Nov 27, 2006


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Best for screen shots. =) Super easy to use. Can also be used as image editor.


Just for some conversation, I usually ask Mark 'what if we did not meet?,' 'what if there is no US?,' 'what if I'm the boy and he the girl, would we still choose each other?,' 'what if I get married to one of his male relatives instead?,' stuffs like that.

Mark's usual answers to first 2 question are:
1. I'll finish college and get into masters. (So I should be blamed for his being dropped out?!)
2. I can go abroad or any where I want. (He has a point though.)3. I'll have lots of girls. (Yeah, right!)4. I can do any thing without someone checking on me from time to time. (His main point is he can work all he want, and play all he want and does not need to go home.)5. I'll be rich. (Yeah, right. He only works his ass off and thinks of saving when he has kids already.)6. I'll never get married or have kids so early/soon. (hahahaha. trauma?)
I. I only have 1 answer. If I could not get a pinoy man as a boyfriend to marry me, I'd probably whore myself over the internet and get a foreigner guy. =)

Nov 26, 2006

My Little Playhouse

Mark once said to me that there's a new place for kids in SM beside ACE hardware. He described it as jungle2x place, and said I should bring the kids there because they're going to enjoy it. So when we get to visit SM, I was excited to bring the kids at this 'new jungle2x place.'

Why did I ever believe him?!? I know that I should never trust his judgment. So I was expecting jungle with stuffed animals, fake trees and such. But when we got to the place, there was no jungle. It's actually play houses, and it's not something new. Anyhow, the kids still enjoy it. Migi was crying and rolling on the floor when I said we need to go.

There's not much kids in there when we were there. Entrance is P40/40 minutes, so it's like P1/min. =)

CLOSEYS night-out 2

From the The Outpost, we went to Cebu Doc area to hunt for some internet cafe because we planned to have some conferencevoicechat with Tatz, but sadly gi-indian mi ni Tatz. No, Tatz had to attend to something.

After internetting, actually it was only Liyah nag internet, googling for her 'DOKI CRUSH' and also hunting him sa friendster, we decided to stop over at Bo's. Bo's has this new look now. I noticed almost all of the people there are studying. Why?! The 2nd sem has just started. Medical course must be real hard.

So we chitchat away until Bo's closed which is like 1AM. Huh!

Next month... =) When Tatz left, Liyah and I realized that we need to do this on a monthly basis before everybody is somewhere and unavailable for bonding.

ka-CLOSEYS scheduled night-out

Before Tatz went to Dubai, we promised to go out this Thanksgiving. We were planning to hit 'The Outpost.' So there we were last Thursday minus Tatz though but had Shyne instead.

We had nachos and chimichangas(sp?) for starters. Both are good, best I ever tasted though rarely I had the chance to eat these two. Then, we had baby back ribs (as the waitress said it's their bestseller), porkchop sthing, and fish called hemi-hemi(not sure). Fish is good. The ribs and porkchop is okay. They have this little green stuff peppered over the ribs and porkchop which made them have this taste like the godfather chops of Roma Pizza. But I love Roma Pizza so I like them also then. =) Then for dessert we had mango crepe and choco rum watever. All I can say is save the crepes for EastWest. The choco rum is something new to me. I can say is maybe we did not order the right desert(sp?). But all in all, it was a good experience.

I only got to take pictures of the desert(sp?). Obvious nga gigutom.

On our way out, we really wanted to pose sa entrance pa picture but their were a lot of people so we're kinda shy doing some posing. hahahah

Nov 23, 2006

Happy family

I got to chat with my workmate awhile ago as it was not a busy day. Maybe because it's desperas to Thanksgiving, everybody in US must be busy preparing for the event.

We chatted, and she shared her pictures posted in flickr. She's also a mother. Her baby is just 6-month old. She's from Argenitina. After watching her pictures, I told her she has such a beautiful family. I mean it literally and figuratively. They're like Barbie and Ken plus their beautiful daughter.

Then, after watching her pictures. I also shared with her my pictures posted here in multiply. She also said I have a beautiful family. Well, all family I believe is beautiful figuratively. And, that we look so happy. Happy? Yes, I know we're happy despite all the craziness that comes with having 2 kids just 1 year apart. But I'm just wondering what made her say that by just looking at the pictures. We're we all smiling on the pictures?!? Now just I realized that maybe because mostly the pictures posted there are like group pictures, family events, or friendship events. Mostly there are more than 3 persons in the pictures. Compared to the pictures she posted which mostly have a maximum of 3 persons = parents + baby. This is just my assumption, though.

I just noticed that most of the mother/baby blogs I read whose author are from other countries (yes, I used to follow a lot of mommy blogs), the pictures usually posted by mothers are of their baby/ies or their family. Pictures with extended family are not really rare but usually on special occasions or vacations they have. (not on a daliy basis unlike here)

I just then realized that it's a Pinoy culture that when there's a camera, everybody like swarm in front of it. (This is just my assumption, though.) It's also our culture to be together when there are events (and we have like many events) but I think because we have the time to slack, or we always find time to slack. Thus having more opportunities for group pictures that have more than 3 people in it.

Smile! =)

to my roommie

After reading rofie's post about his roommate leaving him. I can't help but be nostalgic. Tatzie, my roommate for 3 years back in college just left for Dubai.

The things I miss:

- locking our rooms and pigging out. yes, we're that bad.
- food hunting in the middle of the night
- purposely not waking her up early in the morning so she will be late to her 730am class. hahahha. i love it when she  found out she's going to be late
- talking about boys and boys
- bashing each other
- chismis, libak
- her excessive perfume waking me up early in the morning
- her kikayness level that i can't understand, and constantly criticize her about it
- boys
- talking and talking and talking until we dose of
- 'studying together but end up talking and talking and sleep

Nov 21, 2006

honasan's perfect timing

Honasan could be happiest with Pacman's victory. For sure, his issue is now forgotten. Somehow, Honasan could have planned to have his arrest to happen just before Pacman's game. Because he knows, Pacman will then be on the headlines until NEXT YEAR. Thus, burrying any issues about him 6 feet below the ground. =) Pinoys are all happy because of Pacman's great victory so more likely Honasan's case will be forgotten, and he will be forgiven.

Perfect timing! Let Honasan enjoy his time,
while we endure watching Manny Pacquiao to be featured on all local TV shows until next year!!!

Congrats, Manny. Way to go, Honasan! =)

Nov 19, 2006

weekend dose and the O.C.

Thanks to torrent for some entertainment during weekends. My watchlist during weekends:
1. Everybody Hates Chris
2. CSI
These 2 are musts!

If I still feel like watching other stuffs, I go for:
3. the O.C.
4. Greys Anatomy
5. Numbers

So I watched the O.C. awhile ago, I forgot the episode title. But somehow the theme of the episode is 'Cheating' or something to that effect. Marissa got back with Luke, but she still makes sure to see Ryan to tell him that she and Luke are together again. Luke wanted to go homerun with Marissa but Marissa kind of not ready. She went to see Ryan but caught him doing the grandmother of Zach -- I assumed her reason for wanting to see Ryan is to have sex with him. Disappointed Marissa went ahead and had sex with Luke. Then, Ryan and Marissa together with other friends went to Mexico. Surprised Marissa caught Luke making out with another girl. So she overdosed herself. hahahah... Gawd, I love their storyline! It's like a confused teenager made it.

Zach's father (Sandy is the name?) accepted a new job and somehow flirted with his officemate which I assumed an ex of him. And Zach's mother helped this neighbor, who is going through a divorce, who was her ex also, and they kissed. This made me think, are all people in america divorced?

Also I noticed that there's always a party in every episode!!!

Do really american kids/teens/whatever watch this?!? Because sadly it's sad. Stupid me because I still watch it though not religiously (defensive). And, I'm actually looking forward to watch Laguna Beach, as they say the TRUE OC. =)

Nov 16, 2006

It Might Be You

Except for
NANANANA and LALALALALA hymns/songs, I usually find myself singing or humming the following 2 songs in repeat shuffle until I or my kids finally landed the dreamland:

1. Our Father - I'm not sure why. It just comes out my mind. Maybe because it's one of the few songs I know the lyrics to. Or, maybe I'm silently praying that the kids will go to sleep ASAP so I can have ME time.
2. It Might Be You -- This one is odd because first I really don't like this song. I can't figure out why a lot of people love this song, and now I can't figure out why I'm humming it, and yes I find that somehow I know some of the lyrics, not perfect but it sounds right to me:

Time, I've been passing time watching trains go by
All of my life
Wondering where you are, and what makes you cry.
wishing there would be someone's waiting home for me
someone's telling me it might be you
yes, it's telling me it might be you

so many quite words to say
so many dreams to make
love is nanananananannana...

That's quite good 2 stanzas(?) of the song. Better google for the correct lyrics, if I can't sing it well, at least the lyrics is correct. =) My kids will never be American Idol/Pinoy Pop Superstar/Star In A Million material -- blame it on my crooked It Might Be You.

Nov 11, 2006

that unexpainable giddy feeling and starry eyes! the mushiness and all

I badly missed that kind of feeling.

* Imagine college/high school setting where you have this crush, and you constantly haunt/stalk for him inside and outside the campus, and you never get tired... 

* When  you can't help but become dumbfounded and you just want to hold on that moment replaying the scene in your mind again and again in different scenario, that feeling...

* the feeling that you feel like it's raining and you just want to curl in your bed and daydream...

* the feeling of becoming daydreamy when you heard a song that you sort of connected to him...

* and that freaky sweet tingling smile you have when you see him or when he pops up in your mind or just for no reason at all...

* that christmassy feeling -- it's cold but you feel good, calm and warm and just satisfied having him or still wishing for him...

* the i-wanna-hug-you-tight-but-can't-get-enough feeling.

I totally miss the feeling of having crushes like in college/highschool where you really have no chance of getting the guy but still you can't help but magpa-OGG (olipon sa gugmang giatay!).

How about you what feeling are you missing? hehehe...

Nov 10, 2006

i'm looking forward to...

* i'm currently waiting for the Globe DSL tech guy who called and said he's coming over here to fix our dsl. (thankfully our smart wifi/bro's working.) i need it fixed or else i can't work and we'll have training later. on other thought, at least i get to rest.

* i decided to go for Holiday Spa. Promised Monday or this weekend, I will go there to enrol. lazy lazy lazy me!

* tomorrow, we'll visit my special cousin, jonel, whom the last time i saw was on his birthday last May. Uncle's asking me to get pictures of him and send them to him via email. he badly misses Jonel. We'll probably bring Jonel a ball for a present.

* after Jonel, hopefully we still time have to go to Transcentral Highway. I haven't been there. I mean haven't been there when it's popularly called Transcentral Highway.

* Sunday is Cathy's (mark's cuzn) birthday. I'm hoping we'll have some event. i know already what to give her as a present -- 2 dozens of gonuts donuts. She's 8-week preggers, and she's craving for doughnuts! =)

* getting a new aircon. i CAN live without it. all my life, the only time i get to have some aircon is when i'm the office or i'm in a mall, in the car, or any place where there's an aircon. mark insists we NEED it for the kids to be comfortable. duh! he's just using the kids as excuse, he's the one who actually WANTS it. but really, our place has poor ventillation. it's like hot oven inside. electric bills demmit?!!!

* purchase more parols from merkado para ibitay sa amo balay. migi was throwing tantrums coz he wanted to play with the 'tar (star = parol).

for next week...

* i'll work on SSS, PAG-IBIG, PhilHealth. i'll see how to process them on my own. SSS -- if ever i get pregnant again, to get some loan, and when i get old - pension. PAG-IBIG for housing loan -- hopefully we can get our own house in the near future. Philhealth for our health, wa man seguro'y loan sa philhealth. =) bottom line - LOAN. 

* that DORA show in Ayala. I'm hoping to bring my kids and their cuzns to that show. Any idea how to avail of the tickets?

* i think ayala will have a weekend SALE. SM? i'm wishing i can go para tan-aw (tan-aw lng) for christmas presents. i'm thinking of having a BALL as theme of my christmas presents so i'll be giving away balls -- bouncing ball. as Barney said, 'Ball is the world's greatest toy!'

next next week...

* thanksgiving holiday! i don't celebrate it but it means no work for me for 2 days! liyah and I minus tatz will have a date.

always on my thought...

* migrating. i wanted to try applying for migration to see if we qualified. =) i'm thinking of Canada and NZ. but thinking of the papers/requirements to prepare, major DUH! i don't even have a TOR and diploma! and, i'm lazzyyyy!!! wa nako'y chance!

aha naman ang taga GLOBE?!? wa nako'y masuwat, wa japon sya naabot!

Nov 3, 2006


A to Z.

- available but married

- sleeping

- matt damon

- tamtam

- myself

- orange, red

- worms

- badian, cebu

- guitar -- i can play any song with DAGA chords

J - favorite JUICE?:
- is iced tea juice?

- r&b, hiphop

- banaue to laguna

- chocolate milk

- none. how sad!

- my kids to be god-loving and smart ones

P - Phobia/Fears?:

- don't let the things you want make you

- friends, family and ckret nlng

- deal or no deal song? naa ba?

- 9am...

- i am serious...

- onions...

- cramming...

- for UP med check up

- chocolates...

Z - Zodiac sign?:
- taurus

Nov 2, 2006

My New Phone

(Yay, the image is so big!)

My 2-week old phone is busted -- my precious Nokia 1100.

After series of banging and throwing from migi and meg, my old reliable 3315 gave up on me. I was celphone-less for months because I tried to save some moolah for a Motorazr or any phone with a camera. Yes, call me pathetic but I wanted to be cool! Un/Fortunately, after 6 months of saving, I'm only able to afford Nokia 1100. Yeah, is it obvious I don't sound excited? =)

Anyhow, one morning, I woke up to Migi's voice from the bathroom saying Nanay (my mother) many times. I have the same celphone with my mother, maybe that was what Migi meant. When I get to him I saw him dipping my celphone into the pail with WATER! Waahhhh...

After drying the phone, wonderfully, it works! But when I tried to charge it yesterday, it did not charge!!!

It has a one-year warranty though. Will they still accept my phone back and give me something new in return like an orange flip Motorazr?!? Yeay, baratohon ako 1100 but still it's P2T+!!! Gggrrr...

God, please let them honor the warranty! I promise I'll be more grateful to have a cam-less phone!

after shift thoughts

  • My sked right now is 12AM-9AM. As much as I wanted to go straight to dreamland as I get off, it's just too difficult. Lisod og tugpa!
  • How to deal with an insensitive and asshole person especially when you're with him 24/7?!? Yes, I'm referring to my husband!
  • After 2 kids, I/we realized we're not yet ready to become parents! I'm scared what will become of my kids. =(
  • My new phone Nokia 1100, 2-week old, is broke. It won't charge.  I'm too lazy to go to SM to return my broken phone -- baratohon ra man gud. =)"
border="0">Hay, how I wish I can afford Motorazr. I saw one in orange!
  • That made me realized I need to buy a phone/handset with a MUTE function for my work.
  • My world is getting smaller. One of my friends who I get to see rarely will be leaving soon for Dubai.