Jun 29, 2014

8:36 6/28/2014: the hard things about hard things

Current read is "the hard things about hard things" by ben horrowitz.
It's been a long time i flipped thru a book.  I read a blog that highly recommends this book. I scanned the books on the kindly, and found it so here it is.

It's about startup, growing, and CEO. Having the chance to see Mark went thru as CEO, i can relate on things written on the book. I was very relieved when the ceo title was finally stripped off from him earlier this year.

Probably, one of the very hardest thing i saw in mark being CEO -- see highlight. 

Jun 28, 2014

Introducing failure = learning to kids?

Failure. Life-changing failures = learning. The eldest son will be 10 this year. And, I wonder when will his real learning begin?

And, can I take it -- looking him go thru a miserable failure just to learn?

Education is indeed expensive, financially and emotionally.

Sometimes, i have this thought that letting my kids stay in an education insitution for like 15 or more years of their life is actually delaying learning. Because school system is somehow a fail-proof system. We don't really fail and fall flat on our face at school, except for superficial failure marks on report card. 

I mean which is easier: watching my kid fail at 15-16 or at 20+ years old?

8:36 6/27/2014: athletes talk 5

Thanks for the friend who said it was a fun one despite how i felt it was the opposite. 

If it was a race, i was not in good shape to host it. Two social functions after one another, I felt myself really wanting to just retreat to a cave and curl into fetal position.

Plus there were a lot of made-up things running inside my head that i impose on myself, and i'll spare myself from the details.

But on the upside of it, thankful I was able to make the projector work (last time at minglanilla was a fail), and I got to eat at East west with some good friends. #Feelingclose. 

And highlight, it seems a new ❤️❤️❤️ is blossoming! :) 

For next Athletes Talk is july 4 at Chika-an with justin chiongbian and yong larrazabal! :) 

Jun 26, 2014

8:36 6/25/2014: yesterday and today

Because room is dark, and so is my life. #chos

Have to turn off the lights early to put kids to sleep.

Jun 24, 2014

8:36 6/24/14: while they're about to sleep

Multi-tasking: sending out replies/invitations while putting kids to sleep in the dark. 

Jun 23, 2014

8:36 6/22/2014: endless love just robbed me 2hours of my life

Watched "endless love, and it made tagalog soap operas better.

The acting, the storyline, and everything were such a cringe. 

I would pick up "dr. Casipit" kind of movies over it any time.

Jun 21, 2014

8:36 6/21/2104: the grand budapest hotel

Friends were raving about "the grand budapest hotel" movie. It was artsy fartsy movie but i think i'm not cultures enough to understand the full humor of it.

overshare multiply: Dumaguete - Siquijor

Over coffee =), Chyrel of and I mentioned about "" days. I started unknowingly "blogging" (blogging was not really a popular term back then) in 2004 at multiply. And, because I really do not know who were the people I was connected with at the start, I just don't really care what I put in it so I can be downright tactless / acidic-aly sarcastic / righteous / nonsense / showy / feeling popular. In this time of social media, it can probably be considered as oversharing / selfie / flooding / narcissism trashy at its best. But still, sighhh, I miss those days. =)

Anyhoo, though I'm considered to be oversharer / social media hog these days, I could say it was not the same of degree before. I'm actually more tamed now. I guess maybe because I got busy, my kids are now bigger and it seems not so right to be posting them all over the www, I came to know personally the used-to-be anonymous connections and everything just felt awkward. And I don't feel comfortable my "written thoughts" ending up on facebook (because I'm so feeling popular) where "sarcasm" is non-existent.

 Thing is I'm really was that. So let me try to be say "hello" to that self! =) Let's start with some 101 photos.

On the barge on the way to Negros Oriental.

We made a detour to Twin Lakes. So twin lakes are 2 lakes, Lake Balinsayao and Lake Danao, separated by a hill.

Boating is P250/hour.

Going to Lake Danao

Dumaguete, before crossing to Siquijor.

At Dumaguete port while waiting for Oceanjet, Mateo took a fake rest.

Landed in Siquijor. Me and kids 1st time!!!

At Coco Grove, and that was like my Siquijor experience at a gated resort. I was etching to go out, and go for a trek but it was hard with 3 kids, and Migi got sick on the 2nd day.

Mati choreographed photo.

While waiting for our food, Mati entertained his self. He asked me to take photos of him. For some reason, every thing takes a while for food to be served. Not that I complained about it.

Migi was sick already here. It scared me a lot because his "tuli" (circumcission) did not totally heal yet at that time. And, with Migi's thin body frame, seeing him sick really looked like very sick.

The star has no fault.

Low tides always reminds me of my beach days when I was a kid in Badian. Because I could remember the very colorful sea / beach of Lambug beach back in Badian. It was full of colorful starfish, different types of sea urchins, colorful plants, and just about any sea creatures. And, I haven't seen as beautiful and lively like that. 

Maybe because our seas are overused. Hello, overpopulation! I doubt if Lambug beach is still like it before. 


Mark waiting for his share of the P150-mango shake which Mati thought was for free. Well, Mati thought everything is for free!


Sumo surfer by @happygaraje.

Too sexy for his shirt.
A stroll along Siliman University.
Coffee mug shot at Gabby's Bistro. I got a lot of (coffee) mug shots, I should make a post all about it! =)

Jun 17, 2014

8:36 6/17/2014: ikaw lamang

From be careful with my heart to showtime then soap operas at night, TV is owned by Ate Mona. So usually this is our view during dinner.

I think this is "ikaw lamang" with kim chiu and coco martin. And the story line is like long nails scratching against a blackboard. @.@

8:36 6/16/2014: wired

I guess having a husband that codes, you have these too many kinda of wires at home. If only they can be pawned, their presence will be very much welcome. And why cannot all the digital product makers can agree on one kins of plug or cable.

Anyhoo, That warning that too much time on digital gadgets especially to kids is sadly always broken in this home. 

It was early bed time for us. I was tired and the kids were sick. I guess from the very long trip.

Jun 15, 2014

8:36 6/15/2014: the only forever over true love

is the forever endless road construction this country has. This has been always like this since I was a kid.

This was in san fernando, cebu. On the way home to consolacion straight from siquijor. Quite a long day on the road.