Mar 25, 2015

Memorable Trips

Before anything else, thank, God, it's nothing bad. I don't think this is even a concern.

But demmit, I have a trail run this Saturday. Based on my last ankle sprain accident, it took 2 weeks to heal. :(

Am I the only person who sprain her ankle a lot?!? Specifically the right ankle. It's not the end of life, but if you're a "runner" who thinks of running as life -- you get the gist?

This is the 3rd ankle sprain I can remember in my life. There are probably more tiny incidents. But before this, there were 2 really bad experiences I had with spraining my ankle.

1. I was probably 12 years old. I was with my aunt crossing the busy intersection of Colon street from Gaisano Metro when i tripped and sprained my ankle in the middle of the busy street. It was so painful that I had to crawl to the sidewalk. My aunt was way ahead of me that I was shouting to get her attention while I was sprawled on the sidewalk. I was probably such a pitiful sight based on the looks the people gave me.

2. The 2nd one was probably 2 years ago at the arrival area of Mactan airport. I was there to meet a group of friends when I tripped on the sidewalk of the road in the arrival area. It was really bad that I was wheeled to some sort of ER of the airport. And then they had to wheel me again to the car because my right foot could was really in pain.

Then today is the 3rd. I was from Countrymall taking a short cut thru the Univille area when I tripped in front a basketball court. While the people were asking me if i was owkei, all i could think about is my trail run this Saturday.

I could say that this time it was not that painful compared to the previous ones. Or maybe i'm in denial. But still I felt fainting that when I arrived at Mati's tutor center, i went straight lie down on the beanbag, and asked for water from the teacher. She said I looked so pale. 

I really don't care how I look, i was really concerned of the the race.

Anyhow, i'm writing this down to chronicle my "trips."

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