Dec 15, 2014

Back to back farties

Christmas parties with carebears. I'm really old or maybe jaded because I no longer loon forward to parties. Bug funny because i ended up attending 2 parties after one another


Among the 3 kids, only this boy tagged along with us to the party at Harm's resort-like house. :) he's very excited! :)
The carebears party without games is not carebears party. Our team lost!
Applying to be Ukelele Cebu's singer, or more of clown.


At Maribago beach. We arrived to an empty party. Oh typical carebear's party again.
There were probably other 6 parties too. It was fun looking at this company's party presentationa. 
Resort was jampacked. Kids here lining for the shower.
And off we went to Crosta Pizza after...

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