May 29, 2013

throw-app thursday

I promised to do the Help site of before May ends. And, since May is almost going to end, I'm now cramming. =) I love making Help pages, which nobody ever read. =)

But before that let me reminisce. For some reason reminds me of wakulu. And, I guess it's because, the programmers working on it are those who worked on wakulu before. It's like having a reunion.

And, I can't help but see the differences now. I always thought Fred and Norlan are good at programming back then. I mean they're great at their craft. But now, the difference is that they're probably more mature, and knows pretty well how to go around building an app. As such, it feels more relaxed now. Or, maybe, I just don't know. =)

While I could not bother much about the Help pages like how I fuss about it before.

I guess it probably has to come down to the point that after all the apps and downs, we know when to panic and not.

Or, I dunno. =)

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