Nov 23, 2006

Happy family

I got to chat with my workmate awhile ago as it was not a busy day. Maybe because it's desperas to Thanksgiving, everybody in US must be busy preparing for the event.

We chatted, and she shared her pictures posted in flickr. She's also a mother. Her baby is just 6-month old. She's from Argenitina. After watching her pictures, I told her she has such a beautiful family. I mean it literally and figuratively. They're like Barbie and Ken plus their beautiful daughter.

Then, after watching her pictures. I also shared with her my pictures posted here in multiply. She also said I have a beautiful family. Well, all family I believe is beautiful figuratively. And, that we look so happy. Happy? Yes, I know we're happy despite all the craziness that comes with having 2 kids just 1 year apart. But I'm just wondering what made her say that by just looking at the pictures. We're we all smiling on the pictures?!? Now just I realized that maybe because mostly the pictures posted there are like group pictures, family events, or friendship events. Mostly there are more than 3 persons in the pictures. Compared to the pictures she posted which mostly have a maximum of 3 persons = parents + baby. This is just my assumption, though.

I just noticed that most of the mother/baby blogs I read whose author are from other countries (yes, I used to follow a lot of mommy blogs), the pictures usually posted by mothers are of their baby/ies or their family. Pictures with extended family are not really rare but usually on special occasions or vacations they have. (not on a daliy basis unlike here)

I just then realized that it's a Pinoy culture that when there's a camera, everybody like swarm in front of it. (This is just my assumption, though.) It's also our culture to be together when there are events (and we have like many events) but I think because we have the time to slack, or we always find time to slack. Thus having more opportunities for group pictures that have more than 3 people in it.

Smile! =)

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