Dec 29, 2014

You can't stop the waves...

But you can learn to crochet
Please like my nanay's crochet page http://facebook. com/pages/Crafty-Nanay/802152876521349

Karla of Damgo, the dreamcatcher fairy, has been talking about crafting. I'm not into it. What i envisioned of "craft" are moms who are endlessly planning of the look and feel of their kids' birthday parties, and there's no way i look that part.

Anyhoo, karla's been carrying threads and needles/hooks with her. And i'm reminded me of my nanay/mother's crocheting back when i was younger. I have tops, dresses, and whatnots crocheted by her, which i never really put much attention back then because it was not unusual. My nanay crochets, our neighbor crochets, my aunt crochets, everybody does it - there was nothing so "pinteresty" about it. It's probably like the "facebook" back then. 

My nanay had a stroke 10 years ago which had her right part of her body underwent paralysis. Though she can move around well but her right part is not how it was before. 

So i was hesitant of asking her about crocheting again, but she's game. We're just waiting for the hook and some yarns from because there was just not much crochet supplies in consolacion, cebu. And, with holidays, i'm not yet in the mood to go to
Colon or bigger malls. :)

I'm excited because i already have pinned a lot of crochet items which i'll be asking her to do. And, meg seems to be interested too - from crocheting loombands to yarns. Yay!

Dec 28, 2014

The Comeback

After shopping for crochet hooks for my mother's crafting and yoga mats to make it to @PsstBuyNow box, i made dinner. Eeeewwww! That does not sound like me. Eeewww! 

But as a proof that i can be obsessive once i set my mind on doing it, here's my comeback to the culinary world:

I think that looked like a pesto overload on the dishes just because i got my hands on the food chopper. So it's not food processor, but a food chopper. 

(Youtubed it before i figured out how to use it again.)

So next will probably be a homemade ham for new year! 

Picking up old pieces: food processor

I found this food processor (moulinex) dumped together with unused items in the cupboard. I think this was the last kitchen "gear" i bought before i got so busy and heavily involved in aktib.

Food processor is used for "blending" veggies or fruits but you don't want to add water which the blender will require. Whatever. :) Or in short, it's the electronic version of mortar and pestle.
The most use i had of it was grinding onions for kebabs, stuff added to the yoghurt sauce (forgot the name), cutting tomato for pasta sauce, homemade butter, for mashing bananas for banana bread.

The past days/weeks had been quite hard/challenging - transitioning from one focus to another. The one thing embedded to me by aktib is becoming that "business-minded / entrepreneur" person whom it's totally not me before. So it was hard because i wanted to pursue yet another "money-involving" activities, and i just have to stop it, scratch it off from my system. I was trying to shake the feeling off because "priorities," and that i should stop bleeding the husband for money which i'm not sure i could get back -- it's already stupid to charge it as "learning cost."

So i plan of picking on the last activity i got busy before focusing on aktib. I was planting herbs and alugbati, trying to do "healthy" food, researching on organic stuff like frequenting Healthy Options store, making pita breads -- things i usually cringe on. :) But it actually started from a big scary necessity, which was slicing my mother for a major operAtion or trying the "food is medicine" route. So anyway, i ended up in "food" because i thought it's more affordable, but honestly it's so tedious that a medical surgery can be more cheaper. But i'm really more thnakful that i pick "food." 

So now that i have nothing in my hands, i'm picking up food again. This is not an easy decision because i seriously hate / loathe cooking! But i did enjoy it a lot back then, i hope to find the grove the soonest back again. 

And i promise not to be so preachy about it!

Dec 24, 2014

unGift giving

Mati: unsa ugma nga "pasti"? (Pasti means "pista" as fiesta.)
Me: Dili pista ugma. Pasko ugma.
Mati: So unsa na sya, naa ko toy or wala toy?
Me: Pasko is Jesus' birthday. Kinsa man tagaan og gift kon mag birthday?
Mati: Hahay. Wa ko toy. Dugay pa pasti.

"Pista" is when usually the time he can see vendors lining the street selling toys. So that's why he associates pista with him getting a toy. We have this rule that they can get toys surely from us on their birthday and "pasti." Hopefully, less toys balances the carbon footprint from the gadgets in this home.

So actually it's a Mark thing. Mark's scrooge-ness seems to rub off on the whole family. Somehow, him not being big on gift-giving just became the norm in this house.

But on the other side, i like to believe that we give / contribute to others not on Christmas or special occasions, but on a more frequent basis as needed. I mean i'd like to believe that "giving" must be a part of our daily existence, not just on special occasions.

Owkei, so there i'm just giving justification to our "cold" treatment on gifts on Christmas.

Thank you very mushroom!

Meg: ngano picture-an man jud na ni mama ang pagkaon?
Mark: I agree. 
Me: I just want to thank @marrihliesse for these yummy mushrooms straight from the foot of Mt. Fuji or some mountain in Japan! :) 

(Mushrooms not much visible coz they're all gobbled up.)

Dec 21, 2014

Therefore i conclude...

nothing comes easy.

I have been doing nothing since last wednesday after i canceled runnilla. And having a "productive paranoia," it's making it hard for me to enjoy the moment of doing nothing. So yes, doing nothing still seems hardwork. 

Then to make it feel worse, a friend proposed that we should go on a trip together. She said she will save for it. And, it kind of hit me that wtf, i have no means to save. I am seriously on the unemployment rate of this country. If i ever was able to "travel," it's because mark needed an "alalay" with him. And if he does not need one, i am not traveling any where. I have no say / command on when and where i can travel. It's not that i'm really big of a travel fan. But it still says how I'm so "erbof!" 

Of course, you would say i'm better off compared to others. And i'm thankful for that.

So it gets me to the next point: what should i do next? Should i get employed or do part-time stuff employment? Or should i go on another "entrepreneurial" experiment. Either way, it's not going to be easy.

So doing nothing is not easy. Startig a business is not easy. And getting employed is noy easy too. Therefore, nothing comes easy.

Well whining seems easy! :)

Dec 18, 2014

So why?!?

I canceled Runnilla 2015. I just had to make the hard call.

There were to-do items for the event that i scheduled to be done this week. And looking at it, there's just no way i can finish them this week. Bringing them over to next year, i'm going to be in such a juggle hustle that i will be really spreading my self so thin (hopefully, "thin" will also apply literally.) 

The previous night, i was rummaging thru my purse when i saw my mother's doctor's order. It was to get my mother's medical record in PSH, which i have been missing to do for a month already. So it kind of remind me of all those personal things/ family matters that i missed to do because of a very "busy" year of promoting fun runs. And then there's the kids' exams, and then mati's still lagging behind his reading skill, the Christmas week which  we don't really prepare for but nevertheless i feel the pinch of totally missing it, and all little details that have to take a back seat because of all the fun runs / racing events i'm helping with.

I guess i'm really bad at managing time, or delegating task which i dunno to whom should i delegate them to. I guess i'm just not really fit to organize races. 

To which i'm reminded that i miss running, i miss writing without selling or promoting any thing but just the story.

I do really feel bad about it because it was not just the race that i gave up. I gave up also on the dream of being able to put Cebu as an outdoor/trail adventure destination, of promoting that "mainstream" kind of outdoor community. But at the end of the day, there's probably another way of doing it.

So for now, i'll stuff my "misery" with junkfood while Mark celebrates that i'm finally over with my frenzy.

Dec 15, 2014

Back to back farties

Christmas parties with carebears. I'm really old or maybe jaded because I no longer loon forward to parties. Bug funny because i ended up attending 2 parties after one another


Among the 3 kids, only this boy tagged along with us to the party at Harm's resort-like house. :) he's very excited! :)
The carebears party without games is not carebears party. Our team lost!
Applying to be Ukelele Cebu's singer, or more of clown.


At Maribago beach. We arrived to an empty party. Oh typical carebear's party again.
There were probably other 6 parties too. It was fun looking at this company's party presentationa. 
Resort was jampacked. Kids here lining for the shower.
And off we went to Crosta Pizza after...

Meg's 1st

communion :)
And she showed me their bulletin board. :) Yay! #8

Dec 13, 2014

#obligatory #December #Parties

I think i'm becoming a grumpy old girl. Anyhoo, tomorrow or later:

* Buy gifts for the manito-manita 
* meg's 1st communion
* CS Christmas party

Then, sunday will be in Maribago for additional CS party or something like that! And, hopefully, we can drop by at Mercado Central for Crosta Pizza!!!

Dec 12, 2014

Was it not just #yesterday?

I It's the last stretch of the year, and I feel crying because my crazy days will not end until February, or maybe March.

#yesterday. I got an invite to join ARC running club's Christmas party with Lahug SPED school.
With the SPED teachers of Lahug Elementary School.
Then went straight to Minglanilla to present Runnilla to the beneficiary barangay Cadulawan.

How crazy fast this year was. I feel like it was just yesterday when i promoted Runnilla, and now i'm back at promoting it again. 

And, you think it's going to be easy the next time? No. As they, it does not get easier, you only get stronger. In this case, it does not get easier, i learned a lot from the experiences that i have now more things to do based on those learnings.

Dec 10, 2014


Meg and I were in a yoga class with a substitute teacher. Then we got into this headstand pose part.

Other yoga teachers, that i'm familiar w/, know that i don't do headstand. I keep telling them that headstand is my 2020 goal. And so they would not mind me with headstand.

So anyhoo, this new teacher came to me to assist me, and i told her that i'd just pass. Then she asked how many yoga sessions I had attended. And, it made me realized that it's been some time ago already that i started yoga. I started yoga to prepare for my 1st AWUM, all-women ultra. So it was like almost 3 years ago.

Then i felt lame. @.@ Because i realized that some of my "class mates" when i started are already yoga teachers, and vegan convert. While, i'm still struggling doing a decent downward dog. @.@

On the other thought, it's meg's 3rd session. :) And I'm kind of oblige to do this headstand just to show to Meg that her mother is not that lame. @.@

Dec 1, 2014

Tinker- Bells

I'm always excited about apps.

Today, i took some time bothering some people at, a haven of web apps factory in cebu. :) But i dunno if it's either i'm excited to use some of the web apps there or i'm desperate to find ways of getting registrations for

So i got an android device from, which i need for the SMS system from engagespark.
And, i got access to our account.

So it's going to be SMS + money transfer, let's see how i can make this work @.@