Jun 23, 2015

Brussels Cafe Bistro: Belgium in Cebu?

I assumed it's one of those restos owned by expats, I'm guessing either Belgian or Dutch.

Brussels is one of my few favorite coffee place in Cebu. Two things I like most in this place:
* Their signature coffee - I forgot the name. But they gave you wine (bubblegum-ish tasting wine) to mix to it. There's a milk in the photo but I skip mixing it.
* their pastries are also good, which trying to lean on being "healthy" but i mean any thing sweet is not really healthy. But at least they use fresh fruits, that feels. I like their mixed fruit pie (not in photo).

They also offer "organic" salad which they said came from their farm in Mantalongon. But maybe i picked the wrong salad, i was hoping to have the nuts, cheese, etc.

And, I never get to have a perfect lighting for a mug shot in this cafe.

This Brussels is located 200m away from Countrymall.

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