Mar 20, 2007

litow conversation (migi certified bisdak)

we're looking at a children's picture book, moongame.

me (counting the flowers in the page): 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9. nine flowers. migi, count the butterly.
migi pressed the book to his face and acted out eating the butterfly.
me: migi, count the butterfly.
migi repeated the same action: acting out eating the butterfly.
me: migi, count the butterfly lagi.
migi repeated the same action.
before i finished telling him again to count the butterfly, he left me.

i was confident that he can count how many the butterfly is because there's only 1 butterfly. it's just later i realized why he acted eating the butterfly. it's because COUNT sounds like KAON.

omigod, di madawat ako anak ani sa callcenter.

this reminds me of a fil-am girl who was pissed why after giving detailed instructions to the waiter not to put too much mayo on her sandwhich, she was still served with a sandwhich oozing with mayo. because she talked to him in straight english with that TWANG. what can she expect? =)


Ashley Icamen said...

don't worry, rosie!
i'm sure he'll make it when the time comes =)

karenjen ♥ said...

bwahahahahahaha.........funny kaayo rose..........hahahahahahaha :)