Oct 1, 2006

Life's a Stakili

Last weekend is the weekend you wish it's not weekend. Both kids are sick, fever, colds and cough, and most of all help's day-off -- parent's nightmare more of mother's nightmare. Kids are screaming, crying whole day, runny nose, dry coughs.... To keep our sanity, we decided to go off somewhere, somewhere north until we see the Stakili sign. So we decided to make a stop at Stakili to let lose the kids, and have some break from the kids-sick drama.

Stakili P30/person entrance Mon-Sun except Saturday special hours 2pm-2am when entrance is P60. It's 230pm Saturday when we get there. For desperados like us, we don't much care. Come to think of it, it's not really that much compared to movie tickets. But it's something of a wonder until now why such hours the entrance price rate is different. Lovebirds are frequent at that time?

Oh, it's my FIRST time to be in Stakili. It's a nice change of scenery for boring parents like us. Yes, we are lazy and boring. Our idea of fun is bringing the kids to Jobee or Mcdo, and let them play on their playthingy or let them run around the place, while we feast ang get obese. Or let them watch Barney whole day until they'll scream, 'my parents are so boring, it hurts!!!'

But I'm still used to the white sands of the south.

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