May 8, 2013

Modern Life Has Become that Gourmet Trash-Eating Lobster We Instagrammed?!?

Early this morning, we were following this garbage truck on our way out of the house. And, I cannot help but think how did it come to this point where we need other people to keep our trash?!? Spend on gas, release fumes just to get our trash away from our peaceful well-kept homes.

It's probably the CONVENIENCE that comes with innovation from this MODERN CIVILIZATION?!?

We put our trash in garbage bags, then just like magic, they're gone. They're swept away into a centralized place where they rot, or maybe there's some garbage-turning-into-gold facility out there. Not thinking some remnants of our trash may leak into the soil, into a nearby farm where it supplies the "fresh" produce we got from the groceries or wet market, and tuck them safely into our  refrigerator to keep it away from any dirt or from rotting.

Or, maybe residues from our trash leak into the river, into our sea, and eaten by the sea fishes, crustaceans, and other animals, which are then served to us in some fancy restaurant where we unwind after hard work, which provides us money to make our lives convenient. 

Everytime I think about MODERN CIVILIZED LIFE, the first thing that would come up in my mind is that it's like our distilled filtered water in galloons. 

Because we're so afraid of contamination on our tap water, we resort to buying distilled sterilized water packaged in big galloons. Not knowing how the "sterilization" process may alter our water (destroying some of its nutrients), the chemicals from the plastic the galloons may contaminate the water, plus the carbon footprint it leaves when it's conveniently delivered (or picked up) to our sterilized homes?

Modern life has become the constant chase of being convenient. It's about complaining how hot our planet is then conveniently turn on the airconditioner, hop into airconditioned car, get into airconditioned offices. And, these airconditioning system is known to make our places hotter. Thus, when we get out of the comfort of our airconditioned places, we complained, and conveniently blame global warming... and, nothing about us. 

Election is coming in Philippines where "modernities" and "conveniences" are promised by the politicians, who we conveniently blamed for our miserable lives. 

I have to blame the upcoming election for making me think like this. Election brings the worse in everyone: from the politicians, and the holier-art-thou intelligent voters (like me). I hate listening to the politicians funny platforms, same as I hate the intelligent people giving smart criticisms of the politicians. But then if ask what they can probably do to make this country better, all we could think of is conveniently blame graft and corruption and dirty politicians. Nothing about looking into ourselves as to what we really we can do and what we can give. And, I'm  not excluding myself.

It's 5 more days to election, and 10 more days to my birthday! So let me greet myself Happy birthday, modern girl! I dunno if the world is happy with my modern existence. 

I'm ending this with a non-instagram pic. Enjoying gourmet buko juice al fresca.

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