Jun 30, 2015


I asked where she copied them. She said she made it from scratch. 

Edited: she copied it from her classmates' coloring book.

Jun 26, 2015

Mother-daughter Career Talk

Last few days, this was Meg's random announcement to the family.

The other boys also have their own career talk. But they're not cute like Mateo does not want to be a "worker because it's too slow," "businessman is too hard," "so he might as well just steal." While Migi (giving advice to Mateo) is about "you cannot make money from playing games. you can make money by making games." I'm not really sure what goes inside Migi's mind but somehow he seems to be sensible bordering to boring about things. And, this is not really surprising to come from the boys when they have a shrewd father (*joke*).

So back to Meg on wanting to be an artist, maybe because she just came from her art summer class, and she has been begging to be enrolled for a weekend class. It's an indirect way of her asking us to get into the art class. Honestly, her teacher's great (google Artastic as recommended by a lot of friends). If only, her art class is somewhere in Consolacion where we can just "uber tricycle" her to the class.

Anyhow, the "publisher" is probably from the many books she read or maybe from youtube. I used to worry about her consuming "trashy" literature from a whimpy boy to a bratty dork. But with the many many books she gobbled, I could no longer keep up checking which one to be consumed and not. And, honestly, I'm just glad there are some books who can shut her up for awhile.

Since no one in the family is an artist or a publisher, we just could not carry on a conversation with her. But there's something about it that it keeps playing over and over in my head. And, AHA, I realized that I've been for some time toying the idea of being a "publisher." I mean, the serious type of publishing where you do it from Day 1 to make money. Not the, because "this is my passion, I write about it, publish about it" kind of publisher.

But I have never done it because I could not quite wrap my head around it of how do you really do it.

So back to Meg, I hope she could figure herself around it. And, then maybe soon I can ask her for some career advice.

Jun 23, 2015

Brussels Cafe Bistro: Belgium in Cebu?

I assumed it's one of those restos owned by expats, I'm guessing either Belgian or Dutch.

Brussels is one of my few favorite coffee place in Cebu. Two things I like most in this place:
* Their signature coffee - I forgot the name. But they gave you wine (bubblegum-ish tasting wine) to mix to it. There's a milk in the photo but I skip mixing it.
* their pastries are also good, which trying to lean on being "healthy" but i mean any thing sweet is not really healthy. But at least they use fresh fruits, that feels. I like their mixed fruit pie (not in photo).

They also offer "organic" salad which they said came from their farm in Mantalongon. But maybe i picked the wrong salad, i was hoping to have the nuts, cheese, etc.

And, I never get to have a perfect lighting for a mug shot in this cafe.

This Brussels is located 200m away from Countrymall.

Jun 19, 2015

#nofilter: stretchmarks

Cup DD plus plus belly
Yummy thighs
Farmer's feet
I love them all to bits :)
Most of the time, they're disappointing to look at
But most of the time, they do not fail to bring me to the finish line.

Jun 17, 2015

#foxyeah: firefox latte art

You can actually view more photos from here

Jun 12, 2015

Plus Size: Fashion Tips

Back when I was "skinny," finding a jeans that fits me perfectly was already a struggle. I did not find any thing that fits me well ( it means finding it at Gaisano Colon.) because my butt is just so huge. Anyhow to go around it back then, i go for bigger size jeans. They always feel awkward (well, i'm always awkward in all angles) like it perfectly hugs my butt but the rest are too big so it's like i was always "hiphop." But i love jeans because it's probably the only clothing item i can recycle for a month which is necesarry when you live in a boardinghouse who does not allow "washing clothes."

Anyhow, fast forward, i graduated, got a job, then got pregnat, married, pregnant and pregnant, and remained pregnant-looking... It's when i discovered that there are Jeans for pregnant! Wowww! Where was it my whole life?!?

So for some time, i always got my jeans from the maternity section. Until, i stumbled at Giordiano. I think along the way, Giordano made their jeans sizing "bigger." After years of buying it from the maternity section, being able to buy jeans in a "normal" store really fondles my ego well. 

I made this post because yesterday, I made a trip to the store because "ang tapak sa buslot sa akong mga karsones kay nanga buslot." The jeans got tired of me, and so I was. (Quality-wise, Giordano does not hold up that much or it's just my huge ass and thighs. They last 3 years with me though. Or Maybe i should stop wearing them for 1 month unwashed.)

And I got a free notebook.

So there goes my fashion blog. :)

Jun 10, 2015

Japanese-ish Hole-in-the-wall

I was in Mabolo area earlier, and I happened to chance upon Joed's Lutong Hapon (hapon as in japanese). However popular Joed is, I probably had dined only once in it. That's when they had a branch in Capitol area, near cebu doc and Sacred Heart - Hijas. And i was not really so raved about it. I found their Dishes to be too on the sweet side. It's probably the Pinoy side of the chef showing on the food.

Anyhow, I dunno how the food (i mean i dunno how japanese their japanese dishes are) is in the Mabolo branch but the interior "design" has more character compared to their Capitol branch before. It's Like a typical any other hole-in-the-wall japanese(-themed) cafe / restos in cebu.

I love that messy kind of feel / look. 

Cafe Egao has this feel, and also Micky's Cafe. But with a little less clutter though.
There's something charming about uncoordinated / childish kind of decors and arrangement. They feel more authentic, and probably because there is less pressure to act proper.
I mean if these restos were humans, they're probably the kind I want to be and I want to be with. #chos

Like a true food blogger, please watch out for my review of these places. :)

Jun 7, 2015

Cake & Pastry Shop in Cebu: Bebong's

I don't know how long Bebong's existed. But it seems like it's that long-time childhood favorite next-door bake/cake shop in Mandaue, Cebu. 
I only came to know about it when I moved to Consolacion. It happens to be a favorite of Mark's family. 
But honestly, the only cake I tasted from them is their Mango-flavored cake. It's not like a haute-couture level kind of appeal. I mean with the many new cupcake / cake / pastry shops with a pinterest-worthy looking goodies, Bebong's cake will definitely be overlooked. But i guess its unassuming that makes it "lasting." It's more of the home-made feel to it that makes it irresistible to me. That kind of cake a family has on their table in every occassion: birthdays, christmas, christening, burial, weddings, etc.

It has a very light taste - not the shocking sugar-rush kind of sweet to me.
So every time I'm in Ibabao, Mandaue area, I always stop by this cake shop.

Bebong's Cakes & Pastries is located across Cortes Hospital in Mandaue, Cebu. (Note to self: get the contact number to be a legit food blogger, and don't forget the price. I think this is P250?)

Jun 3, 2015

In Memory of Charamel

Meg's hamster died today. In memory of her, she inked her name on her arm.
(Read as "caramel.)

I don't want to say any thing more. It's that kind of sadness that really gets into the very core of me. It's really the main reason why I no longer want to have pets.

RIP Charamel

Jun 2, 2015

Screenshot: The Quest for Perfect Schedule of Social Media Posting

I've been doing social media postings for a long time but i have not really specifically figured out the "best" schedule to post. And, I have not really bothered experimenting or researching about it. So it's really more of gut-feel. 

So how I do it is that I just based it on my behavior on facebook. So morning, I either position it before a runner go for a run, or maybe when he's on commute or upon arriving in his office. Then, next will be around lunch time, then on the way home. If I want to post more, I will add posts during their afternoon break, and on the way to sleep.

I "will" be working on a project with Third Team Media, and so I read up on their lessons / references. And, I came across a few "theories" regarding how to schedule your facebook / social media posts.

Here are some of the social media content scheduling (they kind of vary):


30/ 60/ 10: The Golden Ratio for Social Marketing from Rallyverse