Nov 19, 2006

weekend dose and the O.C.

Thanks to torrent for some entertainment during weekends. My watchlist during weekends:
1. Everybody Hates Chris
2. CSI
These 2 are musts!

If I still feel like watching other stuffs, I go for:
3. the O.C.
4. Greys Anatomy
5. Numbers

So I watched the O.C. awhile ago, I forgot the episode title. But somehow the theme of the episode is 'Cheating' or something to that effect. Marissa got back with Luke, but she still makes sure to see Ryan to tell him that she and Luke are together again. Luke wanted to go homerun with Marissa but Marissa kind of not ready. She went to see Ryan but caught him doing the grandmother of Zach -- I assumed her reason for wanting to see Ryan is to have sex with him. Disappointed Marissa went ahead and had sex with Luke. Then, Ryan and Marissa together with other friends went to Mexico. Surprised Marissa caught Luke making out with another girl. So she overdosed herself. hahahah... Gawd, I love their storyline! It's like a confused teenager made it.

Zach's father (Sandy is the name?) accepted a new job and somehow flirted with his officemate which I assumed an ex of him. And Zach's mother helped this neighbor, who is going through a divorce, who was her ex also, and they kissed. This made me think, are all people in america divorced?

Also I noticed that there's always a party in every episode!!!

Do really american kids/teens/whatever watch this?!? Because sadly it's sad. Stupid me because I still watch it though not religiously (defensive). And, I'm actually looking forward to watch Laguna Beach, as they say the TRUE OC. =)

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