Mar 29, 2007

colon thoughts

i was not really in colon street but in downtown area. i or most of us refer to downtown as colon. i  went there to follow-up something in dti.

* i got off from the 62c jeep at the back of gaisano main, and thought of just walking to sto niño area from there. i realized that i'm not quite close to sto niño. oh well, perfect chance to check some dibidi pirates and other goodies on the way.
* i passed by visayan(?) restaurant. when i was a kid, this place was like 'the place to be:' graduations, birthdays, special get together. it somehow looks the same though compared to the new restaurants in cebu, it looks like 'carenderia.'  i wonder if their foods are still that good.
* beside visayan restaurant is CIA, center for international academy, and people going in and out looks japs/koreans to me. is this an international school?
* from my pov, nothing much really changed with downtown. chinese-owned businesses are still majority in their usual set-up (goodies in 'stantes')  plus the abobots of sidewalk vendors.
* got the dibidis. all kiddie stuffs. i really felt a li'l pang of guilt buying the pirates; edu manzano was and is still on my mind. sorry, barney, i did not buy your original. anyhoo, we got the original stuffed toy of you. i got the dibidis at 3 for P200.
* i was craving for something 'parat.' and saw this stall on the sidewalk selling siomai for P6. looking at the happy eaters, i could not resist but join them. later i saw another street vendor selling siomai at P3. wow, cheaper but too cheap that i can't help but imagine cats/rats. =) no, thank you.

'til next time. =)

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apple jane said...

hahah.. cat rats siomai! anyways, malingaw pd ko magwara-wara sa colon.. i mean daghan ka'g makit-an na wla sa mall.. mga weird na mga stuff!