Dec 21, 2014

Therefore i conclude...

nothing comes easy.

I have been doing nothing since last wednesday after i canceled runnilla. And having a "productive paranoia," it's making it hard for me to enjoy the moment of doing nothing. So yes, doing nothing still seems hardwork. 

Then to make it feel worse, a friend proposed that we should go on a trip together. She said she will save for it. And, it kind of hit me that wtf, i have no means to save. I am seriously on the unemployment rate of this country. If i ever was able to "travel," it's because mark needed an "alalay" with him. And if he does not need one, i am not traveling any where. I have no say / command on when and where i can travel. It's not that i'm really big of a travel fan. But it still says how I'm so "erbof!" 

Of course, you would say i'm better off compared to others. And i'm thankful for that.

So it gets me to the next point: what should i do next? Should i get employed or do part-time stuff employment? Or should i go on another "entrepreneurial" experiment. Either way, it's not going to be easy.

So doing nothing is not easy. Startig a business is not easy. And getting employed is noy easy too. Therefore, nothing comes easy.

Well whining seems easy! :)

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