Nov 29, 2013

Dear glossy parenting mag, before u give tips on kid's bday parties

Please consider first writing about tips on how to alight from a public jeepney transportation with more than 1 kid plus balloons and loot bags SAFELY!
Because i just witness one, and all the passengers seem to have a mini heart attack.

To save you from the un-fabulousness of writing such unglamorous piece of advice, let me do it for you.

1. Mother / parents, be the first to get down and out of the jeepney.
2. Leave your kids first inside the jeepney in the care of the strangers. Do NOT let them get down first.
3. Once you're down from the jeepney, that's when you let your kids get down from the jeepney.
4. If the balloon flew away upon alighting, please do not bother going after it in the middle of the street.
5. And, parents, there are free birth control aides at public health centers. If you cannot handle more than 1 kid in public transpo, please consider that you better stop breeding.
6. By the way, the outside of jeepney is NOT a trash can, please do not throw your trash in there.
7. Fill in the blank. 

Nov 27, 2013


I have to leave the computer at iCenter. According to the iCenter tech staff, it's likely an SSD problem. Honestly, I have no idea what is ssd. 

They said it's a known problem. There's a batch of units that have defective ssd's, and it seems that my unit is so lucky to be probably part of that batch.

It will probably take 2-3 weeks before I could have it back. 

Funny, how I'm not particularly attached to this computer. I'm feeling that it returned my feelings by going boinkers. I still miss the "unsophisticated" look of the old thinkpad.

Anyhoo, dear Lord, please make it well. I promise I will really be fond of it.

(The white screen)

Nov 26, 2013

i'm not a runner

i'm just naturally curious. i don't have the discipline to train. i just want to know why that's why i race.

Nov 23, 2013

Clark / Angeles, Pampanga

Firsts: Globe signal is consistently on E, no metered taxi, 

But they have a whole city of Bars / red light district.

It's making me wonder so how do the customer bring their "companions" around the place if there's no metered taxi? Yes, there is "unlabeled cars" acting as taxi. Rate is HIGH! 

We had to ride an "airconed" jeep from the airport to the Angeles city just because "taxis (no
Labels)" are nowhere to be found if not outrageously expensive.

Anyway, no more whining. Or i better just stay in Cebu! 

And, I forgot a lot of stuff at home: garmin charger and the etch ID i just bought! Ohwell!

Nov 22, 2013

food relief = race aid station?

just a tooth: food reliefs are like aid stations in a race. they can nourished the runners. but still moving forward to the finish line depends solely on runner's will. however abundant "aid stations" does not really equate to a runner's success.

no question that others are very willing to carry us and bring us to the finish line. but where's the glory in it? it's just going to be an "empty victory" for the runner. finishing "laspag" on our own two feet does not make the experience less fulfilling.

my point is "wala ko'y point."

Marathon Stat

For note purposes, it's interesting to see that the bulk of runners for Dumaguete Adventure MArathon is on 10.5 KM. 

Nov 20, 2013

Project "Kargadora"

Our body can definitely surprise us.

The other day, I was so amazed with the this college girl (she was in school uniform when she arrived at the "gym"). She was lifting barbell. But the one routine I got interested was her lunge with weight overhead.

Something like this:

I was envious. I was thinking that maybe after 6 months, I can already manage to do that.

But surprise. I was given that routine today! Yay! I was surprised I was being able to finish the 3 sets though i think my form was flailing. It feels like going up a steep uphill.

It was empowering that whatever happens, I can become a "kargador" to feed my family.

Nov 15, 2013

My Hero's Hero

Last last weekend, we brought kids to Camotes Island. On our last day, Meg almost drowned when she tried to save Mati from drowning when he went to the deeper part of the pool. She was not bringing a kickboard because Mati used it, which he slipped off from thus prompted Meg to get him.

Meg knows basic swimming. But Mati "piggyback" on her, thus resulted to her almost drowning. 

Mark was far from the pool. Migi was just on the way to the pool. I was the farthest from the pool. 

Thank God, a lady who was at the side of the pool noticed, and saved my Meg, inlcuding Mati.

Thank you very much to her! I seriously forgot her name! :( 

Funny how trivial it is to think of it now. Nevertheless, thank you very much!

By the way, Camotes Island is also badly hit by Yolanda. If you have any thing to share, you know the drill. For a start, you can check

Nov 5, 2013

Project Wolverina

I really felt like throwing up everytime i see the kettle balls. It was my first time to ever lift weights, & also pull myself on a TRX.

Anyhoo, I was glad to tag along with Mareee Flor at EPIC (see photo below for the complete name) to try their free trial.

I've been meaning to really work on my core strength but I just haven't that "program" that I could sustain. So I guess I finally found the one.

It actually feels like yoga, only much intense. Though, I haven't moved up the ladder of yoga so that's why. I'm still hoping I could still find time to insert some yoga session. 

I read this somewhere 

"speed is build from strength which is build from endurance." 

I'm proud to say I have an endurance of a carabao, but strength is still hard to find. :)

Thanks much to Mareee for tagging me along! 

Photo from Flor. 

Nov 4, 2013


Many hours spent on car when Going to and around Camotes. I took "few" photos of Meg trying to entertain her self while commuting.