Jun 14, 2014

Thoughts while contemplating eating left-over fish & chips

(My protest on restos serving fish fillet)

Ordering fish fillets can make us feel "healthier" because it's fish, add in that they're pricey on the menu can make us feel that it's something of quality.

But if you look into it closely ( ask the resto staff), mostly it's made from cream dory. That around P90/kilo fish in the frozen section of groceries turned into some haute couture looking dish on a resto menu, add in mayonaise and some artsy fartsy veggies around it, and it's priced maybe 200-300. 

My problem is NOT the price. My problem is that cream dory's in groceries usually have a 1-year expiry date. I used to be a big fan of it because my kids love it. Cream dory was the easiest way to feed them fish aside from chicken but the 1-year expiry date on its packaging always used to baffle me. I mean, it does not take a genius to figure out that it's well-injected with chemicals to preserve it ofr a year.

So anyway, i stopped buying it becuase it felt "fishy." Until i read some news article on the internet that it's indeed chemically-laden product. But of course it's internet so it might just be made-up.

Anyhoo, every time i saw fish fillet on the menu, i will always ask the resto staff what kind of fish it came from. Because for one, i eat too many chemically processed food, I don't want to pay another one in a resto on a pricey price. 

And, i think i feel that the resto management is being LAZY about it. When i came here to dumaguete / siquijor, they do not use cream dory in their fish fillet or fish & chips dishes. And, it just confirmed that those restos serving cream dory are just indeed being LAZY!!! I mean if people in this not-so-big city can serve "real" fish, there's no reason cebu city cannot.

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