May 29, 2013

throw-app thursday

I promised to do the Help site of before May ends. And, since May is almost going to end, I'm now cramming. =) I love making Help pages, which nobody ever read. =)

But before that let me reminisce. For some reason reminds me of wakulu. And, I guess it's because, the programmers working on it are those who worked on wakulu before. It's like having a reunion.

And, I can't help but see the differences now. I always thought Fred and Norlan are good at programming back then. I mean they're great at their craft. But now, the difference is that they're probably more mature, and knows pretty well how to go around building an app. As such, it feels more relaxed now. Or, maybe, I just don't know. =)

While I could not bother much about the Help pages like how I fuss about it before.

I guess it probably has to come down to the point that after all the apps and downs, we know when to panic and not.

Or, I dunno. =)

Scheduled depression

This seems to be a trend already. That every last week of month, depression lurks in. I thought it's just PMS (pre-menstrual symptoms, blame the hormones going haywire). I tend to hate myself, how lousy it has been, and wants to strangle it for not doing "hard" enough. And i feel useless that my living adds no meaning to the world, I might as well tie a rope around my neck and hang myself.  Turn the lights off, Play some emo music in the background, avril lavigne is that you?!?

Maybe partly due to PMS but I realized now that maybe because it's end of the month when "working" takes toll, and add in the uneasiness when looking at the the to-do list, nothing much has moved. Maybe it's what Mark has been reciting over and over again as "productive paranoia" minus the productive. 

And, it's like "i'm a teenage dirtbag, baby."

Hello, self! Here we are again.

May 28, 2013

A blog within a blog

My family as introduced by Meg.

Screenshot of Meg's latest post.

Social or Like Marketing: Hoping I won't go this far

Take note of the most important note.

I'm guilty of doing this thing. But I hope I was not this "funny" (for lack of term).

I'm not fond of marketing. But I also believe that unless you tell the world about you or whatever you are doing, no one will know. Not because you are not great enough, but people will thought that you do not need their "reaction." If Samsung or jobstreet and other big popular companies need to do marketing just shows no one may be exempted from doing it.

But I hope marketing honchos can be more creative than hoarding likes.

Here's hoping I won't go this far. But we'll never know.

Ow, please don't forget to like this.

May 23, 2013


This is the last pitcure for my art school

In the beach

This is the part i'm playing in the sand with my friends. The name of my friends are mia pia carlo and therese we have lots of fun in the sand and somtime i get wet in the water and we have dinner


In this part i'm in the dressing for my flower girl otfiet for the wedding dress

Artsy school

This is my artsy day. When its my turn to raise i stand up let my art see by ever body.

27 Dresses

Two more weddings these coming weekends, and another 1 this December, I need a new "formal" dress. The one I wore at the artsy fartsy cousin's wedding is too revealing in upper part, showing my cleavage and my back.

I have no problems with its sexiness except that I do not have boobs, and worse is that the scars from chaffing from my sports bra are showing. I looked like a battered wife.

I thought of picking some 2-piece dress so I could just replace the top. So here's what I came up first:
I looked like a character from El Filibusterismo, a not-crazy looking Sisa. And so I realized my fashion taste is stuck back in highschool plays.

So I gave up the mix-and-match idea. My talent at matching outfits is just HORRIBLE!!! 

So I went with one-piece dresses:
Another thing i soooo hate about buying clothes is the back-and-forth trip to the fitting room. 

There were more clothes I tried but some I could not figure out how to put them on.

As much as I want to see my friends get married and all, I hope I can just skip the "dress" part.

Presscon notes

When I first got invited to a sporting presscon event, I had no idea what I should do. So I just follow what other sports writer from other news media.

They would pull out their notebook or pad paper, and jot down something. 

So as to look someone legit reporter, I also do the same. 

 Then the following day, I will look for their news report, and just get info from them and mashed them up. 

May 22, 2013

Postal Mail?

I got some sort of claim stub from the Philippine postal. I wonder what it is. I don't remember ordering something online. But that's not the point.

It's just cute to have someone sent me some parcel using the Philippine postal. 

May 20, 2013

Me in papercup art by Meg

Meg was in the mood to get crafty and artsy this afternoon.

The one below is I, with orange skirt because she said that I love orange.
She also made a Mati cup art.
The other cup dolls she made! :)

May 18, 2013

Birthday Run: Tool or Soul

At the end of the run, Mark offered his "realizations" in life. Some world-changing realizations.

He said he realized that he's a "TOOL" person. In short, he's a gear junkie aka trash-donator man, who keeps buying stuff and use it for awhile, and then all ended up in some box. Funny that he needed to "realize" that when it's quite obvious.

In relation to running, it means that he only runs for the gears. Though, he would always make it valid by saying that he likes gears because he wants to know how things work, and not because of just "having." I guess after xx years of hearing his excuse, it is somehow becomes believable after some time.

So he asked about what I am. I replied that I am a "SOUL" person. Well, nothing special explanation behind it. It's just that SOUL perfectly rhymes with TOOL.

I'm actually a tool person too. I use all Mark's unused tools. But on a serious note, I do love gears but unlike Mark who loves new shiny shimmering things, I stick with one tool/gadget. I guess it's because of having that "sentimental value" with that gear -- the soul of it. 

May 15, 2013

Mareee Flor's Deflowering!

Some changes with the upcoming Columbia Trail (, they scrapped the 6km category, which left a friend disappointed. But then we're not giving up yet so we thought of trying to cover a 10km of chill walk up to Busay, or at least 2 hours of walking or whatever would come first.

I was a bit apprehensive. Scared that Mareee Flor might get mad with me after this. And, more scared that I might scratched her flawless skin, Dion would never forgive me.

But I'm soooo happy. We only did not cover 10KM up to somewhere in Chateau de Busay; we're also able to do in around 2hrs 30min. Trail run is really time consuming run so it's good we got a lot of time on our feet. So we were able to cross out all our goals!!!

And, manage to do photoshoots along the way.

Don't be deceived with those harmless looks! Behind it is a tiger with red leps!

Pose with that pastry shop at the background where she DNF'd last time.
The 1hr of our running time was spent doing this.

May 14, 2013

Pre-birthday Thoughts: Losing My Innocence

Losing my innocence is when I stop believing in "changing the world."

As they say that the world does not need changing. It was perfect all along. It's the humans that need changing.

I guess life has been hard when I realized that. Because "changing the world" is much easier to do than "changing humans." I can hardly even change myself.

I don't know where I encounter this thought. Maybe it was from that Fidel Castro book. How I hate that I read his book. Life has been so much harder to live after reading that book. Because it always leads me to ask if what I've been doing can really affect people in positive ways.

But as they say that making our own selves better is more than enough.

And so the endless question of really am I making myself better? Is what I am hardworking hard here can make me any better than lounging in a hammock on a beach sipping margarita?

I mean I could just do nothing, and the world will probably be a much better place.

May 12, 2013

This is how my mother's day roll!

The girl is not totally pleased. And, I think I have a lot of clean-up to do afterwards, not to mention, this girl wasted a week-worth of axion!

Seriously, for me, no need to create a special day for me as a mother. Corny, but seeing my 3 yagits are too much of a blessing already! :)

May 8, 2013

Modern Life Has Become that Gourmet Trash-Eating Lobster We Instagrammed?!?

Early this morning, we were following this garbage truck on our way out of the house. And, I cannot help but think how did it come to this point where we need other people to keep our trash?!? Spend on gas, release fumes just to get our trash away from our peaceful well-kept homes.

It's probably the CONVENIENCE that comes with innovation from this MODERN CIVILIZATION?!?

We put our trash in garbage bags, then just like magic, they're gone. They're swept away into a centralized place where they rot, or maybe there's some garbage-turning-into-gold facility out there. Not thinking some remnants of our trash may leak into the soil, into a nearby farm where it supplies the "fresh" produce we got from the groceries or wet market, and tuck them safely into our  refrigerator to keep it away from any dirt or from rotting.

Or, maybe residues from our trash leak into the river, into our sea, and eaten by the sea fishes, crustaceans, and other animals, which are then served to us in some fancy restaurant where we unwind after hard work, which provides us money to make our lives convenient. 

Everytime I think about MODERN CIVILIZED LIFE, the first thing that would come up in my mind is that it's like our distilled filtered water in galloons. 

Because we're so afraid of contamination on our tap water, we resort to buying distilled sterilized water packaged in big galloons. Not knowing how the "sterilization" process may alter our water (destroying some of its nutrients), the chemicals from the plastic the galloons may contaminate the water, plus the carbon footprint it leaves when it's conveniently delivered (or picked up) to our sterilized homes?

Modern life has become the constant chase of being convenient. It's about complaining how hot our planet is then conveniently turn on the airconditioner, hop into airconditioned car, get into airconditioned offices. And, these airconditioning system is known to make our places hotter. Thus, when we get out of the comfort of our airconditioned places, we complained, and conveniently blame global warming... and, nothing about us. 

Election is coming in Philippines where "modernities" and "conveniences" are promised by the politicians, who we conveniently blamed for our miserable lives. 

I have to blame the upcoming election for making me think like this. Election brings the worse in everyone: from the politicians, and the holier-art-thou intelligent voters (like me). I hate listening to the politicians funny platforms, same as I hate the intelligent people giving smart criticisms of the politicians. But then if ask what they can probably do to make this country better, all we could think of is conveniently blame graft and corruption and dirty politicians. Nothing about looking into ourselves as to what we really we can do and what we can give. And, I'm  not excluding myself.

It's 5 more days to election, and 10 more days to my birthday! So let me greet myself Happy birthday, modern girl! I dunno if the world is happy with my modern existence. 

I'm ending this with a non-instagram pic. Enjoying gourmet buko juice al fresca.

May 7, 2013

Do piss-hy

My writing is like much my running. Aside that, both have no forms; they both left me so spent after. But still i won't have them in any other way.

Both could really take much of me, that I would end up so spent after finishing any of the two.

So after knowing that the story I was supposedly making for Olango Challenge as a way to promote it could not be published, I totally felt spent. No more energy to do other things. (Maybe i'll just make use of my time doing Help posts.i It does not take much emotions.)

Just like the last post i made, it was such a sucker post. I hate it. I felt it was the epitome of mediocrity. But i just had to publish it to close the circle, so I can finally move on.

I mean just like runs, most of them are really bad runs. It's a rare to get that one epic run where everything feels good and satisfying. But to get that epic run, you just have to go thru do all those pointless shitty runs.

So yeah, more cringe-y stories from me to come! :)