Dec 29, 2014

You can't stop the waves...

But you can learn to crochet
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Karla of Damgo, the dreamcatcher fairy, has been talking about crafting. I'm not into it. What i envisioned of "craft" are moms who are endlessly planning of the look and feel of their kids' birthday parties, and there's no way i look that part.

Anyhoo, karla's been carrying threads and needles/hooks with her. And i'm reminded me of my nanay/mother's crocheting back when i was younger. I have tops, dresses, and whatnots crocheted by her, which i never really put much attention back then because it was not unusual. My nanay crochets, our neighbor crochets, my aunt crochets, everybody does it - there was nothing so "pinteresty" about it. It's probably like the "facebook" back then. 

My nanay had a stroke 10 years ago which had her right part of her body underwent paralysis. Though she can move around well but her right part is not how it was before. 

So i was hesitant of asking her about crocheting again, but she's game. We're just waiting for the hook and some yarns from because there was just not much crochet supplies in consolacion, cebu. And, with holidays, i'm not yet in the mood to go to
Colon or bigger malls. :)

I'm excited because i already have pinned a lot of crochet items which i'll be asking her to do. And, meg seems to be interested too - from crocheting loombands to yarns. Yay!

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