Nov 23, 2006

to my roommie

After reading rofie's post about his roommate leaving him. I can't help but be nostalgic. Tatzie, my roommate for 3 years back in college just left for Dubai.

The things I miss:

- locking our rooms and pigging out. yes, we're that bad.
- food hunting in the middle of the night
- purposely not waking her up early in the morning so she will be late to her 730am class. hahahha. i love it when she  found out she's going to be late
- talking about boys and boys
- bashing each other
- chismis, libak
- her excessive perfume waking me up early in the morning
- her kikayness level that i can't understand, and constantly criticize her about it
- boys
- talking and talking and talking until we dose of
- 'studying together but end up talking and talking and sleep

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