Jun 10, 2014

@PKNcebu vol 4

I promised to chronicle every pechakucha cebu episode but unfortunately, i missed the previous but they will catch up.

So tonight it was nice to be with the deaf community. I hope they'll be regular part of @PKNcebu.

The first speaker is karen (hope i got ir correct) but i know she's an actress. She starred in a short film, "abot kamay", about deaf culture. It's directed by @exgangleader.

Then Will from England was the second speaker. He's a GVSP volunteer. He talked about his experience coming to Philippines.

And, the 3rd speaker was JP Muanes, head of GVSP organization. A group of volunteers working on empowering the deaf people, and working with government.

Stacey, the violinist, but tonight she talked about her 8:36 photos (it's on tumblr). It's about photos of what she's in on 8:36pm. And i'm kind excited to start mine -- a way to appreciate the mundaness of my life. 

Kevin was the next to last last speaker. He's an environmentalist. And, he talks about birdihg in Cebu. He's too busy entertaining people so i missed having a photo with him.

Hendri Go was the last speaker. He shared some of his IG photos, and also
Promote #litfest this coming June 27 at Ayala. I think you can check Little Boy Production at Fb for updates.

Check pechakucha cebu in facebook to get posted with upcoming events. It's usually scheduled every 2nd tuesday of the month. For more info, see

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