Nov 2, 2006

after shift thoughts

  • My sked right now is 12AM-9AM. As much as I wanted to go straight to dreamland as I get off, it's just too difficult. Lisod og tugpa!
  • How to deal with an insensitive and asshole person especially when you're with him 24/7?!? Yes, I'm referring to my husband!
  • After 2 kids, I/we realized we're not yet ready to become parents! I'm scared what will become of my kids. =(
  • My new phone Nokia 1100, 2-week old, is broke. It won't charge.  I'm too lazy to go to SM to return my broken phone -- baratohon ra man gud. =)"
border="0">Hay, how I wish I can afford Motorazr. I saw one in orange!
  • That made me realized I need to buy a phone/handset with a MUTE function for my work.
  • My world is getting smaller. One of my friends who I get to see rarely will be leaving soon for Dubai.

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