Mar 22, 2007

bits and bytes

a friend just bought a macbook. and, she gave me a link to check the
specs of her new macbook. me excited for her new macbook also checked
the link. sadly, i realized that the only spec i understand is the
size. and, the rest, i don't have much clue what they're for. she's
fetching for some comments for her 13-inch macbook. with only the size
to base on, i got nothing to say except that it's coolness because it's

big deal about it. it's just that i've been with a person who is into computers
(for like 6-7 years), and the only spec i fully understand about computers is
the monitor size. where's the knowledge transfer?


nina lorraine said...

hahahaha =)

aubrey n.. said...

hahaha! what's with our geek partners rose, huh? trying hard sad ko ma geek. kahibaw na ko gamay sa mga specs2x kunuhay.. hahaha!

karenjen ♥ said...

unsa mac notebook? :)

alizaire arap said...

kadaghan sa "macbook" oi, hehe! is it a "macbook" or an "i-book"?