Jul 31, 2013

Planner: stop signal

I love planners. I used to collect them back then especially orange ones. But years ago, I gave up getting one because they always ended up unused. I don't really use them because my mind is so cluttered, there's just no way to plot out my "plans." 

But lately, bouts of depression pops up because of my task list that does not seem to move anywhere, I thought plotting out my weekly/monthly task might help the down-side of my bipolarness. 

I still get my month-end depression but at least, it smoothens my cluttered way of working. Before I just do the 1st task that would pop up in my mind, or do all of them or insert whatever would fancy me at the moment. That's why it seems I havent done any thing because I keep doing other things, which are not in my task list, just because i fancy them. Right now, whenever some thing fancies me, I'll look at my planner to tell me "Noooo. Don't ever be a hero!" at least I'm guided as to what things I'll do. 

So I guess the best thing the planner does to me is, not that I'm now organized, telling me when to STOP!

I guess the main problem before of not having a list of things to do in a day is that I don't know when to stop. Thus, if things are not done in the weekdays, I tend to work also in the weekend, which I don't really mind except that "family time" keeps nagging at me. 

Thus when month ends, i'm depressed because it feels That aside that i have no progress in my work, i also suck at family thingie!

With planner, I may not finish all whay's in a list but at least it also gives me a look of things I have checked off. :)

(My first journal that is so outdated as the calendar is still 2012. Now i understand why it was on sale.)

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