Mar 18, 2007

confused teenager or what?

my aunt called us asking for help about my cousin, vince(not real name to protect identityhehehe). (1st time she asked help)
vince is a soccer varsity in TC taking up ECE. (he's been to it since HS.)
aunt said vince wanted to shift to accountancy then get into SPED (i
can imagine having another teacher in the family but accountant, no)
because he FAILED ALGEBRA (whhhaaaattttt? cousin jud tika? heheheh)
his parents, as much as possible, don't want him to shift to accountancy
thus my aunt asked us to help in convincing him not to
my aunt thought, he might listen to us

vince's reasons for shifting according to my aunt:
1. hard time at math
2. failing grades on his TOR; he might not get a job (i want to strangle him for having this reason)
3. lose his varsity scholarship (but actually, he's scared that he no longer can play)
4. and God knows what other reasons.
- my aunt believed that it's reason #3 why vince wanted to shift.

in my mind:
the thing i most worried about is vince's reaction to the situation -- why easily get discouraged?
and i think his parents should work on that first so that he'd be convinced to stick it out with ECE.
but what if accountancy is really his passion? do we have the right to go aginst it?
but i don't believe he really likes accountancy. (though they said love can be learned)
eversince he was a kid, he'd always say he wants to be an engineer.
and, when he was getting into college, ECE is the only course he was talking about.
but what if he has a change of heart?
and, that algebra?!? why of all subjects?!?
aside, my family is good in math. all my uncles are engineer (except
for the black sheep) and so is my lolo, i just don't know with my lola
though. =) hehhe about my math skill, let's just say i survived!
me algebra is more than just math and number and such. it somehow helps
in building your character, discipline, analysis. how you solve those
equations is somehow like how you'd approach real life problems.
what i'm saying is even if he'll shift to accountancy, he'd still meet
algebra and math stuffs just in other forms. and, it's not a guarantee
that he'll not also meet failure there.
my conclusion: mag nursing. =)

i told mark about it because maybe he has more inputs as he is a male specie. his reactions:
tungod na barkada. sos kultura jud na sa don bosco - all for one, one
for all. (i did not know boys school are that cheesy. this made me
rethink of getting my boy there. but iya gibawi by saying that it also
has a good side. mmmmm)
2. vince's parents are strikto. daghan kuno gi-dili. (i'd say my uncle and aunt are bit overprotective of their kids)
comments actually just revolved around the 2 topics. after much talking
and such, we both concluded, mag nursing si vince. =)

looking at this, will i and mark be in this kind of situation later with our kids?

you guys, please advise what should be done to vince?


c h i k i i said...

hmmm maybe he should take up nursing na lang, i mean i was enrolled in accountancy before i decided to shift & take up fine arts... woi accountancy is no fun jud!!! i swear!!! maypa mag-fine arts na lang xa rosie.

karenjen ♥ said...

funny man ka rose oi! pagka-layo sa naabtan ninyo ni mark...

and yes, in the future, you will deal with that with your kids. that is why it is important you are there always to recognize what their skills or talent is. and don't be overprotective. let them spread their wings so they will always know where and how to find you. :)

mura pod ko parent noh? actually no, just learning from experience with my nieces and nephews and cousins and one sister.

Therese Habana said...

engineering is difficult if you're poor in the math department. there is nothing wrong with wanting to continue to play if that's his passion. accountancy is not a bad alternative. the maths there is somehow manageable than the ones in engineering. and if he gets a scholarship while doing something he loves, all the more why not?

arneil callao said...

accountancy doesn't require complex mathematical process. it only involves basic math operation. its the analysis part that's difficult. i should say that engineering math is even more difficult. i know this because i'm an accountancy major myself.

my take on the issue: your cousin's folks should allow him to pursue his passion. remember the pldt commercial? kung saan ka masaya, ti suportahan taka eh... this is what i mean by allowing him to pursue his passion.

cara muana said...

lagi lisud man sad ang math sa accounting! fine arts nalang siya... hahaha. kanankung naay talent...

N| |!| |K . said...

hold on, let's not forget that Engineering was his passion and what got him going to college in the first place. if he shifts to accountancy, the question now would be: where will he be after he finishes it?

Nursing - if he has the true passion for really helping the sick of all creeds regardless of race, sex, religion, age, and umm... oh yeah, sex, and not just jumping into the immigrant visa bandwagon - wouldn't be a bad idea. I mean, not to offend nursing students out there, but we wouldn't want anyone to be a mediocre nurse who only got into it because he/she wants to go be an american citizen and sleep with uncle sam... believe me, there are a whole lot of nursing grads and even registered nurses who are not nurses by heart and by attitude.

besides, it's only algebra. what's one algebra compared to the dozens of other math-related subjects that he went through and overcame? me, i can keep re-taking that damn algebra even if that's the last thing i do if it means i'm gonna be the engineer that i wanna be. and to hell with the TOR. that piece of document ain't worth crap once he's assimilated in the real world.

try to ask him first if he really is failing in math, if he doesn't feel math/engineering anymore, or if his subjects are getting in the way of his varsity scholarship.

sports is one thing to really excel at. that is, if you're really that good and bound to become the next professional superstar athlete like those in the PBA or the UEFA (whatever floats). but if you're just into sports so you can take your dream course and finish college and grab that dream job and title, then losing the scholarship is just a microparticle compared to the future that you really want.

(hmm... why am i suddenly talking in second person?)

hehehe... therefore i conclude that Fine Arts is the answer! just kidding...

ask him what he really really really wants to be after all these college academics and sports stuff have faded like echoes in transcentral highway at midnight once his graduation day comes.

only he holds the key. not us. whatever he chooses, it'll be his life. doesn't mean there are no more second chances, though. everyone deserves a second, third, even a millionth chance.

arneil callao said...

bravo, bravo! i couldn't agree more...

narki manson said...

fuck school! hehe jawk!

dax macaraya said...

hatag na ko number ni vince.. hehe magbonding na lang mi duha o maau pa uyabun na lang nako aron magka-inspiration. ahahaha!

rose buenconsejo said...

tenchu tenchu for all the advices. greatly appreciate them.

i only get to talk to my aunt so i haven't heard his side yet. i'm still 50/50 on talking to him - would a 17-year old kid open up to his '23'-year old cousin?

anyway, i talked to the dean of engineering. he can see my cousin later this afternoon. i'll see how it goes from there.

rose buenconsejo said...

only if u're a math major. =) hehehe... but seriously, naa ka kaila maayo mo tutor og math?

Alice Juinio said...

Please give me Kyle's cell phone. Uncle Jonas wants to contact him.

N| |!| |K . said...

err... you mean the unit? or the number?

rose buenconsejo said...

heheheh... buking kaayo akong auntie oy.