facilitating" a more serious topic like "marketplace." The thought of maybe the event would call for me to talk about GDP or inflation/deflation scared me! @.@ 

Anyhow, it happened. And, it's overwhelming to see that it worked. Thing is it never had some any thorough planning or serious discussion of how to execute it. When I got into the venue, I was doubly intimidated because it was probably better than Kris Aquino's show. 
Then somehow every thing and every one fell into its right places. 

The did its magic. The for the Kapihan logo. Then there was Dulce of crea8tech for the whole technical side of livestreaming it, and Tina and Francis. The thirdteammedia doing the online social spreading remotely. 

And, I'm just so happy that Regina Aguilar and Gerald Yuvallos were able to smoothly pull it off despite that there's a bit of having the audience caught off-guard with the event.

And, also big thanks to all the friends from media, press, blogging / online communtiy for supporting it. 

And, oh Harolds Hotel, thank you for your roofdeck. :)

A summary sort-of write-up at soon!

Mar 18, 2015

Kapihan at Harold's Hotel

More details

Mar 12, 2015

Kapehan Ceferina: Coffee Snob 101

I'm way off from my food blogging target so here's my first for March.

First thing, is coffee food? It probably falls under the beverage in "food and beverage." So let me be then a food and beverage blogger.

If the "tea culture" was popularized here via milk tea, does it follow that frapuccino/blended coffee drinks is to coffee?

Now will I or majority ever be a tea fanatic minus the milk? So goes for coffee, will majority be still a coffee drinker minus the whipped cream? (Pls allow the milk in coffee pls.)

So the coffee is good at Kapehan Ceferina, one of the very few 3rd-wave coffee places in Cebu. but how do I explain it to my other friends so that I could invite them? I think i still do have friends yow. :)

So hey, you should try this handcrafted coffee because handjob is just yummy. This "pour over" coffee has "cleaner" taste granting that you're a pressed coffee drinker. And, Sagada beans never fail to be smooth - you know that right level of bitterness. They have other kinds of beans too.

And you know selfie hashtag #coffeesnob #coffeeislife #goblack.

Sorry, I'm bad at this so just go over to Kapehan Ceferina every Sunday at J Centre Mall (lobby area), and just learn from Paolo Lim the art of coffee snob. Then, you can start your conversation with what's the altitude level your beans came from?

Mar 10, 2015

International Women's Day: 50 shades of grey

I just realized that I watched 50 shades during the Women's Day. It took me this long to watch it not because of negative reviews or because it's p0rnish but I was thinking it must be just some p0rn version of Twilight. I mean that I don't want to watch an expressionless sex-y movie.

With all the bad reviews of the movie, I was disappointed that I find it not really that bad. And, it's far from being evil. I saw one movie (i think it was french film) about BDSM, it was even more "scary" that 50 Shades seemed to be more tamed. 

In short, 50 Shades of Grey is actually just a sex flick which used BDSM as an excuse to make a movie about people fxcking - to add relevance to it than just sex. 

What bothers me with the movie is Its consistency of letting Grey play piano after he tie and slap anastasia, then Anastasia will then come down from the stairs wearing almost nothing. It probably happens 3 times in the entire movie.

And who was the friend of Grey's mom who he had a BDSM relationship in the past who he blamed for becoming who he is? Now i want to read the books to find out. But maybe someone can save me from it.

The point of this "review" is that #50shadesofgrey is not that evil for my taste, and well, it's a sex movie with cars & helicopters. Either way, you have nothing to lose when you watch or not.

Mar 2, 2015

Pre-nuptial: Nose-to-Nose

"Nose to nose na sad mo," I overheard from someone who seemed to be the pre-nup shoot director.

While we were resting after our trekking at Canso X, i witnessed these couple having pre-nup session, i assumed. They started from one area until they got near us.
I realized this thing is not at all that easy. Like how many poses can you really come up from one area to another?
I'm not a photographer but i think it's best they had their shoot early morning for the sunrise, or in the afternoon for the sunset -- when the nature's color is more dramatic. The high noon light is just so flat and boring, me thinks.

One of the things I'm thankful that I married "young" is that pre-nup photos were not the "thing." I have nothing against it; i'm probably just bitter because i know that i'm just not pre-nup photos material. I mean imagine me -- it's going to look awkward to cringe-y.

Anyhow, best wishes to the couple. I realized if you want a nice setting for your pre-nuptial photo session, asking a trail trekker or adventure person can give you a lot of leads.

I could not help myself, and asked the shoot director if they're going to the "creek" area of Canso X because I was a bit concerned that the 50 photos they took would have the same mountain background. He said that they did not know about it.

Well, they could somehow do Like this "peek-a-boo" instead of nose-to-nose.

Or, Something like this. I was really waiting for them to do a "lying down" pose but no luck, they keep shooting at the same mountain background. 
Harshtag #pagbigyan!

Canso X: Over the hills to the creek for a Family Photo

This is probably our 3rd complete family photo courtesy of our guides.

"Ma,am, picture-an ta mo diri kay mura naa mo sa forest," the guide said to us and so we assemble for a family photo.
This is our 2nd attempt at trekking in Canso X, a nature park in Balamban, Cebu maintained by Aboitiz Land. The first one did not push thru because there were no guides available. So better make an appointment first with them.
With Manong Roy, one of our guides. Canso X assigned two guides for us because they're throwing extra cautious for us because we have kids.
Mati is always the how-to-be-a-child in this family. He is that kid who would jump without thinking.

Meg whose goal was to find a "Rocky" replacement found a heart-shaped stone.

After the quick dip, we went back. Canso X's concerned with Mateo, they did not allow us beyond the creek to do the canyoneering, rappeling. Anyhow, it was still worth it.
Someone bonked from the adventure rush.
Thanks to our Canso X guides. They're actually part of Aboitiz Land security team who were trained to be trail guides.
Next up we'll be camping. Canso X has available tents for rent, ranging from P200 up.

Canso X admin contact: Sir Raffy (0930) 476 2207 ( just text him because signal is flaky, he cannot receive calls)