Jul 31, 2013

Planner: stop signal

I love planners. I used to collect them back then especially orange ones. But years ago, I gave up getting one because they always ended up unused. I don't really use them because my mind is so cluttered, there's just no way to plot out my "plans." 

But lately, bouts of depression pops up because of my task list that does not seem to move anywhere, I thought plotting out my weekly/monthly task might help the down-side of my bipolarness. 

I still get my month-end depression but at least, it smoothens my cluttered way of working. Before I just do the 1st task that would pop up in my mind, or do all of them or insert whatever would fancy me at the moment. That's why it seems I havent done any thing because I keep doing other things, which are not in my task list, just because i fancy them. Right now, whenever some thing fancies me, I'll look at my planner to tell me "Noooo. Don't ever be a hero!" at least I'm guided as to what things I'll do. 

So I guess the best thing the planner does to me is, not that I'm now organized, telling me when to STOP!

I guess the main problem before of not having a list of things to do in a day is that I don't know when to stop. Thus, if things are not done in the weekdays, I tend to work also in the weekend, which I don't really mind except that "family time" keeps nagging at me. 

Thus when month ends, i'm depressed because it feels That aside that i have no progress in my work, i also suck at family thingie!

With planner, I may not finish all whay's in a list but at least it also gives me a look of things I have checked off. :)

(My first journal that is so outdated as the calendar is still 2012. Now i understand why it was on sale.)

Jul 19, 2013

Basic Graphics Token from #pracebu2013 #iambgi

Adapt. Evolve. Thrive.

Thanks much! The details are just so beautiful. I just learned they're some kind of sis company with penshoppe.

And, I'm reminded, BGI had a planner before with Changkol's photos on it. The thing is I don't use planner before. I was confused what to make of it. It's too pretty to give away. Now I dunmo where i put it. I should have given it away instead.

Jul 17, 2013

traveling, vacation -- the illusions of it?

I came across this blog post, "Why you should quit your job and travel now."

And, I guess this is the reason why I hate to call our travels "travel" and vacations as "vacations." Because it always connotes "temporary." It's like "vacations" and "travels" mean "escaping from life." It's like making vacation and travels such a privilege.

It's like when I say I'm out for a travel or vacation feels like I-hate-my-job, and so I travel. The thing is I love our job. When we "travel," we bring the current life with us to where we go. And, Thankfully, I don't really need to travel to feel alive.

I believe that if someone needs to have a vacation or travel to have a "life." Seriously, rethink what you are currently doing, and quit! Not because for travel, but because you're dead!


Life can just be hiding in your kitchen, making up all kinds of recipes. A cook may travel, not because he's imprisoned by his kitchen, but to taste the other places' food. Life can be caving in the basement, painting / designing / sewing / making music. And, if ever they come out of basement, it's because the world needs to see their work, or they need to see something to add to their "work."

And, for me traveling is not always about going to a new place. Traveling can also be about seeing old places in new ways. Traveling can also be about seeing old places from another person's perspective.

Jul 14, 2013

Support Agriculture Sector Over Feeding

Government should instead spend on supporting the farmers instead of their feeding projects. Feeding projects are good but I don't think it's sustainable in the long run, plus it creates "dependency." 

While giving agriculture support helps our farming sector plus a sustainable "feeding project," plus it helps add economic activity.

Jul 12, 2013

PTA Meeting

Migi is already in grade 3. He started in his school now when he was 5yrs. He's now going 9yrs old. So he probably have stayed in this school for 4 years.

And, maybe in every school year, I would attend 1 or 2 school meetings.

In the last PTA meeting, I was glad there was no longer discussion about car parking woes. Because seriously, I found it so superficial.

Discussion moved on to about the new subject "mother tongue" and parents complaining about too much assignments. I kind of agree with "too much assignments" but I don't agree with their reason that they, mothers, could no longer cope up with helping their kids in their assignment. Hello?!?

If you have a glimpse of the human resource power in a company, seriously, as much as possible, you definitely want to avoid having this kids raised with that kind  of parents, despite all the A's in their grades.

And, I realized that though the concerns changed, from car parking woes to too many assignments, the complainants are the same set of people. Yes, that mother who complained about mother tongue was the same mother who complained about the time or the costume of their kids' activity in another meeting, or their kids' scores in exams. 

Sometimes, I could not help but ask if they're sincere or they just need attention?!? I guess there are just people who are like that. 

Jul 11, 2013


While sweeping the flood out of our mansion house, I overheard Mati saying the "Angel of God" prayer, and ending it with "Lord, please heal nanay, mommy, and sick people."

Earlier that, I told him to pray if he would get scared. And, so he did recite his bedtime Prayer.

Hearing his very "yungit" prayer, I could just not feel awful about this eeny weeny disaster. Maybe, I should aggressively turn myself into some tree-hugging hippie! :)


We had to pile them up in one place, and Hand them pens and paper bags to entertain theirselves, while we cleaned up the mess. 

Jul 8, 2013

2nd Half 2013 Race Schedule

It's here

Plus contemplating between:

SUUNTO Lantau 2 Peaks 15KM & 21KM Oct 6 - 2013
PATAGONIA Nature Run - 14k & 22k - Nov 24 2013

You can also create your own personalized race / running event calendar scheduler at How to?!? Learn here >>.

Jul 5, 2013

Conversations Over Inun-onan

I was attending the press conference of 1st Olango Ultramarathon 50K at tourism office of Lapu-lapu City, when one the guys looked very familiar. So I took the courage, and approached him. That's when I found out he was Ka Bino. I don't like to compare him to Carlos Celdran, but to give you an idea of who he is; he's like Carlos Celdran who gives historical tour and more than that. You can find more about Ka Bino from his website here >>.

He is a consultant of the Lapu-lapu tourism, that's why he was there during the press conference. 

After the presscon, we proceeded to a carenderia (eatery) for lunch. And, after a long time, I just witnessed one of the best conversations.

While, I was attacking the inun-onan (fish dish), Ka Bino was discussing about politics to history, to trivias, and his own take of the history. That moment you wish how come this does not happen much on social sites.

not inun-onan

It was nice to hear them arguing over the different political personalities or issues without getting personal, just purely intellectual discussion.

A very meaty lunch, indeed!

Anyhoo, for those interested of 1st Olango Ultramarathon, check other post at runroo, Leave No Island Un-Traced: CUC on Tour Visayas Leg 2 Goes OMG (Olango My Getaway!) Ultramarathon

Jul 3, 2013

My "Work of Art" Was Demeaning?!?

Yesterday I saw +Mark Joseph Deutsch of Happy Garaje created the below poster for +Adrian Walag the Wagee's Enduro event. And, I thought to make one also for an ultramarathon in Negros Occidental, an organizer shared with me to work on. So I load the "skitch" and craft my work of art event poster.
The organizer has this promo discounts for his race event, and so I thought to make a poster for it. And, this is the most creative I came up with.

Isn't it naturally beautiful?!? 

It's about a Lola against a runner. It's like she's challenging runners that if she can do it at her age, shame on runners who chickened out on this.

It's also about the Lola being a local resident of the race route welcoming runners to their area. For me it's always important that locals of the race area should be thanked for for sharing their place to the outsider runners.

So that was my meaning behind the poster. So I happily posted it on runroo's page and blog site.

But then an hour after, someone commented that the picture was "offensive," and it was "demeaning" to the runners. It "rattled" me. Hey, I would never ever do that. So I took the poster down right away, and find the person who made the comment, and apologize to him. (I missed to screenshot the comment for posterity. That's how I was in #thatawkwardmoment.)

So I asked Markjeee to take a look at my work of art, and tell me what's wrong with it, why it's offensive. He said because it looked like an African Malnourished Child poster, like a beggar.

Ow! =( "Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder," indeed. It makes me think I might have a very wrong set of requirements for what is beautiful.

Anyhow, I'm thankful to the person who took the time to point it out to me that it's offensive. At least, I'm now doubly careful as to what to post. =)