Dec 24, 2014

unGift giving

Mati: unsa ugma nga "pasti"? (Pasti means "pista" as fiesta.)
Me: Dili pista ugma. Pasko ugma.
Mati: So unsa na sya, naa ko toy or wala toy?
Me: Pasko is Jesus' birthday. Kinsa man tagaan og gift kon mag birthday?
Mati: Hahay. Wa ko toy. Dugay pa pasti.

"Pista" is when usually the time he can see vendors lining the street selling toys. So that's why he associates pista with him getting a toy. We have this rule that they can get toys surely from us on their birthday and "pasti." Hopefully, less toys balances the carbon footprint from the gadgets in this home.

So actually it's a Mark thing. Mark's scrooge-ness seems to rub off on the whole family. Somehow, him not being big on gift-giving just became the norm in this house.

But on the other side, i like to believe that we give / contribute to others not on Christmas or special occasions, but on a more frequent basis as needed. I mean i'd like to believe that "giving" must be a part of our daily existence, not just on special occasions.

Owkei, so there i'm just giving justification to our "cold" treatment on gifts on Christmas.

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