Nov 26, 2006

ka-CLOSEYS scheduled night-out

Before Tatz went to Dubai, we promised to go out this Thanksgiving. We were planning to hit 'The Outpost.' So there we were last Thursday minus Tatz though but had Shyne instead.

We had nachos and chimichangas(sp?) for starters. Both are good, best I ever tasted though rarely I had the chance to eat these two. Then, we had baby back ribs (as the waitress said it's their bestseller), porkchop sthing, and fish called hemi-hemi(not sure). Fish is good. The ribs and porkchop is okay. They have this little green stuff peppered over the ribs and porkchop which made them have this taste like the godfather chops of Roma Pizza. But I love Roma Pizza so I like them also then. =) Then for dessert we had mango crepe and choco rum watever. All I can say is save the crepes for EastWest. The choco rum is something new to me. I can say is maybe we did not order the right desert(sp?). But all in all, it was a good experience.

I only got to take pictures of the desert(sp?). Obvious nga gigutom.

On our way out, we really wanted to pose sa entrance pa picture but their were a lot of people so we're kinda shy doing some posing. hahahah

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