Oct 31, 2006

GYM wanted... BADLY!!!

I'm no longer FAT! I'm OBESE!!! I'm too far away from my dream of having Nicole Richie's body. =(

I decided to really do something now (like this is the nth time decision)! I tried skipping meals and starve myself -- yeah, it worked for like 1-3 days. I tried South Beach diet but I get lost with their suggested menus -- it looks like only Sharon Cuneta, Korina Sanchez and the likes can afford it (yeah, excuses excuses!) I tried exercising -- in my dreams! So now for real, I'm going to go to the gym. Right now, my only 'practical' choice is Holiday Spa for following reasons:
1. Mark is there. I might as well join him.
2. It's somehow the closest to where we live -- 'Lacion. But still, I feel like my travel time will take longer than my gym time.
3. There's no other gym near us. We do have Figura Gym located sa merkado sa 'Lacion -- I checked it out but it's not motivating. There are other 'neighborhood' gyms along the way to Cebu City but never mind...
I'm going to sign up for their 'special' promo and that non-peak hour rate so it would be cheaper. I'll probably would sign up for 3 months (promo thing) -- hopefully this would give me the kick until I get the hang of 'fit' living -- like my day will not be complete without sweating from exercise!!!

Anyhow, I also checked People's Fitness(not sure with the name), it's near Innodata -- recommended by a friend. The place looks owkei, monthly rate is cheap (P450/month) -- if you compared it to Fitness First rate but of course FF has way better place and amenities. I just find it too far. Think again travel time vs. gym time!

I'll check Slimmers World this week. Because I always find them doing aerobics. I want to do aerobics because it's not boring. Though, I don't like the idea of making 'paso2x' sa mall in your gym look. (If you have more info about Slimmers World, please do share.)

But I really wanted to go to Pacquiao's gym. It used to be in Salinas Drive, in JCA building. But they're in JY Mall right now. Mark used to go there, and I like their program but I'm not sure if it's still the same now. Problem is I find it somehow 'tuyoon' na kaayo. Though, if you come to think of it --- JY Mall is not really that far from Holiday Spa. Also, they're inside a mall.

Guys, I'd like to ask some help from you. I hope you can give me some gym suggestions and a little review would be great. Please don't suggest Fitness First to me or any 2T+ monthly-rate gym. I can't afford it. Keep in thought that I live in Consolacion, so please don't suggest some gym in Basak, Pardo.

Please also share any 'thinning' tips -- not necessarily a healthy tip as long as it will bring me back to the FAT level (as I'm obese right now). I BADLY need it. I can already feel my double chin hanging -- it's getting heavier! It's no longer funny!

On the other thought, Christmas is fast approaching. Christmas = FOODS! Maybe, I should postpone my attaining FAT level to next year. It would make a good New Year resolution! Nooooo!!! HELP!!!

Oct 27, 2006

Happy Birthday to my uyab!

Autistic does grow old. =) (no pun intended)

He's good with kids?!?

Thank you for letting me eat the first slice of your birthday cake. =)

I really much not have to say... I think we still have milk and diapers.

Oct 20, 2006

i'm D-listed star

I invited a person. The person accepted it. Then, I'm removed from her contact list. I know the person, and I guess the person too. It was not some random invitation to strangers. I'm delisted!

Am I too good for the person? Or, the other way around? =) Anyhooo, I'm not bitter! I totally respect that person's decision.

Oct 17, 2006

Most Supportive Mother

I support whatever things that would make my kids happy and well, except those that are against the 10 Commandments. Who am I to stop their happiness?!?

(Does it says 100% protection from all kinds of germs, meg?)

I really wish we have a big beautiful garden with all the trees, butterflies, flowers, river, treehouse, with Barney and friends to entertain my kids 24/7. Oh well, they can let their imagination work for now on that. =)

Oct 16, 2006

third world thoughts

1. CICC (Cebu International Convention Center) --- I do pray that it will be finished in time for the big event. I believe the summit ek ek would be a good thing for Cebu. =)

2. Nursing leakage --- Why are they making big issue out of this? And, their decisions on how to solve the issue are just making the situation worse and worst! Leakage happens, it's a common knowledge, and sad truth.

Oct 14, 2006

Road trip thoughtsies

The last time I'd been home in Badian was last Christmas which is like 10 months ago. Dugaya na oy! Last Wednesday we go down south as it's my nanay's birthday. Nalipong jud ko for the 1st time. I think for the past 10 months, it's my longest road trip ever. How boring! Anyhow, these are some of my thoughts:

1. SRP is such a treat. It can save you 1 hour of travel time.

2. I can say the road is not really impressive but at least it's improved. Though after Badian, I have no idea unsa na'y hitsura sa dalan. Is it because of the upcoming ASEAN Summit? Gwen Garcia? Anyhow, I think Gwen deserved to be acknowledged for this.

3. There were some people cleaning the road sides when we passed by. We then knew that Arroyo was going to be in Badian the following day. Any connection?
4. Still, the most beautiful scene ever for me, in going down to Badian, is still the Rogelio's place in Barili -- the one where you have an overview of the sea. I don't know unsa tinood name for that place. But that used to be or still is the the garage of Rogelio bus line.

(it says, 'a postcard you can walk right into...' ---> catchy??)

5. Road to Basdako, Moalboal is now 'concrete' all the way.
6. Basdako in Moalboal now has an entrance of P5/person and a parking fee of P30. And, cottage of P150 -- not really that bad.
7. But I find the place dirty. Why? I still remember when there were just 5 cottages there, and kasagbutan ra the rest. That was beautiful. Anyhow, basin we're not just lucky at that time. Basin wa sila kabawo nga moabot si Arroyo. =) Still it's 'lami.' The waves are quite 'big' when we were there, the sea was rather unfriendly. The waves reminded me of the surfers in Liloan,

8. P10/person japon entrance sa Kawasan. Going up to Kawasan is now a lot easier, the concrete mini bridges and all. Though, up to 1st Falls ra mi. Naay natagak na dako na bato on the way to 2nd falls so not safe. It's kinda have that commercialized aura but at least the place is clean. I remember back then every summer, hasta kapila ko mag balik2x sa kawasan kay every time naay bisita moabot, adto jud kawasan. When I get older, up to Tubod na lng ko moadto (no entrance fee pa). =) And, now Tubod is already commercialized -- it's now called Children's Spring(?). Waaahhh... The parking fee is P50 --- anyhow, they say it's for the church.

(I think everybody knows or have been to Kawasan, so I'm not going to waste any multiply space for that.)

9. Any where, usual scenario is oldy foreigner with their teeny weeny very young pinay mate, or pinoy mate.

(Can you spot the couples in here?)

11. Don't forget to stop by at Shamrock.

10. I think that's it for now.

Oct 13, 2006

Outsourced Support talking to another Outsourced Support

I work as a customer support for a US company. All the members of the customer support are all home-based, some are from Philippines and mostly are from Argentina.

We were having problems with our phone lines the day I was absent. (We are using Vonage for our VOIP.) Anyhow, they found out that removing my number from the simulring list solved the problem. So my manager, based in Argentina, instructed me to call Vonage support so they can check on my number. Honestly, I don't know what to say to the vonage tech support. As first I don't care much how to set-up this thingy. Just for the sake of it so I called.

Anyhow, I know my call will be directed somewhere around the world. I was really hoping to be directed to a callcenter in Philippines. First, I was received by an American accented support who keeps asking for the billing address or else no assistance. Ggrrrr, that freaking SOPs. I gave him all the info except for that billing address. Anyhow, as if not almost all of my friends and even I are in call center so I understand. By the way, we don't have SOPs regarding taking calls so I'm kinda ggrrr about it.

After I got info of billing address, I called vonage again. This time, I was received by a somewhat Latino accented support. He sounded a lot like my Argentinians workmates. So I asked him where he's located, and he confirmed he's from Buenos Aires. Isn't it funny circle of life, my manager is from Argentina and I'm received by a Argentinian tech support? He told me that vonage also have tech support in Philippines. I was really wishing I would be directed to a Filipino tech support so I could just blah in tagalog or bisaya. I don't care about recording the call for monitoring. heheheh My manager could have talked to him instead, and they could speak in Spanish and understand each other better. After some talking with the John, tech support, you know the usual change in settings blahblah... He promised to call us to test our line. And before he put the phone down, he has this Thank you for calling blahblahblah --- so callcenterish.

I just find it funny that a support is calling another support. And, we know that all lines we are talking are somewhat scripted. Please, no pun intended.

So when I received his call, I saw from our logs that his number is listed as TELEPERFORMANCE. So vonage customer support is handled by Teleperformance. We do have Teleperformance here in Philippines right? I think there's one in Bacolod. Then, he asked me if I'm interested with their other products -- so callcenterish again. Anyhow, I told him my account is company provided and I'm penniless. Then, again before he hung up, he said his goodbye spiel again --- Thank you for calling blahblah...

Do you have any idea how to be directed to a Philippine callcenter?

Oct 9, 2006


and in this hole(?), there was(?) a tree
the prettiest tree
that you ever did see
and the green grass grows all around all around
and the green grass grows all around

I think we have a hippie(sp?)!

at the park, drinking and doing coke!

After some running, everybody gets thirsty!

carlo's way...

pete doherty, is that you?! GOD forbid!

I think manoktok na sa amo ang Bantay Bata. I know, I'm a crappy mother. =(

Oct 8, 2006

Chillin' at the park.

Lack of place to hang out on a Sunday afternoon, we went to a park... a MEMORIAL PARK. I'm actually surprise when we got there, a lot of families were also hanging out there -- with all the foods, and banig. Yes, we badly need a park -- it does not need to be grand as Central Park. A park like memorial park will do. =)

First, pay homage to the masters.

(I dunno whose tomb were they stepping)

Then, it's time to runnn and playyy...

and, skip...

and wander, and pose...

and, take pictures

and, eat...

and, see the next post for the drinking sessions....

The other families there....

I'm definitely going to vote for whoever will build a park!!!

Oct 6, 2006

I Want to Be Anorexic

I think that will be my only salvation from having a body of an overdue pregnant.... Make it overdue pregnant whale. Somehow, the baby kay nagawas na 1 year ago but for some reason I still look pregnant, and bloated like a red hot air balloon.

I'm also thinking of bullimic-ness but puke is just gross. And, I'm too lazy to exercise and engage in some healthy diet. And, I'm too poor to get a lipo or do drugs(joke). So can anybody tell me how to be anorexic?!? I'm already tired of being a moby dick dumbo. I wanna be stick-thin for once. Anorexic is the new black. I wanna be Nicole Richie!!!

Pampers Overnight

Minus: It's fasten belt is not velcro. Not refastenable(?). Not good for Migi who knows how to peel off the fastener. Word of the day: fasten

Oct 2, 2006

doctor doctor i am sick... not really.

The usual scenario when going to the doctor.

Both of them were waiting to be shot in this visit. Migi's next shot will be next summer according to his doctor. Can you hear me say, 'WHAT A RELIEF!!!' Our pockets can rest for some months. With meg, mmmmm... I'm not sure. I know we'll still frequent the doctor for her weight monitor ek ek. Honestly after 2 kids, I'm still not familiar with vaccines/immunizations schedule. I think after 1 year, they will only be boosters. Oh well, it will be still be booster for everything... ggrrrr... And, there's this new vaccine, IPD, every time we visit the doctor would mention/offer which costs like 4t pesoses which I think my kids can live without.

Gawd, checkig my memory. I only knew few vaccines. Flu vaccine which they say is not really necessary but I can't stand kids with fever, cough, colds so I always see to it to have these. Then, the chickenpox which is given after 1st birthday -- I remember this because it's after the 1st bday. And, IPD which is like being offered to me every time we went to the doctor, and which I always reply with a i-can't-afford smile! And, there are series of acronyms -- DPT, HIB, 3 in1, 5 in 1, blah blah blah.

I did promise myself to memorize the vaccines when 1 time we went to a neighborhood doctor because their pedia was out of town or wherever she is. And meg was having coughs and colds and she was still little. Then the doctor asked me what are the immunizations given to the kid, and I just answered with a blank face. Then told her to check the baby book. Then she asked me what is the next schedule shot blahblah blah... and again I had no answer and felt like I'm a very crappy mother which is kinda true. =) It's supposed to be my 2nd kid, I should know already. Whatever... So mothers, do memorize the ABC of vaccines! Well, you'll never know when it'll come handy. Maybe a new mother will ask an advice from you about it. =)

Oct 1, 2006

Life's a Stakili

Last weekend is the weekend you wish it's not weekend. Both kids are sick, fever, colds and cough, and most of all help's day-off -- parent's nightmare more of mother's nightmare. Kids are screaming, crying whole day, runny nose, dry coughs.... To keep our sanity, we decided to go off somewhere, somewhere north until we see the Stakili sign. So we decided to make a stop at Stakili to let lose the kids, and have some break from the kids-sick drama.

Stakili P30/person entrance Mon-Sun except Saturday special hours 2pm-2am when entrance is P60. It's 230pm Saturday when we get there. For desperados like us, we don't much care. Come to think of it, it's not really that much compared to movie tickets. But it's something of a wonder until now why such hours the entrance price rate is different. Lovebirds are frequent at that time?

Oh, it's my FIRST time to be in Stakili. It's a nice change of scenery for boring parents like us. Yes, we are lazy and boring. Our idea of fun is bringing the kids to Jobee or Mcdo, and let them play on their playthingy or let them run around the place, while we feast ang get obese. Or let them watch Barney whole day until they'll scream, 'my parents are so boring, it hurts!!!'

But I'm still used to the white sands of the south.