Sep 28, 2014

Kudos Night: What's An Ultimate Dream?

It was the 2nd kudos night, but my first time to attend. They reformatted it, which made me think what was the original format of Kudos night then? 

Anyhoo, it was enchanting. :)

I'd seen / listen to Paolo perform a few times already. But it was my first time to see Poy performed with his guitar.

Fred talked about his dream of "travelling" and living it, and his or, 
and his beautiful hometown Kibawi.
 I know Fred has been travelling a lot. But i did not know it was a "life goal" of him.

Ara showed her photos and travel and travel photos, and her little feet. I know Ara is into photography and video and travel and video, but I did not know that they are some sort of her "life goals or
Dreams" or some things she is passionately deep into.
And the My Dragon Eats Cat Food, Stacey and Karen, was the last to perform. I kinda saw them perform every now and then. And, though i probably am not a legit music critic, but wow, they are just a lot way better than before!!! They're like the living proof of 10,000 hours of practice. I guess the more amazing thing about it is how do these 2 find time to gather 10k hours of practice?!? You can follow how they pile up hours after hours of creating/producing/performing music at facebook/twitter/instagram etc, just search mydragoneatscatfood.

The Kudos Night made me think, "so what is my ultimate goal or dream?!?" What is my 10k hours of?!? 

Well, this year's resolution was / is make more mistakes. I'm not sure if I still have the juice for my goals: being able to sponsor a team of athletes, help a product of a local tech startup go mainstream, and the fancy goal of making Cebu a major adventure / sporting / running destination. And, lately, i fancy of making a marketing firm for local SME's. But at the back of my mind, am i willing to spend 10k of my hours on these?

How about lounging on a hammock at some beach with a book and coffee? Wait, i'm not really a beach person. Maybe prancing from one mountain to another? How can I achieve these? 


Trek up
Say hello to Mr. sun
Drink up
Trek down
Sit down and gasp for air
Bottoms up
Migi showed off the mountains he "biked" :)
Dying to go home :)

Sep 26, 2014

Write to Bleed

Talked with Dennis yesterday, and he noticed that I'm not writing much. Yes, I feel guilty about it big time. I haven't write much on that is not selling. I totally miss doing that long writing which probably only I who read it because it's too long, and it's probably only I who cares about it,

But I have not stopped writing actually. I have been writing and writing and writing, except that they're not posted online, here,, or, or wherever my spammy sites are.

I have been writing sponsorship packages, sponsorship letters, permit letters to Mayor, all-sorts of letter to different LGU offices, schools / teachers / principals, to barangay offices, to memorial garden office, to whatever. I have been writing event schedules, PR kits, promotional / hard-selling kind of writings.

Then, after I write all those writings, I physically delivered them to different offices, talked to different heads and whatnots, getting their approval on what I wrote. I faxed them to all different businesses on my list, call them, follow-up for the "writing" I sent them.

SO I have not stopped writing, only not for pleasure this time.

So now back to writing a whole-year event / marketing schedule, as a prelude to another bunch of write-ups for proposals. @.@

Sep 19, 2014

Government offices = smell the flowers

This week, i'm a recipient of the lines "negative man, ma'am. Wala pa man. Suwayi lang balik." "Baliki na lang ugma kay hapit na 5pm manguli na mi." "Di jud mi kahibawo kanus-a sya naa, ma'am. Baliki na lang." "Kani ra jud nga telephone number nimo sya ma contact, ma'am." Tawagi labg balik diri."

When you live in your bubble where everything is just a click away, those lines can drive you crazyyyy!!! Until giving in to bribery tactic is so tempting to do because bribing is most cost-efficient over spending time and fare going back again and again just to be told to come back again. @.@ 

But i don't want to go into blatant "bribery" because i have high respect of them. I think it's insulting to bribe someone, both for me and him/her.

So i resigned to just go with the flow, take the time to smell the flowers. From setting my mind to finish the task in the most 2days, i made it to maybe 2 weeks and just let go of my other due tasks list.  With that mind set, i killed my time to know some of the persons in the office -- in short "chismosa mode." 

And, I realized that government transactions is about making relationships with government personnel. And making relationships takes time, and so transactions take time to be done.

And somehow, i'm thankful because they remind me to "smell the flowers." I was lately in a made-up overrated busyness, in a hurry to get things over.

And the sleepytown of government office reminded me of why i, somehow, clicked in what i was doing and going to do. It somehow reminded me of my "strength." :) 

Doing things rushly just to get over it can take the "soul" away from the project. And, I guess however bad a project turned out to be, as long as there's sincerity and the soul of doing it, it will always turned out fine.

Honestly, this coming event project we're working on is probably the most boring one i encountered. And with everyone of my friends in the team busy with their own more urgent projects, i have no choice but to step in and do the most boring detail of an "event" project -- getting the permits and all the paperworks. 

So in short, i was in a project that i'm not interested, and doing the most boring part of. I certainly did not have my soul in it -- which is the shortest way to failure.

So i tried hard to pull my soul out somewhere hiding, and make it work. 

I just have remind myself again that MY JOB IS TO MAKE UNINTERESTING BORING THINGS INTERESTING EXCITING the most I can do. 

And, my first step is actually get "chismosa," be interested with the people around it.

The Technical Director i picked up from the street - manong tricycle driver. He knows best where the least traffic street is :)
He knows the gem in the pile of hay. :)
With some of the people behind the race, i won't mention who they are. #chos And there are more of them, whom I will get to know more in the process. 
And, thanks to #marioph (sorry if i'm being insensitive) but it made the governement offices yesterday had less traffic of people so i was easily entertained. And THANK YOU to the government staff who were there despite the storm, and for some importAnt realization!
I definitely see a lot, because of the delays. :)

Sep 11, 2014

Goals and Bawls

There are 2 main goals why I've been scratching a lot on "fun runs." 

One ia to get a web app penetrate the local market ( which i'm kinda failing at, but on the other side is that i learned a lot. 

Second is i wanted to be NEDBANK, who can sponsor athletes or something like that. So any way, after months of staring at the countless drafts of sponsorship packages for, i have finally the nth final draft! :) 

But along creating drafts after drafts of sponsorship packages, i pulled this out from the inclusions and made it stand-alone -- Sponsored Athlete package. 

This is an experiment, and i'm not really sure if this will really work! But i'm really hoping I can make it work until such time that businesses will get attuned to get local talented athletes as "paid endorsers." :)

And, i'm going to be working with! I'm mentioning it here so that i haz proof, and mark cannot back out from this deal!!! :)

Sep 7, 2014

He's Just Not Into You

Weekends lately are spent on watching no-brainer romantic comedy movies. And one those highly recommended by google search results is "he's just not into you."

Anyhoo, quite a lot of big actors in there. The story is blah. 

But the recurring theme of romantic movies is about a girl's need to be in romance or having a lovelife.

Romantic movies depict successful women, but somehow she's incomplete without a lovelife. And that's 90% of where a romantic's stories revolve around. Girls should / must have that trophy boyfriend or else her success is just not enough.

And, I guess that's why girls (and maybe even boys) can sometimes look like some thing is holding her back from soaring -- and it's because of that "culture" of having a lovelife. Girls must prioritize lovelife! Girls must have that someone! 

It's annoying because somehow i'm a victim of it! And i see a lot of friends like that! And i'm even guilty of it taunting my girl friends of getting a love life more than starting a business. 

Sep 4, 2014

#tbt: yet another photo assignment

School assignments asking for family photo, baby photo, Christening photo, summer photo, and all sorts of photo are probably the ultimate #throwbackthursday.

Mati narrated that her teacher complained that he had no "photo" assignment. He's required to bring a 2-year old and a recent photo.

So I rushed finding photos of him. I took a lot of photos, but I'm very bad at storing them systematically.

Below photo is my 2-year old photo for him though I dunno if he's really 2-year old at this.
 Current. This one that I'm sure is a recent photo. I think this was in Borbon.

While yesterday, a kid did his homework. =)

Sep 3, 2014

Note to self

I just have to blog post this to remind myself that no to BULLYING. And i want to thank a friend for calling my attention. I can flood here with my excuses but still it's bullying. And it's no cool!

On the other hand, being in the middle of online squabble is @.@ @.@. It's different when you're person being attacked. It's different when you're in the middle of 2 parties. when you're attakced, at least u only have to deal with one side. While being in the middle, you have to deal with many sides.