Nov 26, 2006

My Little Playhouse

Mark once said to me that there's a new place for kids in SM beside ACE hardware. He described it as jungle2x place, and said I should bring the kids there because they're going to enjoy it. So when we get to visit SM, I was excited to bring the kids at this 'new jungle2x place.'

Why did I ever believe him?!? I know that I should never trust his judgment. So I was expecting jungle with stuffed animals, fake trees and such. But when we got to the place, there was no jungle. It's actually play houses, and it's not something new. Anyhow, the kids still enjoy it. Migi was crying and rolling on the floor when I said we need to go.

There's not much kids in there when we were there. Entrance is P40/40 minutes, so it's like P1/min. =)

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