Sep 7, 2014

He's Just Not Into You

Weekends lately are spent on watching no-brainer romantic comedy movies. And one those highly recommended by google search results is "he's just not into you."

Anyhoo, quite a lot of big actors in there. The story is blah. 

But the recurring theme of romantic movies is about a girl's need to be in romance or having a lovelife.

Romantic movies depict successful women, but somehow she's incomplete without a lovelife. And that's 90% of where a romantic's stories revolve around. Girls should / must have that trophy boyfriend or else her success is just not enough.

And, I guess that's why girls (and maybe even boys) can sometimes look like some thing is holding her back from soaring -- and it's because of that "culture" of having a lovelife. Girls must prioritize lovelife! Girls must have that someone! 

It's annoying because somehow i'm a victim of it! And i see a lot of friends like that! And i'm even guilty of it taunting my girl friends of getting a love life more than starting a business. 

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