Nov 10, 2006

i'm looking forward to...

* i'm currently waiting for the Globe DSL tech guy who called and said he's coming over here to fix our dsl. (thankfully our smart wifi/bro's working.) i need it fixed or else i can't work and we'll have training later. on other thought, at least i get to rest.

* i decided to go for Holiday Spa. Promised Monday or this weekend, I will go there to enrol. lazy lazy lazy me!

* tomorrow, we'll visit my special cousin, jonel, whom the last time i saw was on his birthday last May. Uncle's asking me to get pictures of him and send them to him via email. he badly misses Jonel. We'll probably bring Jonel a ball for a present.

* after Jonel, hopefully we still time have to go to Transcentral Highway. I haven't been there. I mean haven't been there when it's popularly called Transcentral Highway.

* Sunday is Cathy's (mark's cuzn) birthday. I'm hoping we'll have some event. i know already what to give her as a present -- 2 dozens of gonuts donuts. She's 8-week preggers, and she's craving for doughnuts! =)

* getting a new aircon. i CAN live without it. all my life, the only time i get to have some aircon is when i'm the office or i'm in a mall, in the car, or any place where there's an aircon. mark insists we NEED it for the kids to be comfortable. duh! he's just using the kids as excuse, he's the one who actually WANTS it. but really, our place has poor ventillation. it's like hot oven inside. electric bills demmit?!!!

* purchase more parols from merkado para ibitay sa amo balay. migi was throwing tantrums coz he wanted to play with the 'tar (star = parol).

for next week...

* i'll work on SSS, PAG-IBIG, PhilHealth. i'll see how to process them on my own. SSS -- if ever i get pregnant again, to get some loan, and when i get old - pension. PAG-IBIG for housing loan -- hopefully we can get our own house in the near future. Philhealth for our health, wa man seguro'y loan sa philhealth. =) bottom line - LOAN. 

* that DORA show in Ayala. I'm hoping to bring my kids and their cuzns to that show. Any idea how to avail of the tickets?

* i think ayala will have a weekend SALE. SM? i'm wishing i can go para tan-aw (tan-aw lng) for christmas presents. i'm thinking of having a BALL as theme of my christmas presents so i'll be giving away balls -- bouncing ball. as Barney said, 'Ball is the world's greatest toy!'

next next week...

* thanksgiving holiday! i don't celebrate it but it means no work for me for 2 days! liyah and I minus tatz will have a date.

always on my thought...

* migrating. i wanted to try applying for migration to see if we qualified. =) i'm thinking of Canada and NZ. but thinking of the papers/requirements to prepare, major DUH! i don't even have a TOR and diploma! and, i'm lazzyyyy!!! wa nako'y chance!

aha naman ang taga GLOBE?!? wa nako'y masuwat, wa japon sya naabot!


Maia Maia said...

hahaha...ako sad, rose..wala ana..kapoi man process oi...hehehe

rose buenconsejo said...

lagi. wa na sad ko kabawo sa akong student number ky nawala akong ID. wa gyud au. happily stuck in cebu na lng jud ko.