Mar 9, 2007

back to the groove

latetly, i'd been slacking with work. maybe 1st week of the month blues. not really much doing the extracurricular tasks. but tomorrow will be a fresh start. i'll be smiling genuinely while saying, 'thank you for calling support. how may i help you,' until my jaw hurts. =)


dax macaraya said...

aww call center.. ^^ hehe

aubrey n.. said...

actually, i miss that.. my husband says i'm totally crazy for missing tech support.. but i do!! it's more because of my teammates than the rude customers, i bet yah!! :p

불사하는 펜 said...

maayo pa mo mga naa'y pasensya...pastilan, aws na lang jud ko sulay call center kay ambot na lang jud na mga bogets na callers... \M/