May 14, 2013

Pre-birthday Thoughts: Losing My Innocence

Losing my innocence is when I stop believing in "changing the world."

As they say that the world does not need changing. It was perfect all along. It's the humans that need changing.

I guess life has been hard when I realized that. Because "changing the world" is much easier to do than "changing humans." I can hardly even change myself.

I don't know where I encounter this thought. Maybe it was from that Fidel Castro book. How I hate that I read his book. Life has been so much harder to live after reading that book. Because it always leads me to ask if what I've been doing can really affect people in positive ways.

But as they say that making our own selves better is more than enough.

And so the endless question of really am I making myself better? Is what I am hardworking hard here can make me any better than lounging in a hammock on a beach sipping margarita?

I mean I could just do nothing, and the world will probably be a much better place.

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