Apr 4, 2007

others' view of cebu

i googled for 'cebu blogs' when one of the results lead me to this blog post of Ellen Tordesillas . Most of the comments were saying that Cebu is a pro-Gloria country. Oh well, nothing new about it.

But the comment that strikes me most was about cebu having lots of jueteng lords:

  1. ystakei Says:


    Wala naman kasing makuha sa Cebu. Pati nga mais, the staple food
    there, is scarce now dahil ang concentration ay tourism. Pero ang
    daming jueteng lords doon!

I find it funny. Really? Is there truth to this? I know we have that masiao/bagdok or whatever you call it. My late lola was a big fan of it.

But it's my first time to hear that we're called home of jueteng lords... but then I only read/watch Showbiz news. =)

Apr 3, 2007

Big Congrats to bar passers

See complete list in here

956. LASALA, Eden Crispy B. - ako classmate/batchmate

1832. VECINA, Jean Marie A. - sister ni joy nga ako kabatch

329. CABILAO, John Paul R. - kabatch lng

1246. NONATO, Rester John L. - kabatch lng sad. nagkaclassmate diay mi once

1658. SUAREZ, Abigail D. - kabatch lng sad

1434. QUIÑANOLA-GONZALES, Karen D. - sounds familiar lng =)

mao ra na ako mahinumduman....

2 terrible 2s (The Toy Story 1)

From DrGreene:

in our household, it all started:

Meg’s enlightenment vs Migi = the world
revolves around me

Since Meg
realized that she also has rights and starts exercising them, peace is nowhere
to be found in the buen household.

Migi can just snatch whatever meg is playing/holding. Meg has no qualm giving up; end of story. But since meg is an
enlightened toddler, you know already what will happen next. There will be some
tug-of-war then sometimes exchange of physical blows. Finally, one is victorious.
The loser will then cry and won’t stop unless she/he gets what she/he wants.
sometimes they'd play it not so obvious and they go into 'pabikil'
style. In between 'pabikil,' you'll hear crying and gibberish arguments
containing a-yaw, no, bowow (borrow), ambi, migi ni, maa-ma.

to solve this? I'm still looking for the answer. Playing fair does not
bring peace. Why?

  1. If fair means giving the toy to
    the rightful owner, it will not make the other calm down.
  2. If
    fair is giving them each a similar toy, forget it. They would like to
    have what the other one is holding. They have this

Since life
is not fair, I seize the toy or whatever they’re fighting about. As they would
say remove the root cause of the problem. Ending, two kids crying and bawling. If
I’m in the good mood, I’d try to calm them down. But if I’m in terrible-2 mood
also, I’ll let them be. Let them solve their own conflict. =)
This sounds petty, but imagine handling two creatures ruled only by their IDs every single day.

Mar 31, 2007

gym talks

i'm not going to talk much about my weight improvement and such because there's not really much improvement. if you see me, i don't look like i've been sweating out in gym because i'm still the same old sexy fat. =) no. make it obese. =)

* honestly, i'm bored to death going to the gym. if only i had not paid already for 6 months, i had quit a long time ago.
* tenchu to the cuties here and there, it somehow erases the boredom a bit (me liar). plus with the summer vacation, you can see lots of may-mga-gatas-pa-sa-labi(e) hs/college boys.
* i've been reading gay blogs lately, i can not help but think if these cutee iron-pumping boys are really boys. when i saw two male buddies helping each other, it made me think if they are couple or not. if i see a very neat guy with nice muscles, straight-acting gay or closeted?  i'm not only exercising my body, but also my gaydar.
* i saw 2 'celebrities' in the gym. john hall and budoy. i think john hall is a member here because i see him on a regular basis. budoy was having some pictorial for the 2big bottled water.
* i'm no good at small talks so until now i have not make any friends at the gym. this made me think if i'm snob, unfriendly, or people simply just not like me to be their friends. =)
* looking at the timer of those cardio machines makes me want to puke already. and also watching mtb, mtv, and myx does not help.
* to break this boredom, i brought some hiphop songs with me yesterday (wa'y mo react), and it did wonders. it definitely is a good distraction. it keeps me from not always looking at the timer. =)
* korean invasion. it's like 3/5 in the gym are koreans. and, shyet, i'm envious at their being slim! it makes me think God can be unfair.
* i tried all the cardio machines in the gym. =)
* i'm taking weights exercises seriously lately. i'm thinking, if i can't get to lose those fats, then maybe i can turn them into muscles instead. (correct me if i'm wrong with my thinking.)
* i think i do well and fine on the exercise side. what i need is to be more food conscious. but any kind of dieting will not work on me because i looooove to eat, hungry or not. so it's not really about dieting but more of how to hate eating. =) anorexia nervosa, come rescue me! =)

so next time, you'll see me or not, either i'm still sexy obese or a muscle mary. =)

Mar 29, 2007

colon thoughts

i was not really in colon street but in downtown area. i or most of us refer to downtown as colon. i  went there to follow-up something in dti.

* i got off from the 62c jeep at the back of gaisano main, and thought of just walking to sto niño area from there. i realized that i'm not quite close to sto niño. oh well, perfect chance to check some dibidi pirates and other goodies on the way.
* i passed by visayan(?) restaurant. when i was a kid, this place was like 'the place to be:' graduations, birthdays, special get together. it somehow looks the same though compared to the new restaurants in cebu, it looks like 'carenderia.'  i wonder if their foods are still that good.
* beside visayan restaurant is CIA, center for international academy, and people going in and out looks japs/koreans to me. is this an international school?
* from my pov, nothing much really changed with downtown. chinese-owned businesses are still majority in their usual set-up (goodies in 'stantes')  plus the abobots of sidewalk vendors.
* got the dibidis. all kiddie stuffs. i really felt a li'l pang of guilt buying the pirates; edu manzano was and is still on my mind. sorry, barney, i did not buy your original. anyhoo, we got the original stuffed toy of you. i got the dibidis at 3 for P200.
* i was craving for something 'parat.' and saw this stall on the sidewalk selling siomai for P6. looking at the happy eaters, i could not resist but join them. later i saw another street vendor selling siomai at P3. wow, cheaper but too cheap that i can't help but imagine cats/rats. =) no, thank you.

'til next time. =)

balamban via transcentral

was my first time to cross over transcentral. love the cool air when you're way up - made me miss so much my hometown, badian... and my uncle jonas who loves anything outdoor, his out-of-the-blue mantaluyong adventures... =)

Mar 27, 2007

litow conversation

on our way up to transcentral highway...

me: migi, katkat ta bukid.
migi: di
me: ngano man?
migi: hu'g migi

another try...

me: migi, katkat ta bukid
migi: di
me: ngano man?
migi: init

another try...

me: migi, katkat ta bukid
migi: di
me: ngano man?
migi: hugaw. dewty (dirty)

this looks like my boy does not have some sense of adventure...

Mar 23, 2007

High School Muse

i was going thru some files when i found some old pictures. i
thought of posting this as my tribute to our 'upcoming high school
reunion.' =) we'll be 10 years next year. 10 years? wow, quite long time ago. =)

see, i was and am a natural model... model for craziness/shamelessness. i believe we're 4th year in here because of the red shirt. red is seniors? intramurals cheering.

i should have been the muse. well, our muse won. but with me, we'll have a perfect winner muse. =)

puti ayo ako rubber shoes. bag-o jud ning laba. =) i look so gay! =) and, what's with the mini-tree beside me. =)

and, spice girls songs were like the main thing in our cheering. =)

**DPWH man au ko diri oy. department of high waist.

Mar 22, 2007

tell me the which sites you frequented, and i'll tell you who you are

aside from
and whatever celebrity blogs
dolly anne carvajal in
and other mommy blogs

bits and bytes

a friend just bought a macbook. and, she gave me a link to check the
specs of her new macbook. me excited for her new macbook also checked
the link. sadly, i realized that the only spec i understand is the
size. and, the rest, i don't have much clue what they're for. she's
fetching for some comments for her 13-inch macbook. with only the size
to base on, i got nothing to say except that it's coolness because it's

big deal about it. it's just that i've been with a person who is into computers
(for like 6-7 years), and the only spec i fully understand about computers is
the monitor size. where's the knowledge transfer?

Mar 20, 2007

litow conversation (migi certified bisdak)

we're looking at a children's picture book, moongame.

me (counting the flowers in the page): 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9. nine flowers. migi, count the butterly.
migi pressed the book to his face and acted out eating the butterfly.
me: migi, count the butterfly.
migi repeated the same action: acting out eating the butterfly.
me: migi, count the butterfly lagi.
migi repeated the same action.
before i finished telling him again to count the butterfly, he left me.

i was confident that he can count how many the butterfly is because there's only 1 butterfly. it's just later i realized why he acted eating the butterfly. it's because COUNT sounds like KAON.

omigod, di madawat ako anak ani sa callcenter.

this reminds me of a fil-am girl who was pissed why after giving detailed instructions to the waiter not to put too much mayo on her sandwhich, she was still served with a sandwhich oozing with mayo. because she talked to him in straight english with that TWANG. what can she expect? =)

my desktop went boinkers

i booted up my pc to start working but nothing happens. no green lights. i switched from one plug to another - nothing happens.

mark said it might be just the power supply thingy because i still have not replace the boinkers ups. i want to scrape my lazy ass. hopefully, it's just the power supply. please not my harddrive, oh my pictures!

so i decided not to work today because i don't feel comfy using laptop - i feel it's so crammed up. but any thing just to multiply. =) i mean, i'm so up and about right now. it's hard to go back to sleep, so better multiply.

oh, i'll watch stranger than fiction. =)

Mar 18, 2007

confused teenager or what?

my aunt called us asking for help about my cousin, vince(not real name to protect identityhehehe). (1st time she asked help)
vince is a soccer varsity in TC taking up ECE. (he's been to it since HS.)
aunt said vince wanted to shift to accountancy then get into SPED (i
can imagine having another teacher in the family but accountant, no)
because he FAILED ALGEBRA (whhhaaaattttt? cousin jud tika? heheheh)
his parents, as much as possible, don't want him to shift to accountancy
thus my aunt asked us to help in convincing him not to
my aunt thought, he might listen to us

vince's reasons for shifting according to my aunt:
1. hard time at math
2. failing grades on his TOR; he might not get a job (i want to strangle him for having this reason)
3. lose his varsity scholarship (but actually, he's scared that he no longer can play)
4. and God knows what other reasons.
- my aunt believed that it's reason #3 why vince wanted to shift.

in my mind:
the thing i most worried about is vince's reaction to the situation -- why easily get discouraged?
and i think his parents should work on that first so that he'd be convinced to stick it out with ECE.
but what if accountancy is really his passion? do we have the right to go aginst it?
but i don't believe he really likes accountancy. (though they said love can be learned)
eversince he was a kid, he'd always say he wants to be an engineer.
and, when he was getting into college, ECE is the only course he was talking about.
but what if he has a change of heart?
and, that algebra?!? why of all subjects?!?
aside, my family is good in math. all my uncles are engineer (except
for the black sheep) and so is my lolo, i just don't know with my lola
though. =) hehhe about my math skill, let's just say i survived!
me algebra is more than just math and number and such. it somehow helps
in building your character, discipline, analysis. how you solve those
equations is somehow like how you'd approach real life problems.
what i'm saying is even if he'll shift to accountancy, he'd still meet
algebra and math stuffs just in other forms. and, it's not a guarantee
that he'll not also meet failure there.
my conclusion: mag nursing. =)

i told mark about it because maybe he has more inputs as he is a male specie. his reactions:
tungod na barkada. sos kultura jud na sa don bosco - all for one, one
for all. (i did not know boys school are that cheesy. this made me
rethink of getting my boy there. but iya gibawi by saying that it also
has a good side. mmmmm)
2. vince's parents are strikto. daghan kuno gi-dili. (i'd say my uncle and aunt are bit overprotective of their kids)
comments actually just revolved around the 2 topics. after much talking
and such, we both concluded, mag nursing si vince. =)

looking at this, will i and mark be in this kind of situation later with our kids?

you guys, please advise what should be done to vince?

Mar 15, 2007

mo tumbling na sad ko...

of happiness/excitedness. because we can now go to that Looney Tunes show. yeayyy!!! thanks a lot to mimi for her generosity. i simply felt awed when i got her text message.

Mar 10, 2007

mo tumbling ko...

when i only got 1 pass to that looney tunes show in ayala. i waited for march 9 (march 9-16 receipts are valid) before i used my most beloved PO cards (my guilty pleasure) in supermetro so that i can have my receipt exchanged for some passes. but sheyks, i only got 1 pass. i was expecting to get 8 passes. ka tumblingon jud ko when i see only 1 pass handed to me. i was thinking for a minimum of P500 single receipt, you get 1 pass. so i was thinking if you have a P5t in one receipt, you get 10 passes. but no, you should have 10 separate receipts with a minimum of P500 to get 10 passes. so for a P5t single receipt, you only get 1 pass. am i making sense? =) twas a major gggrrrr...

what i'm going to do with 1 pass?!? i have 2 kids plus their 2 playmates. my 1 pass is going no where. so if there's a willing taker, i'm giving it away with all my love. we're not going to that show anymore. anyway, except for tweety bird, they really don't know them. (sourgraping)


this afternoon, i went to ayala to pay our obligasyones and i met few friends from elementary, high school, and college. it was nice to see them again, and had some little chitchat.

an a. - my classmate in highschool, my schoolmate in college. hi, hellos, how are yous, little chitchats, exchange numbers. she mentioned that this coming september, HS batchmates will have reunion. the thought of meeting them all again is exciting but i don't feel ready to see them and them seeing me in my 'stuck' state.

mr. nellas - he's my home tech teacher way back in hs. i best remembered him as accidentally nayab-an og pintal ni aileen. he was standing in the parking area across table 7(?). he still looks the same, like 9 years ago. those mischievous smile. he was waiting for mrs nellas, my filipino teacher then also, who's inside citibank. he updated me with what happen to my hs teachers.
* he'll be retiring this year. his wife, mdm nellas, retired 2 years ago.
* 3 of my teachers are now in US teaching (mr castillo, mr manlunas, mr cujardo)
* ms bugash was outed just because she did not finish her masters in time. ggrrrr... she was such a great stats teacher even without masters. but is now back as part time instructor with phd. wowww!
* there will be 5 teachers retiring this year. 3 i know - mr montaño, mdm gallo, and i think he's the 3rd. =) the other 2, i don't know
* next year mdm lapa. then, next next year, prof logarta (so what?!?)
and many more updates i already forgot

colleen b. - my classmate in elementary. she was with her new boyfriend - looks younger than her and is a looker. she looked kinda different now.

liyah bayot - my boardmate, classmate in college. i texted her to meet me at ayala. it's been a long time since we last saw each other.

adrian c (sta barbara) - he was with his mom at bigbys

joy m - at bo's.

Mar 9, 2007

back to the groove

latetly, i'd been slacking with work. maybe 1st week of the month blues. not really much doing the extracurricular tasks. but tomorrow will be a fresh start. i'll be smiling genuinely while saying, 'thank you for calling support. how may i help you,' until my jaw hurts. =)

Mar 8, 2007

love-hate relationship with globe

after the disconnection chuva, i now love globe because they gave a 50% rebate for 1-month  internet fee to compensate for the super bad internet connection because of that taiwan earthquake last december. though, i believe it should be 100%!

they said it's fixed now but i noticed lately that connection is kinda slow. and, i usually have problems connecting to ym. globe, i hope you're still working on that.

thus making smart wifi/bro more reliable compared to globe these days.

Mar 6, 2007

celebrity sighting

more of pseudo-celebrity or used-to-be celebrity. i saw john hall twice, up close and personal. =) i might see him again and again. i remember him as aubrey miles leading man(?) in one of her movies. and, he's a model. he has a Christopher Hall tattooed on his right arm, i think. can it be his real name? =)

Mar 5, 2007

meg 1 year and 6 months check up

aside from her being more maldita, more reckless, more hyperactive, she gained weight. she's now 10.5 kgs. her pedia happily announced she has a weight of 1 year old and 3 months. well, at least she gained weight. part of me is happy that she's not fat. my nanay said i was underweight when i was a kid. but all i can remember is that i'm always overweight. =) so i'm sure, meg will soon pick up with her weight. (obese parents breed obese kids proven by studies)
2. her words are still limited to 1 syllable, and usually they end with a vowel
shu - shoes
tu - water
ba - babath/ligo
jaja - jollibee/barney
titi - milk
am - eat
slai - slide; her most fave activity
wash - wash; refers to wash bobot.
lo - hello; refers to telephone/celphone
bo - ball
ta - star
there are more but these are what you mostly can hear from her

after the shot was given and small chitchat with the pedia, we bolted out from the clinic as fast as i can before meg would mess up the pedia's office. the pedia has these toys inside her office thus meg was constantly kicking her while she's doing the SOP stuffs.

next month again. this time, the flu thingy. =) endless.

(so so so me. i can see myself in her not only physically. it's eerie. it's like, i know what you're thinking kiddo. especially when she throws fits.)


it's the first time we received some promotional mail from citibank which i can relate to. usually, the promos they send out are only available for the NCR/manila/somewhere in luzon people. anyhow, i'm sold to the offer. =)

i have mark subscribed to time without a blink. no, i'm not a time fan as everything is on the net. yes, it's because of that free 3-in-1 (usb/voice recorder/mp3) mp3 player. yeah, i know it's just some generic mp3 player which i can just probably buy at rcking but the thing is it's FREE (not really free because you need to buy time =) but whatever it's free). i'm not really sure what i'm gonna do with it once i get it. it's just my female instinct being able to pick up the word FREE only.  maybe another toy to tinker for my kids. or, maybe to save files but what files. or, maybe to replace the worn-out dinosaur-age bulky ipod mini. or. maybe as a keychain.

please let me know if biktima sad mo ani nga promo. misery loves company. =)

Mar 2, 2007

same old boring issue i've been obsessing lately

about tax and stuffs... owkeis, i really took time to sit down and talk
to a friend's mother who is a bookkeeper to know more about taxes and
stuff. fyi: occupational tax does exist. anyhoo, the ending of the
story is that if the declared salary, minus exemptions, would amount to
P250,000, the annual tax will be P50,000. on top of that, there's a
3%/monthly which i don't remember what's that for because i was already
dumbfounded with the P50,000.. i need to declare a big monthly salary
to get a big loan. this made me think:
* just declare a small salary just to get started.
* i might just skip the ITR chuva, and save that P50,000. and forget the pag-ibig loan. but i don't trust our saving skills.
* check housing loans of banks. ITR is still a requirement but i guess that can be work-around.
it maybe better for me to just go back working for a typical normal
company, and leave that ITR chuva to the HR. though, my salary would
not be big but at least i don't have to go through whatever BIR
blahblah just to prove that i can pay!
* or, we can rent forever. =)

me wants badly to be gretchen bareto! =)

Mar 1, 2007


i just realized that i need to see different breeds of doctorsss this friday.

1. OB-GYNE - i'll accompany migi's ate mona for check-up. she's pregnant. she had some tummy pains last week, and her doctor told her that she 'might' have ectopic pregnancy but it's too early to confirm. so i'll bring her to my OB for 2nd opinion.

2. INTERNALIST(?) (internal medicine doctor) - for my nanay's scheduled check-up. she had a stroke 4-5 years ago thus constant monitoring. i don't want to go through that again but it did give me some reality check and let me examine my relationship with God.

3. PEDIATRICIAN - i just remember she's due for another immunization shot. it's DPT-Polio-Hib booster according to her baby book. sheyks, i think this is the most expensive shot (aside from that iPD which i'm not buying) among the shots. =( and, i need to buy a notebook because migi and meg's babybooks are already 'puno.'

so we'll be jumping from one clinic/hospital to another -- Chong Hua (nanay), Velez (ate mona and meg). and, i hate waiting in line. =(

Feb 28, 2007

tax tax taxic

is there some seminar on how to process ITR (Income Tax Return)? i badddlllyyyy need it.

one of the requirements that we need to submit to BIR is 'occupational tax' so that we can have an ITR which we can then use to loan. they said i can get it from the 'munisipyo.' yesterday afternoon, i went to 'munisipyo' just right across where we live to get that occupational tax. but they said, they don't have that kind of tax. they said that i might be referring to professional tax. so i explained to them that that's what the BIR staff specifically put in the list of requirements.

so i called BIR office to check what's other name for occupational tax. the first person who answered me said she does not know what tax is that so she gave me another number to call. thankfully, the next staff knew what is occupational tax. so i explained to him that our munisipyo does not know what is occupational tax blahblahblah... so he told me to get professional tax (PTR) instead.

so i went back to the munisipyo, and declare to them that i'd get a PTR. they then think i don't qualify for PTR. so they ask me questions what is my work blahblah. they then concluded that what i should get is a community tax/cedula/residence tax. i tried to explain to them that that's what the BIR staff told me to get.

ending, i did not get any thing. =) they'll not issue any tax to me until i clarify with the main BIR office about what tax should i get. i'm not blaming the government offices for this. i take full responsibility for what happen -- ignorance of the law excuses no one. but i hope they'd try to be more helpful to some stupid a*s like me. after all, i'm trying to be an honest citizen and give money to our government which they can use this election. =)

hey citizens of the beloved philippains, any help you can give to your fellow kababayan will be greatly appreciated. =) i might get better help from you than going to BIR. =)

i stopped counting at 23

many times, filling out a form that asks my AGE, the first thing that comes up my mind is 23. then, i'd correct myself then 24 comes next in my mind. but wait, something is still wrong. thus, i would calculate: current year - minus year of birth.

Friendster and such

before i became a multiply fan, i was a friendster loyal. but nowadays, i rarely open my friendster account. maybe once a month, i visited it to check on my friends. it's usually thru friendster i get to be updated about my friends, acquaintances. it's thru friendster:

* i'd learn that such and such got hitched because of the wedding pictures posted on their account.
* such and such split with bf/gf because the status is single and you no longer see the boy/girl in the pictures posted.
* 2 people are in a rocky relationship because status is complicated
* such and such is now into a relationship or such and such has new bf/gf again because of the pictures
* such and such has now kid or kids because all the pictures posted are of their kids (like me)
* such and such is now working in abroad because of those pictures posing in some place that does not look like philippines
* such and such had vacation abroad or went to that resort (and, i'm greening with envy looking at their pics)
* such and such is now in a new company

such and such many surprises... =)

Feb 26, 2007

migi's obsession -- TRUCK

i was watching TV and they were playing with the wooden blocks after dinner. after some time, migi excitedly ran to me and said, 'mama, truck. mama, truck.' i really did not get what he meant until he tried to drag me to the truck he made out from the blocks. i was kind of happy/excited/awed. many times, he'd pile the blocks and would declare that it's a building, pusil/gun, airplane, truck, bike, lizard, spider, house or any thing that fancies him at the moment but it's just this time that by chance/luck the blocks he piled resemble a bit to a truck. =)

God, it's the best truck model i've ever seen in my whole life.
soweee, can't help it. =)

Feb 23, 2007


on ym/im, i use
=) - smile
=))) - super smile
=( - sad

instead of

i did not realize my chatmates (all my workmates) would notice my smiley habit and make a mini deal about it. all of them asked me if i don't like smileys (the built-in smileys of ym). honestly, it did not occur to me that i'm not much fond of until they pointed it out to me.

my reasons of not using those built-in smileys:
*i'm too lazy to drag my mouse and select the smiley i want (there's just too many options) -- this is my main reason
*i find the =), =))), =( cuter

they then find me as a deep and serious person. wowww! they find lazy person as deep. =) i tried to defend/reason out that it's not what they think but they somehow interpret it the other way around.

ending is that they don't use those built-in smileys when they're chatting with me. before, the chat window will be filled with those colorful smileys from them. and, i asked them why they stopped, they said that i might not like it. again, i tried to defend/reason that i do like the built-in smileys, it's just that i don't like using them because i'm lazy. but they're not convinced.

it's funny how some people sums you up based on trivial stuffs. =))) i plead guilty to that.

me, deep?!? =)

small talks (me, me, and me)

celebrity sighting
or used-to-be pseudo celebrity. i saw john hall twice. he was paged thus i came to know he's john hall. for those who don't know him, he was with aubrey miles in a movie (ekis -- i'm not sure) and was rumored to be her boyfriend. and, i think he's a model also. he has 'Christopher Hall' tattooed on his right arm. i wonder if it's his real name.

swallow-me-earth moments*i once tripped on the treadmill. sarah geronimo was showing on TV, and i closed my eyes trying to feel her music so i would come to like her. nakarma ko!
*i bumped into the glass door of leaveland as in super loud. all i was able to do was utter sorry then walk fast away.

7 weeks, 3 lines down on the weighing scale. yay! it's like 1lb/2 weeks. hard-earned lose! at this rate, it would take me like 5 months to lose 10lbs. and i need to like get rid of many many 10-lbs. i'd probably be 30 years old when i'd finally reach my ideal bmi. anorexia, come help me! =)

Feb 22, 2007

'books are fun, books are great' -- barney song

1 down, 1 more to go. yesterday, i met up with yam to get the books. =) later, another meeting to get another set of books.

yes, i'm reviving my hobby of reading to keep my brain cells from dying. and, also i wanted my kids to be interested with books. so what better way but to be an obvious example.

my interest with books started with those romance novels before i even started grade school. i always saw my nanay having her free time on silhouette(sp?), mills and boons, and whatever romance novels. hehehe. it makes me wonder what she found in them that made her so hooked to it. i even begged her to teach me to read so i can read what she's reading. but she'd say those are not for kids, and instead shoved fairytales and children's encyclopedias full of pictures/illustrations to my face. but came grade 3, the time i started to fully grasp strings of english words, i would secretly stole my nanay's romance novels and lock myself in a room to read them. hahaha. later on, i moved to my uncle's wife thicker romance novels collection. she knew that my nanay does not want me to read those genre so she'd let me read her books in their room. =)

then, later later came those sweet valley twins. i only read sweet valley twins. i don't like the sweet valley high. is there a college version of it too? then those nancy drew and hardy boys. there was some romance novels for high schools. i forgot how you call them. but never get to like them maybe because i was exposed to those hardcore romance novels already. hehehe =)

of course, my taste did improve later on. thank you to mdm reyes, mdm pinzon, mr montaño, ms rabago who sort of open my mind to the real literature. =) i mean i'm not really into those serious literary works but hey i know they exist! =)

Feb 21, 2007


My mother
is a GSIS pensioner. This January, she did not receive her monthly pension
check instead she received a notification to apply for eCARD because all GSIS
payments now are via eCARD. She received it around 3rd week of
January but the letter is dated December 15, 2006.

We went
there to apply for that ecard. Then, they said it will be released 3-4 weeks.
We will receive a text once it is released.

After 3
weeks, we did not get that text message. My mother who can’t wait decided to
call GSIS for like 3 days but they’re unreachable because their line is always
busy. And, they only have 1 telephone number for inquiries, I think. I wonder
what happen to other numbers. I remember they have a globe number before.

To make my
mother happy, I went to their office to follow-up the status. I was glad to
know that my mother’s ecard is available for pick-up. So the day after, I
brought my nanay to pick it up.

We then ask
the assigned person disbursing the ecards if her January and February pensions
can already be withdrawn. The GSIS staff answered with after 3-4 weeks. Wow, they
surely are fond of 3-4 weeks!

I applauded
GSIS for having this eCARD but there are just some wrongs in here:

First, they
should have not stopped sending out the monthly checks until one can withdraw money from the eCARD. I think they know that some people/families are depending
on their retirement pensions.

they should have a way where people can follow-up without going to their
office. I actually saw people there from far-away towns like me to follow-up on
their eCARDS and they’d just get a reply of, ‘Wa pa man, ma’am. Balik lng 1
week after.’ And, please note kapila na tawn sila nag balik2x.

Third, they
should not remove the option of receiving the pension via check. The pensioner
needs to physically go there to apply for that eCARD. So you would see there
lots of old people on wheelchair applying for eCARDS. It does not look so
convenient.  Most of the pensioners are
senior citizens who are not so technically updated especially those who are not
from the city. One example is my nanay. She flipped when she saw an Expiry date
on her ATM card. (It has an expiry date because it’s Visa electron.) How would
those far from the city withdraw their money like my nanay? I saw lots of
really old people going to the GSIS office just to ask why they get this such
and such message on the ATM machine and some even asking how to use it. Anyway,
at least something new for them.

End of

Feb 20, 2007

i'm not a girl (xx)


1. i don't know how to make-up, not even lipstick.

2. i don't own a make-up kit, not even lipstick. i have chapstick though.

3. the coolest fashion ensemble i can think of is jeans, shirt, and
sneakers. for me, it's formal, casual, party dress, sunday dress.
please understand that i'm not being rude when i come to your formal
party in jeans. it's the bestest outfit in my closet.

4. i don't have a dress in my closet. except for my maternity dresses.

5. bryanboy and gretchen barreto are the fashion icons i only know. and, i'm not sure if they're really icons.

6. i don't do my nails -- pedicure, manicure. i don't feel comfy having
someone cleaning my toenails. the only time i got to do this was during
my wedding day. =( me hide of shame.

7. but i love to go to the parlor for my hair though. except that i want them short.

8. i don't understand why they call purse as purse when they look like bags to me.

9. i don't understand why girls must have dozens of bags in every
colors. and, why do girls have those small bags which i think are
called purse when you can fit hardly anything into it.

10. i don't understand why girls make a fuss of matching underwears.

11. i love shoes. but choosing between strappy sandals and sneakers. sneakers it is!

12. i don't understand why it takes ages for girls to dress up.

13. i don't have accessories/jewelries.

14. i don't have hole in my ear/ear hole for earrings.


reason # x*x* why you should not get married and have kids early! or maybe marry an insensitive male specie

mark just got home from his bohol trip with his friends/workmates. i tried not to feel jealous/envious/bitter/hate/bad about it. you know, the thought of me or us stuck here in lacion, cebu. i mean i'm happy for him because at least he starts to get adventurious but it would be better if he included us. but yeah i know, it would not be much fun if there are excess baggages. and, yes, this is the 2nd time he went on a trip leaving us behind, and there will be more.

one of his reasons why it is like that because the kids are too small. he has a point. (but i see lots of families with small kids travelling.) and it was an all-boys event. owkeis, he scored on that too.

every time he got back from his 'adventure,' he would then say, 'we should go there with the kids because the place is child-friendly blahblahblahblah...' F*CK pakshyet. of course, all resorts, i believe, are child-friendly! i'm still fuming with anger/hate/jealousy/bitterness/allthenegativityintheworld. but i don't want to show it because i don't want to spoil his happiness. mark is this very safe kid, living inside the shell all his life, and he just started to test the unknown waters so i'm trying to be supportive about it but how i wish he chose us to be his adventuremates. duh, BS! i mean i have the reason to feel bad about it, right?

i'm never ever gonna ask him for some litow adventure with the kids again. nanglood ko! I and my kids will have our time sooooooooon!!! we're gonna have a real backpacking escapade minus HIM! watch out, mt. everest!

Feb 18, 2007

week END

desperate housewives is my current weekend addiction. i just finish season 2 earlier at 4am. me loves lynette(sp?) it looks i'll have an early bed later. so i guess i'll have happy feet and open season again and again later -- my sleeping aides for my kids. =)

i'm excited about some new things next week. i don't want to post what's it about coz it might get jinx! =)

next weekend, no desperate housewvives yet. i think season 3 is still not done. and, a boy friend of mine who's also hooked to it does not want to download it per episode. so, i guess i have to wait until the season 3 is over.

Feb 17, 2007

Autograph: 3 things you're dying to know about me =)

thanks for tagging me, nins. =)

3 People Who Makes Me Laugh:
Uno: migi/meg
Dos: celebrity bloggers
Tres: po/pu/pooh (that gay impersonator of manny pacquiao)

3 Things I Love:
Uno: computer with internet connection
Dos: chismis
Tres: cameras

3 Things I Hate:
Uno: uncertainties (same here)
Dos: candidates for the incoming election
Tres: self-righteous judgemental narrowminded creatures

3 Things On My Desk (at home):
Uno: telephone
Dos: toy car/helicopter
Tres: notebooks

3 Things I Am Doing Right Now:
Uno: working... waiting for my shift to end
Dos: updating Help site
Tres: answering this

3 Things I Want To Do Before I Die:
Uno: raise my kids to be levelheaded
Dos: social works
Tres: try my luck at teaching. i'm planning to get some educational units, then enrol for SPED.

3 Things I Can Do:
Uno: make fun of my self
Dos: not sleep for 48 hours
Tres: bloat someone's ego

3 Ways to Describe My Personality:
Uno: crazy
Dos: sensitive
Tres: corny

3 Things People Might Not Know About Me:
Uno: i'm a good listener =)
Dos: i'm open to liberated ideas
Tres: i'm clumsy (i think it shows)

3 Things I Think You Should Listen To:
Uno: those unsaid words
Dos: common sense
Tres: greater things than the bad stuffs

3 of My Absolute Favorite Foods:
Uno: rice
Dos: siomai
Tres: and daghan pa

3 Things I’d Like to Learn:
Uno: to view the world from my kids' point
Dos: drive.
Tres: write

3 Beverages I Drink Regularly:
Uno: Water
Dos: coke (ice-cold coke is next best thing to sex according to a friend of mine. hehe)
Tres: instant coffee

3 Shows I Watched When I Was A Child:
Uno: mcgyver (sp?)
Dos: eat bulaga
Tres: young love sweet love

and everybody should do this. =)

Feb 15, 2007

my vday/review

for the 7 going on 8 years of us being together, i never receive flowers/chocolates/balloons/any cutesy stuffs from mark. i may not be into those stuffs but who would not feel giggly and excited and special to receive those. anyhoo, that's mark. so to save myself from being frustrated and broken-hearted, i stop looking forward to it. =)

this valentines, i still don't get those cutesy stuffs. anyhoo, we went to the tinderbox -- my treat. if it's about eating out, no questions ask, he'd say YES! it was not really a date because we had a company. but it's some kinda special because it's my first time. my first time in the tinderbox. =) well, i wanted to try it a long time ago but i always get intimidated with the place. we had steak (which they say their specialty), lingua, and some fish, and some appetizer, and some chocolate moist cake. i'd say beehive has still the best steak though it was long time ago i was there. while mark and ador keeps saying nothing beats godfather of roma pizza (or pizza roma?), i don't know why they're comparing the two. and, their chocolate moist made me miss dessert factory's. =) all in all, the place is not for me or i'm just not for the place. =)

and the day ended with a fight. =) because i can't help but ask mark again about the flowers and chocolates on our way home... hahahahha! bleeehhhh...

so how did your vday go? =)

Feb 13, 2007

looking thru the eyes of migi

* i was helping him weewee, when he said to me, 'wenbow, wenbow,' pointing at his weewee. wenbow means rainbow. i don't know why he thought of the weewee as rainbow, maybe because of the shape/form.

* him looking at the station of the cross #13, he said, 'God.' Then, 'kita pepe God.' Because nagtapis ra man si Jesus Christ.

what's the plan

valentine's day or any special kind of day does not exist in mark's boring world. i don't remember of us celebrating that day unless i insisted -- crying my heart out or making a scene in some public place or threatening him (he's not threatened, he's just tired of listening to my endless whining thus giving in). =) so i gave up on this celebration thingy to save myself from getting frustrated.

but now that i have 2 kiti2x kids, i'm looking forward to it again. i'm planning of getting us somewhere (minus mark) to just 'chill out.'

Feb 9, 2007

he chose the chicks over me

i was planning to take migi with me to pay bills at SM earlier this afternoon as he really enjoys jeepney ride. so i gave him a bath, but after that he immediately dashed away from me and went straight to his chicks... the chicks they got from bunot2x. and, he never mind a bit when i left him. i was like wow! jealous? not really. i'm just thinking 15 or more years after, will he prefer hanging out with his 'chicks' than me? oh well, i can always join them. =)

feb 8, 2006

been 1 year since i quit working from a real normal/typical company.
how time flies so fast!! i remember, i sort of tell myself and the
people that i'd have my life back after 2 years. because back then,
every time there's some office/department outing, i always have an
excuse. working before made me non-existent at home, thus i make sure
every free time i had was spent at home or with kids thus no room for
outing whatsoever with officemates/friends. my always promise to them
was that after 2 years, once i have my life back, i'll join every
outing they'll have. but i quit even before i hit the 1 year...

what change within a year? i don't know. maybe fatter. and, no more
office drama/chismis and some real big people to talk to. =)

from this... yagit

to this... more yagit

Feb 8, 2007

MV Doulos

Last Sunday, we, whole family, went there. I'd say it was not a good idea! The queue was quite long, place is so packed... (I should've listened to Mark.)

I don't know why so many people are there - must be lack of place to go, just out of curiosity, cebu people are voracious readers now, it's weekend? =) I think my feeling was the same with the rest of the people there when they see the crowd. hahaha... Mark said he didn't understand why college boys are seriously looking at children's books -- it can be they're trying to make most out of the situation.

Much worse is that I bought 2 children's books which can just be found in National Bookstore. so lame of me... =) Well, can be same reason with the college boys.

Feb 6, 2007

positively preggers

it's not that it's a shocker but i was constantly denying that it's going to happen... for my own selfish reasons. =(

Migi's Ate Mona is pregnant. She's been with us since Migi's day 1. Somehow, we're dependent on her, we're used to having her around -- putting order to chaos. I feel very secure leaving the kids to her (more secure leaving the kids to her than Mark). She's smart and experienced -- she's really God-send angel to our family. =) We're spoiled. I'm ashame to admit but she knows Migi better than us -- they have this connection. She's like the mother to our kids while Mark and I are more like friends to our kids. (how bad parents we are.)

God has reasons for throwing this to us. One, this would definitely force me to be a real mother to my kids instead of hiding behind Ate Mona's skirt when things get out of control. This can be exagerration but this happens once in awhile.

I wonder how Migi will take it. Is he too young to notice it? But I hope he'll remember her - I'll make sure of that.

I pray that every thing goes well with her pregnancy. She's having difficulty conceiving, so definitely this baby is a blessing. This is her 2nd child after 8 years. Of course, we'll be here for her and her family whatever happens. =) except that I already gave away migi and meg's baby stuffs, ggrrrr...


sudden changes
stressed out
coffee coffee coffee

Feb 3, 2007

litow conversation

Yesterday, I was planning that after we're done with the pedia visit, we'd go to MV Doulos, not really for the books but to let migi and meg see and get into a boat. I keep telling him about it to excite him.

Me: Migi, sakay nya ta boat.
Migi; Di, basa. (pointing to his pants)

Every time I say, 'sakay ta boat,' he was consistent with his reply, 'di, basa' with matching pointing to his pants.

I know it's shallow but it makes me smile thinking about it. Somehow, he's now able to connect things. Yeay, his brain is working! =)

But we're not able to get into the boat. It's bit late when we're done with the pedia, and I really don't know how to go there. Next time...

eeewww eeeewwww

We just found out that meg has lice/kuto/lusa. I kind of freaked out -- i felt like where did i go so wrong? i mean it's so basic, and i can't even have it right. To sort of make me feel not so bad, they'd tell me it's normal for kids to have kuto. Yes, it's normal for school-age kids but not for 1-year old kids. This is my first time to see a 1-year old kutoon. =)

Anyhoo, the doctor prescribed this Kwell shampoo. Sheesshhh, it's freaking expensive. I didn't know shampoo for kuto is expensive. It's P189 for 60ml -- as in gamay ra au sya. Just enough for meg. So to de-lice everybody in the household, i'll buy the old reliable sulod!

Quoted from the box of the shampoo: 'contrary to popular belief, lice tend to prefer clean rather than dirty hair' -- so i/you can't say that my kid is untidy. =) At least this gives me some relief... My mistake is just giving too many baths to my kids. =)

Feb 2, 2007


Lately we've been talking about getting a house of our own. We'll be 3 years as married unit this year so somehow we need to go on that direction. Though, I really have no problem renting forever; I'd been living on a boardinghouse for more than 10 years. But it's society's norm -- you're expected to have your own house. Also, with 2++ kids, the place has not much space.

We don't have any savings so the only way we could have that house is via housing loan. I mean we can't wait for that savings to happen because it might not happen. =) Housing loans by banks is expensive they said so. So we'll go the PAG-IBIG route.

So I went to PAG-IBIG Mandaue branch to inquire how to go about it. Anyway, aside from reactivating our membership, I got this list of requirements which I can't make much out of. Basically, just any other kind of loans, the requirements are mostly to prove you're capacity to pay. One is ITR. Both of us now not working in a typical company, I just have not much idea how to get that ITR. They won't accept bank statements as a main proof that we can pay though there's not really much in our bank statement. I can really sense the staff who assisted was me giving me the
can-you-really-pay look but I don't blame her because it somehow is the truth. =)

Anyhoo, me thinking about it, paying the PAG-IBIG housing loan is not only interest and principal but also the TAX. And, to get a bigger loan, you need to declare a bigger income. Tax is like 10% of your income, right?

Please don't report us as tax evaders. I do pay those rVAT/eVAT/VATever religously! =) Remember I buy 3 cans of milk a week -- see I'm paying tax on a weekly/daily basis. =)

So BIR here I come. I really not much like going to that office, I can't remember a good experience with them, but I need to -- I'm no Gretchen Barreto.

Really, I still cannot believe I'm thinking about this kind of stuff. I find it too serious, it's so not me. =)

cruel world

When I started doing the gym thing, my weight is 1*2. This is my 3rd week of religiously going to they gym (like 3xweek) but still my weight is 1*2. They said it would take time to really lose weight! Hello? It's my 3rd week, shouldn't my weight at least move 1 pointer down?!

Such a cruel cruel world! I'm thinking of resorting to Xenical, or maybe Fitrum. Judy Ann said Fitrum makes her slim.

Hay, such a cruel world for an impatient me! Well, it's 3 weeks! Cruel!!!

For those who knows the equivalent of *, please keep it to yourself. =)


there's a lot of things i wanted to post but been so busy lately that when i finally have some free time i'm too tired to type it out.

i'm talking to me.

Jan 30, 2007

promil kid

when i was a first time mother, when i only had migi yet, i was so
conscious about child's developmental milestones. i used to check, and lots of other baby websites plus those mommy blogs everyday so i would know what should be my kid like at this age, what i should do blahblah. But after some time, when i had my 2nd baby, i became relax and i stopped this habit. i realized that somehow all the websites' contents are the same. and, most of all i was tired... tired of feeling a bit disappointed every time i see some milestones not found in my kid. though they always have this note at the end that says something like, 'every child is different and will go at their own pace blahblahblah.' but it's not much comforting to me. 

anyhoo, i forgot about it and just enjoy everything or was i too occupied with 2 kids that i no longer bother about it.

but now, seeing other kids at his age or younger, reciting ABCs, numbers, shapes, colors, body parts with ace or hearing from other mothers that their kids can do this and that, and here i have a
2-year-old-and-6-month boy who insists that bird is a monkey, and A is either B or C, and boomtarattarat is like his twinkle2x little star, i'm somehow alarmed! my dream of having a genius kid is shattered.

for the past few days, this has been what's in my mind. should i start buying all those educational stuffs CDs and books and whatnots? should i sit down with him and feed him with ABCs, numbers, shapes, solar system, animal kingdom, plant kingdom, brain system, and chemical elements? 

but my laziness rules, i gave up. kids will only be kids for some time, so i'll enjoy this stage, and so he is! i'd leave those educational chuchu to the experts -- schools and teachers. for now, he can have the birds as monkeys, and boomtarat as his national anthem.

Jan 29, 2007


after our CR being stucked up, it's now our kitchen sink's and bath area's drainage is acting up. The water from the sink would come out in our bathroom. We now have a mini pool in our bathroom -- its water comes from our kitchen sink and God knows where. Eeeewwww.... major grossness?! Yes, it is. I can stand other parts of the house being such a mess but not the CR/bathroom.

Right now, I/we enjoy taking our baths outside, at the back of our house with all the sun/moon and wind. Except for Mark who opted doing it at their office.

I'm ready to abandon this place. Really, I hope someone will come over here tomorrow to fix this.

Maybe you have some plumber to recommend.

Jan 26, 2007

My Litow Baller

It's time to go home and he won't get away from the billiard table. The threat did not work -- we got all inside the car and Mark let the car run to show him that we're leaving him but he was all dedma. I had to drag him away from the billiard table so we could go home. Will it be like this like 12 years after --- Me always going to the principal's office because migi always present... sa billiaran? =( Scary. At least it's not illegal drugs (God forbid!)...

Jan 24, 2007

1st Quarter/decisions/plans

I realized that since we get married, major events/decision usually happens on the 1st quarter of the year. I don't know, maybe because it's start of the year.

Married in March
Quitting-jobs time
and, get-into-another-job/venture time

There are a lot of things in my mind right now.

1. mark's job - it's too complicated to explain. =) it's not that interesting anyway.
2. insurance plans/whatever plans - we don't have educational plans. mark thinks it's not that practical. intelligent genes come from the mother accdg to Ms. G. so right now, i'll just trust my genes!
3. how to get a house of our own - very very big question!!! i lived in a boarding house for more than 10 years. i can rent forever -- i find it to be less hassle, you can just move out when you no longer like it and if any thing goes wrong, it's tenant's probs. but society's norm, somehow we need to work on this.
4. depreciating car value - to let go or not
5. kid's schooling - migi will be 3 this year. mothers are the best teachers as they said. but it just does not apply to me and my kids. migi tends to not like to be taught and corrected. if you said it's a bird, he'd insist that it's a monkey. i think it's better to have a real teacher deal with that.
            - private or public schooling? i'm 100% publicly schooled but the 'sosyalera/gretchen-wannabe' of me wants to have my kids go to some school that has saint/academy/development center/international sounding/whatever on its name. =)

But all of these depends on number 1. =(

I realized that as we go along in married life, it does get a bit complicated unless I'm Gretchen Barreto. But it needs to or else it will be boring.

KKK (Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo)

Genre: Romantic Comedy
KKK was still showing in SM so I insisted on watching it. The movie was light and funny and modern(?) -- enough said.

I'm no good at fashion but I just cannot get over Judy Ann's outfits in the movie-- the long curly hair (obviously, they're extenders) which looks so big, the big eyeglasses (I mean the trendy one), plus she always has this big dangling earrings. Big hair, big eyeglasses, big earrings -- they occupy too much of her face! And her clothes/outfits are so colorful, those kind of outfits highschool/college kids wear to malls/outings -- I mean it's crying out loud JOLINA MAGDANGAL!

And, they're trying so much to show that Judy Ann is now sexy -- yes, I/we get it that she's already slim (slim like ryan agoncillo) but they don't need to like emphasize it that she has to wear skimpy dresses the whole movie except when she was pregnant though.

I also find Judy Ann's acting in some scenes OA.

But Ryan Agoncillo is really a cuteeee!

Anyway, let's support the Philippine film industry -- go and watch it! =)


I bought again new eyeglass frame because the last pair was broke... again. This is my third pair in a year. Because my kids' hands always finds a way to them. GGrrrrr! I decided to get contact lens -- of course, they will no longer play with it, me think. For trial purposes, as this will be my first time, I was thinking of  getting that 1-month disposable contacts. But the salesperson said I should have my eyes checked again. There's few customers and I'm getting impatient so was never able to get the contacts.

Contacts or Spectacles when you have kids? Any contact lens brand you can recommend?

Jan 22, 2007


I'm praying we (mostly mark's) are making the right decision. When you have kids, your decisions are no longer about you. There's not much room for uncertainties and taking risks.

Bahala na si Lord!

Take all those plunges while you can. =)

Jan 18, 2007

Sinulog kang lolo kini

For the last 3 years, we did not get to enjoy much Sinulog because I was pregnant, then migi was just months old and I was pregnant again, then migi was 1 year old already but meg was just months old. But now they're both toddlers, we're planning to go out and see Sinulog. I think they can now appreciate this kind of event -- bright colors, the festive atmosphere. Looking forward to it. Though I have no idea  how we're going to squeeze into the crowd with 2 kids. Maybe we'll just settle for the fireworks in Ayala later at night.

Mmmmm... I really don't know but by hook or by crook, we're going out. I'm gonna buy those 'pito,' necklace with Sto. Niño on it, hat with the design, whatever sinulog knick knacks and put them all on my kids. And, even those fake tattoos!

PIT SEÑOR!!! I just luurrrvvveeee CEBU! Doncha?

Jan 17, 2007


I super badly want to watch KKK in a moviehouse (I mean moviehouse like ayala or sm -- not movie in the house). I'm a big sucker for tagalog love story movies. I asked Mark many times but he always has these million excuses.

The last movie I saw in a moviehouse was War of the Worlds. I'm so ancient history. And, I did not like the movie.

KKK is now only showing in SM. But I want to watch movies in Ayala. Because Ayala has Taters. Aawww...

Jan 16, 2007

ASEAN Sweetheart 4u

Her message to you: Hope you'll accept of what I am. Base on my standard of living hope you considered it.
Sports and Hobbies: Being homebody, I like doing household chores, cooking, reading, gardening, listening mellow music.
Self Description: I have brown complexion, my hair is below shoulder, simple yet etc.I hope to meet: I want a penpal who can accept me, love me and honest with me, 20 to 87 years old.
(I was cleaning up the closet when I found this. Pang penpal ad kaayo.)

Jan 15, 2007

i need you back

I need Globelines Broadband to be back in shape more than my body. I'm so tired of switching from one IP to another just to stay connected. This has been like this since the earthquake in Taiwan -- they said there are 6 or 7 cables broke, and it needs 6 weeks for 1 cable to be fixed.

Anyhoo, is this connection problem of Globe still due to that earthquake?!? can be... =( huhuhuhu

Jan 13, 2007

First Choice

When I filled out the UPCAT form way back in high school, my first choice was BS Math ComSci. Math because I'm not good at it but I can survive it. ComSci because it was at that time that I started to get hook to the wonders of internet and thought it's cool.

But college enrolment time came, I changed my mind and got myself into BM instead, the most sold out course in UP Cebu. Because I realized ComSci is not my thing as I was so bad with computer subject in high school. I think 4th year, we had Clipper and all I can remember now is Van Patiluna. Why BM? Because most of my highschool classmates/friends were there. Anyhow, I shifted to Psychology in 2nd year or 2nd sem 1st year because I felt BM is too crowded. Yay, my bases for my decisions were shallow. =(

Mark was Math ComSci then shifted to ComSci because he failed 'higher' math. Then, he dropped out.

Lesson of the story is my first choice was Math ComSci and Mark was Math ComSci. Math ComSci was really meant for me after all. =) I just hope he won't drop out from me.

How about you, what's your first choices?

green joke

Which is worse -- menopause or pregnant again?!? This is the question that pop ups my mind every time I'm delayed.

(Please, it's not what you think.)

Jan 12, 2007

Suave Kids 2 in 1 Shampoo

I'm bored using just soap as shampoo for my kids. So I bought this because I love the smell. But I think the smell caused Meg's cold/allergy so I stop using it on them.

Anyhow, I end up using it. And, I love it!

Jan 6, 2007

from the bottom of my heart

Christmas is over, and now it's new year, and all I've done lately is whine. I really want to whine right now but instead I look at the brighter side and count my blessings.

Dear, Lord.

Thank you very much for all the blessings and a wonderful year 2006. Thank you very much for

* Migi and Meg -- though most of the time they're such a PITA, and many times I think of dropping them at Asilo but at the end of the day, looking at them sleep peacefully really really melts my heart. And, makes me wonder if I'm worthy enough to have them. Behind their naughtiness, wild antics, stressfull attitudes are really sweet only-wanting-to-be-loved kiddos.
* Mark -- though he's the most insensitive person in the world and his fathering skill is extra frustrating (as if my mothering skill is flawless), he certainly has a very generous heart not only for us but also for other people.
* My Friends -- who never fail to keep in touch with me despite my being always out of reach.
* Mark's Friends -- yes, he has friends, real true friends.
* Ate Mona and Ate Love -- though they're far from being perfect but
they certainly have a big heart for my kids. I can feel that they
treat my kids as their own, and they have far more patience for our
kids than us. We certainly go crazy without them.
* Wonderful Support Group -- our neighbors/relatives who we can bug any time. Now I understand why Mark wants to stay close to his home.
* Carlo and Mia -- my kids' playmates and cousins. the Barney fans club. the constant targets of migi's short-temperedness. despite that, they still warmly welcome migi and meg.
* My Work -- nuff said about this.
* Mark's Work -- though it's getting most of his time but at least he's enjoying it. And, it provides us with our needs plus our little wants -- like be able to eat at Jollibee/McDo twice a month. =)
* Little troubles thrown our way which makes us better persons and gave us wider perspective about life and such.
* Support and guidance in all the tasks and leaps we made.

Also thank you for other things I failed to mention.

and, thank you also for Multiply where I can endlessly whine about my teenage angst.



Jan 4, 2007

back to reality...

another whining story of my life...

Today is my first day at work after my 1 1/2 week vacation (vacation from work not from motherhood.), and I'm loathing it with all my heart. But, thinking of 3 cans of milk (1.8kg) a week, I have not much choice. Three cans is like P2500/week x 4 is P10,000/month excluding diapers, vitamins, pedia visits + immunizations, helps, baby foods, and whatever knicknacks for the kids. And, how about when they start schooling?!? So there's no way my resignation letter will be submitted!

Anyhoo, I'm so thankful that I have a job to whine about and loathe. I'm blessed afterall.

So for those who think having kids is easy (like me), go and multiply because misery loves company! I'd really love a company!


(milk monsters)

Jan 3, 2007

This used to be my playground...

At the back of our house is Badian National High School where my nanay used to teach. She'd usually tagged me along where my childhood waking hours were spent in this place with my playmates. The open space was our babysitter.

climb all trees
swimming and fishing in irrigation
run-play-run-hide-and-seek rain or shine
roll over the grass/leaves/yuta
scream our hearts out
fight over games

Jan 2, 2007

My litow backpacker

Milk can't wait... Librando bus terminal, waiting for our ride.

on the road to the beach...

tired... going home...

Goldilocks Choco Sansrival (sp?)

First few bites is good. One slice is too much - soooo sweettt! As in tam-is ra jud sya. Nadani ra jud ko ni Kris Aquino.

The one from Red Ribbon, their new one, is better.

cat's eyes/mulan

I'm amazed with Meg's eyes in this pic -- mura triangle iya pupil, mura miming.

Many times I've been asked if my husband is chinese/intsik, hapon, and, even one time, korean because of my kids chinky eyes, especially Meg's. As Migi grows bigger does his eyes too so he's not that intsik looking na jud. But Meg is medyo chinita jud. I don't know where they get it, no traces of Chineseness or haponness/koreanness in both sides, not even Chinese-sounding last names -- Soriano-Tabanao, Semblante-Buenconsejo.